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 "Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?

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PostSubject: "Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?   Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:24 am

Why did the NWO ruling cabal really select candidate Hillary Clinton?

By Cosmic Convergence Research Group -
Sep 8, 2016

No Matter Who Wins, Election Day Will
Trigger The Second American Revolution

A Civil War Is Being Painstakingly Manufactured By The Ruling Elites

However, this Illuminati-engineered civil war will likely morph into a
full-blown revolution against the U.S. Federal Government and the
NWO Criminal Cabal that controls it

State of the Nation

What the country has been experiencing is a
rapidly intensifying war between different
political economies, political platforms,
political philosophies and political ideologies.
The NWO cabal has inflamed the racial tensions,
religious strife, gender competition, financial
disparities, economic inequities, and sexual
orientation issues in order to mask the festering
class warfare.

The 1% know that the 99% will not be placated and that only war– both at home and
abroad — will sufficiently distract the American people from their valid rage and ever-intensifying frustration.
The criminal neocon cabal that currently controls the U.S. Federal Government has a very deliberate plan which is being executed every day from now until the November 8th election, and beyond.
This multi-decade scheme has many purposes but one goal reigns supreme in its highly calculated, covert and systematic implementation.

That aim is to ensure that the U.S. citizenry stays so engaged with their perceived enemies that they will misdirect their justifiable anger held toward the wealthy elites, business magnates, corporate heads, influential power brokers and powerful banksters towards those who do them no harm (like Russia) and/or those who disagree with them politically or socially, religiously or racially.
Race Riots Incited To Overshadow Raging Class Warfare
This desired outcome is by far the cabal’s biggest reason for re-starting the Cold War with Putin’s Russia — a genuinely very peaceful nation.  It is also the primary reason for Obama methodically dividing the nation along racial, religious and political lines … as no other POTUS has done in American history.

Obama is the compliant pawn of the ruling neoliberal cabal (George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, et al.) who is willing to do their bidding no matter how profound the betrayal to the American Republic and We the People.  However, his job was merely to soften up the US citizenry, which he has done over 8 long calamitous years.
Clearly, the quintessential Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was trained and mentored over the course of his lifetime to perform the task which he has done so well.  Not only did he deeply divide the nation, the USA is now detested throughout the world.  His domestic despotism was also furtively exported throughout the world community of nations as an international tyranny.  Even a vast number of Americans now long for a real leader like President Vladimir Putin of Russia, just as citizens of nations everywhere do.  Which is why so many have enthusiastically embraced the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton: The Most Hated Presidential Candidate in U.S. History

No one has ever seen anything like it: the Democratic Party has chosen a candidate who is at once reviled by her political opponents, not trusted in any way by the political independents and intensely disliked by many in her own party.  It’s not just that she is an extremely unlikable person (politicians are at the very least supposed to be likable), she has a trail of serious baggage as long as the Mississippi.   As follows:
Hillary Clinton’s High Crimes and Sordid Scandals, Financial Fiascos and Political Debacles 
For so many legitimate reasons Hillary Clinton is truly unfit to serve as POTUS, or in any other official capacity.  She has proven herself to be a dangerous career criminal who is perpetually allowed to get away with her crimes by her real masters.  While this has always been the case in American political life, the depth and breadth of Clinton’s sociopathic criminality has broken out into the open for all to see.
Hence, the $64,000 question is:  Why did the elites choose such a detestable character?

Let’s face it: Hillary (aka as the Hildebeast, Killary, Hitlery, Hilla the Hun, Shillary, Hillary Rotten Clinton, etc. on the Internet) really was chosen because she is universally hated both at home and abroad.  Were she to win the election, many nations around the world now presume that she will be used to start the World War 3 that Obama has been painstakingly setting up. What else would be expected from this now notorious “Wicked Witch of the West Wing”, as she was known by her secret service agents?  Why would so many refer to her with these pejorative names unless they really feel she is bad news for the country and the whole planet.
Many throughout the political sphere have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why the DNC would back such a profoundly flawed candidate who possesses serious defects on so many levels.  On the home front, Clinton is not only as divisive as Obama, the heretofore incomparable Divider-in-Chief, she has bested him in this department.  Her stoking of the flames of gender inequities compares to Obama’s notorious inflaming of racial tensions. After all, gender represents a 50-50 split of the body politic, whereas race is considerably smaller, although rapidly growing given the lax Democratic immigration policies, lack of immigration law enforcement and neglect to police America’s borders.
Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War
As a matter of historical fact, no other presidential candidate has ever used such inflammatory rhetoric during a presidential campaign season.  Donald Trump is not a politician and has been primarily reacting to Clinton’s outright falsehoods and MSM lies. An objective analysis would clearly indicate that she is an unparalleled political flame-thrower who cares not what she burns down.  Alas, in Hillary Clinton have the elites found the perfect arsonist to burn down the American Republic so that the globalist New World Order agenda can be enacted unimpeded.  Their eventual goal, of course, is a One World Government which has already been designed by TPTB but waiting for a President Hillary Clinton to present to the world-at-large.

