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Truth About Tribbles by TS Caladan

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1 Truth About Tribbles by TS Caladan on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:09 pm


Truth About Tribbles
by TS Caladan

[Author’s note: I never loved Star Trek’s Tribbles’ episode like others did. So I made it better].
          Tribbles were always a Klingon ‘war weapon’ from the very beginning…
          Long ago, Sompek, leader of the Klingons, before an established ‘Empire,’ commissioned the most evil, despicable, destructive plan for domination of his own people ever conceived: the creation of innocence, the creation of goodness and purity. The result of which was a small ball of fur that lived and breathed and ate and reproduced completely out of control. The original name for the war weapon was “Boon’tek Filo.”
          The experiment (every modern Klingon forgot or was made to forget) happened on a remote, dark planet known as Qra. Qra orbited the prime, Klingon solar system at its far end and received little sunlight. An extensive gap among the planets stood in front of the orbit of Qra. The outermost world was believed to be the ideal ‘laboratory’ because of its great distance, if anything went wrong with the secret tests.
          Tribbles were part Klingons! They were violent, hateful, war-obsessed, disorganized Klingons boiled down to one drop of furry goodness. It was the only mutated cell or part of any normal killer-Klingon that was good and pure. In fact, at first, the terrible experiments on Qra were feared (kept in check) by unwilling test subjects. But after the process, when the sweet ball of fur was extracted from the warrior, the Klingon subject was even MORE violent! Test subjects were enthralled that they became perfect Super-Soldiers for the High Command.
          That fact was an added byproduct of the Experiment. Sompek was not the ‘fair,’ wise leader of disorganized conquerors and killers and criminals. He was a far, far worse tyrannical monster, secretly against his own people. He understood power was control. A war weapon technology was now possible to pacify the most monstrous, most violent of warriors. Sompek’s technicians on Qra worked for years to purge/extract their tender and loving nature. They finally achieved success…
          Tests proved the killer-instinct was gone from the warrior, if they were in close proximity to an extracted Boon’tek Filo from one of the subjects. Sompek became further loved by his people as he appeared to have turned useless chaos into an organized Order with the creation of Klingon Super Soldiers. Klingons on the lowest levels of status remained unaware exactly how the new Soldiers were produced or that a planned Agenda was in effect to destroy the nature of Klingons.
          Boon’tek Filo was a new species no more than 6 inches in diameter without eyes, mouths, apparent sexually organs and without appendages of any kind. They hummed or purred mellow, soft, lovely, rhythmic sounds that would be appreciated by most decent lifeforms. Not by Klingons. 
          The furry, fuzzy extraction that was the ‘good soul’ of Klingon warriors was only a mass of hair. Browns, white, greys and mixtures of those colors were the main colors of what was later known as “tribbles.” The creatures were voracious eaters, left behind nothing and grew in fantastic numbers very quickly! Who knew if they were intelligent or communicated?
          There were only a few Super Soldiers produced. Sompek’s military garrisons were each led by a heartless brute that only knew savagery because the last bit of love, light and hope had been drained out of him.
          Tribbles were needed for the covert Agenda. The Agenda was:
          If dissident groups of rebels against the reign of Sompek amassed on any planet, planetoid, moon or base, they’d receive a specially delivered package of thousands of Boons. In time, the surface of the planet would be overrun by cute, little creatures and pure nightmares for Klingons.
          Klingons influenced by tribbles (near them for short periods) were changed in two ways:
1)    A total attitude reversal against violence, brutality and war and toward peace and love.
2)    An even more inexplicable phenomenon occurred in the physical sense: The infected warriors changed in appearance! They were less like animals on the outside as well. Klingon cranial bone structures were reduced to nonexistence.
          Klingon laboratory technicians on Qra revolted against the “Will of Sompek” because of the physical changes and internal changes to the Klingon species. On one hand Super Soldiers were generated that led fleets of battlecruisers for the fledgling Empire. On the other hand, the horrible Weapon or “Great Boon Experiment” ultimately got out of control on Qra. The reason for the rebellion was because the planet had become a Sea of Tribbles! High Command nuked Qra~
          Qra techs started the real coup, which led to a total Revolution against Sompek. Followers of a young Kahless discovered “Sompek’s Secret.” There were civil wars between the Order who defended Sompek and rebel forces led by Kahless. Sompek was defeated. High Command was under new leadership. Even the Klingon Super Soldiers were ordered killed, which was thought to end the secret disaster on Qra. Kahless, the Unforgettable, was born and so was an Empire.
