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Corey Goode Update | Beware of False SSP Whistleblowers

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Corey Goode Update | Beware of False SSP Whistleblowers — Analysis and Commentary

September 15, 2016 by frappy25

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor)Corey Goode, who is regarded as one of the most credible secret space program whistleblowers of our day, recently gave a warning in regards to false SSP Whistleblowers.

He referred to a host of false whistleblowers but referred to one in particular by linking their youtube video. The alleged whistleblower in question is Elena Kalpunik, who claims to have had direct physical contact with almost all the SSP factions and groups Goode discusses, such as the ICC, Solar Warden, the Blue Avians and more.

Goode says that he reviewed her claims, sending them to his contacts in the SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance, who stated she did have a Military SSP abduction (MILABs) after a prior ET abduction. But Kalpunik’s claims of meeting with the Sphere Being Alliance races, specifically the Blue Avians Raw-Teir-Eir, Raw-Rain-Eir, and the Golden Triangle Head being, he says are not true. According to Goode, none of her claims could be confirmed by his sources. And apparently, she isn’t the only false insider.

Now before we go jumping to conclusions let’s consider a few points.

Kalpunik could be an outright disinformation agent, who is completely aware of her duplicity, and is actively trying to deceive and manipulate the awakening community. Or she could be the victim of Voice of God or Voice to Skull technologies. Goode only said that he was not able to confirm her accounts and that the information she was providing was false. He did not state if she was the victim of mind control or not.

As soon as Goode discovered that her information did not check out, he was presented with an ethical choice.

Will he stay quiet, not ruffle any feathers, and let people believe her accounts to be true? Or will he share his findings with the world and alert the community to what he believes is a false whistleblower? He obviously chose the latter, which in the interest of truth sharing is a superior choice.

I think that in our age of deception, bravely speaking our truth is something we need to do. But we also have to be open to what comes after. The point is, truth-seeking should be a dialog and a discussion, not one person on stage telling the world what to believe. I think Goode did his best to share what he personal knew without making any attacks.

Kalpunik could be the victim of mind control technologies or just someone seeking attention. Or she could be part of a much more elaborate disinformation campaign. Assuming the latter, here is one possible scenario to consider.

Splinter the Community Scenario

In 2014 Goode’s testimony moves through the Ufology community at pace. By early 2015, he is one of the most well known SSP insiders and whistleblowers, who by all accounts, is revealing very damaging information about the Cabal. David Wilcock claims that the talk he gave in February 2015 seriously compromised the Cabal’s plans, and they blamed this largely on Goode. In response to this, they could have devised a plan to discredit Goode, which would require long-term investment.

If they could insert an insider into the community with the same general narrative, but with minor conflicts, eventually the two insiders would confront each other, and the one with the most political capital would win out—even if they were a false insider. This could be what is happening here.

Consider that although Goode shares a great deal of information that checks out with other sources, all his testimony is anecdotal. He provides no hard evidence to support his claims, and as such, all it would take is to insert a new whistleblower into the dialog that has equal experiences, and eventually trigger them to compete with each other.

Kalpunik’s testimony began to be discussed in late 2015, and as the year progressed, she was interviewed by some of the bigger names in Ufology. To my knowledge, everyone who did so assumed her story was true and presented it as such. She reached out to me and was interested in telling me her story. As of this writing, some of the bigger names in the ufology field have interviewed her, and she is becoming a well-known figure in the same circles—which is exactly what would need to happen in this scenario.

Kalpunik would need to share her story with the same kind of fantastic and amazing experiences as Goode, incorporating as much of what already exists in Ufology circles. The more she integrated other insider testimony, using buzz words like multiple strand DNA, Ascension, Blue Avains, and so on, the more credible her story would seem and the more she would be accepted by the awakening masses.

In order for this to work, the people who believed her would need to do so at an emotional level, feeling inspired and uplifted by her testimony. So long as she could maintain a friendly and loving demeanor, most who heard her story would accept it, even if there were inconsistencies.

Once enough of the awakening community accepts her story, then the trigger would be initiated. She would make contact with another insider and ask for verification of her accounts. If the insider was genuine, they would tell her that the story didn’t check out. The insider, if they were ethical, would then make a public statement of warning, alerting the community to a disinfo agent in their midst.

Now the story about a false insider would go public, and it would galvanize the community. Since there is no evidence to say Goode’s story is true and Kalpunik’s is not, for outsiders there is no way to materially differentiate between the two insiders testimonies. This means everyone who bought into her story at an emotional level would be presented with a choice, to accept hers and reject his or the other way around. For those people who need a definitive quick answer, they will react by accepting one and denying the other—a polarized emotional reaction.