Even the Repugnant Neocon Warmongers are Voting for Hillary

You know there is something very wrong with this election cycle when supposedly Republican (really RINOs) Neocons are voting for Hillary Clinton.  What a stellar endorsement it is when a female Democrat candidate is heartily endorsed by the most reviled neocon strategist who ardently pushed the USA into the illicit second Iraq War. That cataclysmic war is still raging to this very day with no end in sight.  The same regional conflict was greatly exacerbated by Clinton’s own actions, and inaction, while she was Secretary of State.

The following titles provide the evidence of such a political paradigm-busting shift, which has occurred only because the inveterate neocon warmongers can fully count on Clinton to further exacerbate the Cold War 2.0, as well as initiate a hot phase of World War 3.  She has, incidentally, already been programmed to do this by alienating Putin’s Russia in ways that only SOS Clinton could have done during her catastrophic tenure at State.  How does anyone make an enemy of Vladimir Putin except by purposeful design and malevolent intention?!

  • Paul Wolfowitz: ‘I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton’
  • Former Bush adviser Wolfowitz to vote for Clinton: Spiegel
  • Wolfowitz, a neocon and strong supporter of Iraq war, says he’ll vote for Clinton
  • Is Hillary Clinton a Wolfowitz in sheep’s clothing?
  • George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz Sued in California District Court: Iraqi Woman Uses Chilcot Report in War Crimes Lawsuit against George W. Bush

The globalist agenda is unfolding quickly …
… and Hillary Clinton is a central figure in the execution of that agenda.

There is no question that in Hillary Rodham Clinton the Neocons have a willing war-maker.  Not only is she a Democrat (they like Democrat warmongers), she is also a woman like the many other minority secretaries of state (SOS) who did major damage to the international order.  Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice each played significant roles in making the world a more dangerous place while they were SOS.
Why Highly Flawed ‘Minority’ Leaders Are Always Chosen To Greatly Advance The NWO Agenda
Now it should be much easier to understand why the ruling elites are doing everything possible to have Clinton show up for the coming election.  Despite some very serious and purposefully hidden medical ailments and health conditions she will be propped up like El Cid, the dead Spanish general who rode into his last battle propped up on his horse. Hillary has a specially outfitted ambulance, wheel chairs on demand, an ever-present attending physician and scores of secret service agents who have every contingency plan memorized in the event of an anitcipated medical emergency.
Now it should be understood why Clinton refuses to release her quite extensive medical records.  Doing so would disqualify her in a New York minute … even though vaunted The New York Times would likely avoid looking at them.  Of course, the WashPo would also neglect to review them like the rest of the MSM for fear of having to withdraw their glowing endorsement of her.
The bottom line here is that the ruling elites will do everything in their power to advance Hillary Clinton victoriously across the finish line this election day, even if she is secretly an inpatient at the local medical center.  That’s how desperate they are to start the aforementioned civil war and world war so that the NWO cabal can fabricate their New World Order out of the planned chaos and mayhem.
Special Note:
Whether Clinton wins or Trump does, the revolution will begin in earnest after the November election.  The reasons for this ought to be obvious by now.  If Clinton ‘wins’, it is only by stealing the election in the various swing states.  Trump is on track for a massive popular landslide victory, whereas Clinton will only win the bluest of states. Therefore, if the Democrats steal a victory, the Trumpsters will not sit back after 8 degenerate years of Obama.  Anyone who does not vote for Hillary will likely be disgusted with a POTUS who will effectively function as an Obama-on-steroids.  This outcome will be unacceptable for the true conservatives and many Christians, Tea Partiers and patriots, and therefore a revolution of sorts (not violent) will be inevitable.
On the other hand, should Trump be allowed to win legitimately, as it is his time to lead the nation, the Clintonistas and Obamabots will do everything in their power to overturn the valid victory.  They will not take the loss well and will do everything in their power to sabotage Trump however they can.  If they can’t legally set aside the election result, they will go after Trump himself.  If this fails, they will wreak havoc wherever and whenever they so choose, just as they have throughout this unparalleled campaign season.  Soros-funded riots and protests will become the norm.  After eight years of Obama, the bogus liberals and fraudulent left will not relinquish power easily.  False flag operations in the form of mass shootings, bombings and assassinations are very probable in this devolving scenario.
The good news is that no matter what form the political and social, economic and financial revolution takes, it is absolutely necessary.  The country desperately needs to be purged of so much toxic legislation and so many pernicious laws.  The US government requires a major overhaul and drastic downsizing.  The Congress in particular is in dire need of a deep catharsis whereby all traitors are removed from their offices post haste. Truly, the nation requires fresh start, especially within the banking sector and realm of public fiscal management.  This is where Donald Trump comes into play, while Hillary Clinton would only maintain the ever-worsening status quo.   