          As you might expect, the tribbles were not totally annihilated. A few of the techs, changed into “human” appearances, escaped at warp speed. The escapees were extremely happy about their peaceful personas and less aggressive looks. They loved the soft, warm, furry things that started it all. They also knew the ‘trouble’ with Boons and kept them frozen in stasis. Possibly a strain of Boon’tek Filo might be developed in future that reproduced at much slower rates?
          What of Klingons transmogrified into peaceniks with less boney appearances? They lived in exile from the Empire, an embarrassment and were looked upon as weak. [Worf wouldn’t talk about it]. It was a strange, early period of civil war among the Klingon people and not discussed. But the actual Big Secret was a War Weapon created by Klingons and unleashed against Klingons!
          One particular group of Next Generation, Qra escapees were very much unlike the other pacifists considered “diseased” or infected by a “plague” and (if spoken about) called “choH.” Here were rebels of rebels that appeared humanlike, but wanted to be the warriors like the other Klingons with big bones in their foreheads (and that’s not the only places). The new Rebels dressed in military uniforms and trained themselves in weaponry.
         One other escape shuttle that reached warp and held a frozen Boon, partially exploded while in deep space! The fault was shoddy workmanship and a sudden warp blastoff without the proper safety precautions. The unknown disaster killed the pilot and two others. Her Boon unfroze.
          The open shuttle adrift in space had become a ship to be salvaged by anyone who discovered it. It was found by one: Cyrano Jones, in his old, one-man vessel. He scoured the damaged shuttle and found little he could trade. He also found a ball of fur that breathed and made soothing sounds. He thought it was cute and might have high value, if he lied about how he found it and created a whole new story. On a broken cryogenic panel was the label: “Boon’Tek Filo.” Cyrano decided to simply call the creature: a tribble.
          The pregnant and semi-unfrozen thing was stunned from the explosion in space. Its jarred, cold metabolism delayed the birth of its inevitable children. In days, the creature recovered…
          Its keeper arrived at Deep Space K-7 in hopes he’d sell his wares to those on the station.
          Starship Enterprise, under the command of James T. Kirk, docked at K-7 and was ordered to guard basically a shipment of wheat called “quadrotriticale.”
          One of the humanized Klingons held a prestigious place on the base and was the Federation Undersecretary’s assistant. This spy (Arne Darvin) was contacted by the military of his kind or New Rebels and told:
         A single Boon’tek Filo was tracked to Space Station K-7. Next generation of Qua technicians knew that the shipment of innocent ‘wheat’ or quadrotriticale was an especially delicious feast for the fur extraction. In fact, they figured the rogue Boon and the last Boon of its species would make a direct line for the shipment as if the grain was a mega-addictive drug.
          These Rebels were not the pacifists that loved and embraced Boons. The splinter group of rebels wanted them destroyed so the infection of neutered, impotent Klingons spread no more.
          Arne Darvin was instructed to poison the grain that was desperately needed on Sherman’s Planet. It was the Boons or tribbles that revealed the truth about the shipment and the spy to the officers of Starfleet Command. 
          All’s well that ended well…
          But few knew:
          ~Little tribbles were commissioned by the power-mad, tyrant Sompek as a Weapon to pacify or neutralize any Klingon uprising against his reign.
          ~It was the tribble that brought Revolution and collapsed the old regime called the “Order” and paved the way for the existence of the present, mighty Klingon Empire.
          ~It was the tribble that laid the path for the glorious and true leader of the Klingon people: Kahless, “the Unforgettable.” He achieved absolute power and sacred status because of the Boons. The great one would not have been known as “Unforgettable” if not for TRIBBLES.
          ~Could be the most important of all and surely the last to ever be expressed was the fact: Tribbles gave the Klingons their finest trait, their golden philosophy of Honor. Honor didn’t exist in the early regime where chaos ruled and Klingons were lawless. It was unknown to everyone that cherished Klingon Honor came not from Kahless, but from the influence of small balls of hair.
          ~Tribbles were KLINGONS! They were a soft particle of Klingon goodness, their very soul. The sweet, warm sphere of furry love was what you got after you whittled away all the nasty/gruff exterior.
          The ‘warriors’ kept these secrets until their dying days. No one in the Empire talked.
          Did Worf know?
          {Klingon song: “meH rln Boon blQ” was translated to: “Bridge over Tribbled Water”}.


Cats are Tribbles with personality.”
                                         ~TS Caladan

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