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NIBIRU News ~ University Yanks Nibiru Study Course plus MORE

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University Yanks Nibiru Study Course
A renowned, accredited  university planned to offer a Nibiru studies course, but bowed to government pressure and removed the class from its fall curriculum. Harold Tildwill, a former professor at New York’s prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, claims the university, after much internal debate, decided to add a comprehensive Nibiru / Planet X course to its undergraduate science program. Tildwell is retired, having taught physics, mathematics, and astronomy courses at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Tildwell says he does not know who within the university’s science department took the bold, courageous step to embrace a topic historically shunned  by mainstream academia. Nor is he certain who pulled the plug on the course before it took flight. It’s not surprising that conservative elements within RIT’s hierarchy abandoned the program; the government, acting in collusion with NASA, the mainstream media, and the academic world, maintains an impressive track record at stifling intelligent conversation about Nibiru, which is said to be a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting companions headed toward our inner solar system.
Speaking on the record, Harold Tildwell had this to say: “I was shocked to learn the school even considered offering the course. To allow public discourse about Nibiru in university lecture hall. That is unheard of. Strings must have been pulled, on both ends. I imagine someone made a large grant to the university, a Nibiru believer, compelling RIT to offer the class. I also imagine that when the government learned of his, it applied considerable pressure, forcing RIT to reevaluate its decision. At first, I didn’t believe it. Had I not seen evidence, I never would have believed the course almost got taught.”
That evidence not only solidified Tildwell’s personal beliefs about Nibiru, but also demonstrably proved that influential–and likely wealthy–parties are attempting to leak information into the public domain. Tildwell anonymously received an original “master” copy of RIT’s 2016 fall course listings. Within its pages, the university offers a “Nibiru Astronomy” course. A screenshot is provided beneath this article.
“I received it via email,” Tildwell said. “The sender was anonymous, it came from a throwaway account. But I immediately recognized the authenticity of the document. Who sent it isn’t important; that it exists is important. However, within three days of having received it, I got another anonymous email, saying simply ‘it’s over.’ I wasn’t satisfied with that. I called in several favors from friends who still work at RIT. What I learned was disheartening and shocking.”
The government had intervened, according to Tildwell. They seized and destroyed the ‘master’ copy before it went to print or was published to RIT’s website. An amended catalog was created, published, and distributed, without any mention of Nibiru or Planet X. The university sanitized the document prior to publication.
“This might well have been the most important course ever taught,” Tildwell said. “But now that hope has evaporated. Even if I never believed in Nibiru, I do now. The university’s action prove the threat is real.”
In closing, Tildwell encourages students of all ages to seek a higher form of enlightenment than is traditionally taught in the American education system. When asked about his current thoughts surrounding Nibiru, Tildwell glumly said: “It’s real. It’s here.”

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