There is nothing so scary at this critical point of U.S. history as a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Vladimir Putin himself knows that it does not bode well for America or the world.  Likewise, friends and foes alike are grimly aware that Hillary’s primary goal will be world war and global pandemonium.  They know her reputation is such that she could care less what anyone thinks of her legacy.
As for pushing the nation into a full-scale civil war, that eventuality would take the form of a philosophical war absent the guns and bullets.  The Second American Revolution has already begun — peacefully, of course — but still raging to varying degrees across the entire country.  Clinton’s assigned task is to misdirect the festering energies into racial, religious gender, sexual and other social conflicts.  This is why she and Obama have promoted the extremely depraved LGBT agenda with such a vengeance.  They knew the traditionally religious American people would be fighting mad about the current state of affairs, as they rightly are.  This is how the citizenry (the 99%) has been made to fight each other instead of the 1% who have been fleecing them practically forever.

Now the reader knows why The Powers That Be quite deliberately chose such a thoroughly unsavory character to be the next POTUS.  They need a real live Cruella de Vil to implement the most foul agenda on planet Earth toward the creation of a totalitarian One World Government.   Every odious plot to transform the American constitutional republic into a dictatorship needs a dictator, and in “Crooked Hillary” (Trump’s words) they have found her.
The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA
Lastly, just like Obama was fastidiously schooled to wreck and ruin the USA beyond repair, so, too, was Hillary Clinton chosen to devastate the Middle East via the fake CIA-directed Arab Spring.  The real problem with this multi-year plan of destruction is that their sights are now set on an American Spring, as well as a Russian Winter (as in nuclear winter).  Therefore, it’s imperative that she and her handlers be thwarted at every turn before they manifest their warped version of Armageddon.
Likewise, the World Shadow Government that really runs the whole place must be exposed and shut down for good.  The shadowy leaders must be arrested, incarcerated, prosecuted at home and abroad, and sentenced severely.  Only if they are forever stripped of their power, money and influence will the world be safe.  Otherwise, the future of this once great nation will be very grim indeed and full of uncertainty.
The Flag Officers of the U.S. Military are obligated to arrest Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney, Clinton and Kerry and all other co-conspirators
There is only one way to prevent the destruction of the United States of America and continued devastation of the planet: Simply stop it by every means possible and by any means necessary.  The people themselves must put a stop to it, and do so with all deliberate speed.
2016 — A Critical Year! The American People Must Act NOW … Or Face The Consequences Of Electing Treasonous Leadership

Let’s Get Busy!

State of the Nation
September 5, 2016
Author’s Note
It is very fitting to acknowledge in this analysis that it is the Republicans and Conservatives and Christians who own most of the firearms in America.  In fact the concentration of gun ownership in the red states far exceeds the blue states on a per capita basis.  Therefore, if ever there was a serious skirmish that deteriorated into any type of armed conflict, the Democrats would be holed up in their cities, while the political right would control the countryside and everything else in between.  At the end of the day, the patriots would rule the realm without firing a single shot.  Perhaps this is really why The Donald chose to run as a Republican.
Editor’s Note
It should be pointed out that, were Hillary Clinton to submit herself to a full medical exam by a competent military physician within the U.S. Armed Services, she would fail dismally. In other words she would be disqualified from serving on either active or inactive duty given the number and severity of physical deficits and psychiatric conditions that she has exhibited in public. And, yet, here she is poised to act as Commander-in-Chief should she be elected POTUS.   Hillary Showing Signs of Dementia / Alzheimers / Tumor
Recommended Reading
Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election
2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both
Hillary Fired For “Lying, Unethical Behavior” on Watergate Committee
Hillary Clinton’s High Crimes and Sordid Scandals, Financial Fiascos and Political Debacle
Anonymous summarizes & documents 30 year crime spree of Hillary Clinton
How does a woman with so many political liabilities, criminal allegations, physical deficits and foreign policy blunders run for president?
Hillary Clinton: The True Story That Will Terminate Her Presidential Aspirations

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PostSubject: Re: "Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?   Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:02 am

Of course as an outsider I know little yet, would it be a major convenience if the current occupant of the Whitehouse just had to, y'know damn....extend his term?

Because a candidate had to drop out at the last minute due to health issues

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"
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PostSubject: Re: "Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?   Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:33 pm

One might consider another less obvious motivation.  Tim Kaine, her VP pick, is a Jesuit.  If Hillary were to become president, her demise would then transfer the presidency into the hands of a Jesuit.  If you are unfamiliar with what a Jesuit is, be sure to do the research; I guarantee it is not a thing you would want having any authority over this country, or your life.
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PostSubject: Re: "Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?   Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:36 pm


Spot on Ann and that is exactly the point made to me by bs4 during our last phone convo. We were trying to decide what the "law" has to say about running mates position should she not "make it" until November. Still researching this point.... I suppose the answer may lie in which constitution one is looking at.


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"Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," ... so WHY did the NWO ruling cabal really select her?
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