Eventually, the whole awakening community who is aware of the two stories and lacks the capacity to entertain both would be divided amongst itself. A Corey Goode camp and Elena Kepunick camp would form, and if the Cabal did their work properly, Kalpunik’s group would overwhelm Goode’s. She would become the new expert on the Sphere Being Alliance and related disclosures.

Of course, this is only one possible scenario that assumes she is actually a disinfo agent—whether conscious or otherwise.

But we don’t know if this is the case. And even if it was, I don’t think wild reactions of blame and hatred are called for. The whole point of disinfo campaigns is to divide the people who fight over what to believe. But let’s focus on improving our process for discovering the truth, instead of focusing on the end result. 


I think the bigger picture question here is that as a community, are we mastering discernment? We tend to believe what we want, even if it isn’t the truth, and react intensely when our sacred cows of truth are threatened. But the longer one follows a path of awakening they soon pass through a transition of personal revelation. By this I mean, we eventually discover that what we thought was true isn’t, and we need to re-evaluate our conclusions. In this sense, we’re constantly going through cycles of awakening, wherein the beliefs of the past are enhanced and enfolded into a deeper understanding.

In the end, we don’t really know which insider is telling the truth. And in the end the details about their story aren’t as important as the meanings we get out of them. If we are becoming more kind, loving, harmless and truthful as a result of so-called disinformation, we still progressed along a spiritual path of servicing others. The story isn’t as important as what it does to change us.

One of the reasons why Goode’s testimony is of value to me personally isn’t because of his fantastic claims, it’s because of the empowering message. Whether the Blue Avians are real or not doesn’t matter. The Sphere Being Alliance message to be more loving, kind and honest, doing the inner work and raising our vibrations and consciousness holds true—whether it comes from Corey’s lips or elsewhere.

So at the end of the day, don’t let the details hold you back.

In my own process, I strive to know the truth and integrate it into my life but I’m not a truth fundamentalist. I realized long ago that what we study and expose ourselves to in the search for truth doesn’t actually need to be true in order to catalyze consciousness. We can learn wisdom from a childhood bedtime story just as much as we can learn it in real life experience. And I don’t think it’s ever wise to create controversy and destroy relationships with our fellows over specific beliefs. We’re all in this together, and what we believe doesn’t change that.

But on the other hand, striving for truth in all ways is the best ideal to set for oneself. We all must walk up the mountain, but we don’t need to all follow the same path. Sharing our individual perspectives expands a point of view into a field of view, and so long as we work together in love and cooperation, everyone receives the benefit of honest dialog.

I would take Goode’s warning seriously, and start to exercise your discernment skills, but I wouldn’t over react.

In my experience, when you realize your beliefs are at best, a temporary conclusion based on the information on hand that the time, it’s a lot easier to change your mind when new information becomes available. I believe none blindly but listen to all with an open mind. You won’t get nice easy to swallow answers this way but it will challenge your discernment skills, and eventually it becomes much easier to navigate the endless storm of information pouring out into consciousness.

– Justin

SourceSphere Being Alliance Facebook

by Corey Goode, September 14th 2016

FYI, Beware of some of the newer “SSP” whistleblowers that have come forward recently. They are mostly mixing their imaginations with the data I have released. There are a lot of people trying to bend the info I have released into their own belief systems and UFO religions. They just have to make this new info fit into their currently held belief systems.Those who say they have recently met w/the Blue Avians or Golden Triangle Head beings and say they “know” where the Blue Avians come from are providing extremely inaccurate information that is actually causing much confusion and damage to those who were actually involved in MILAB and SSP programs.
It is also convoluting the entire disclosure movement. There is a person from the Ukraine who is now making the rounds and actively seeking interviews to speak on these subjects. I have confirmed 100% that this person had ZERO connection to the SSP other than being an abductee of the Military SSP after ET’s had abducted them during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.
They were NOT a part of the SSP on any level and “Corey just can’t find the records” as was alluded to in an E-mail. This has been confirmed on the highest level as being false data!
I have spoken with a number of actual SSP insiders, many very recently, who have contacted me as well as many hundreds of people who have been seeing Blue Orbs and Blue Avians (Yes Confirmed). If someone says they have “met” a blue avian and spoken with it but does not know their “greeting”… They are not being truthful. The Blue Avians use this same greeting without fail every time they interface or interact with each other or other beings.
Some of these people are cooking up detailed stories for attention while others may have fallen under the influence of some of the Voice Of God technology that is floating around. I don’t think most of these people are being malicious or understand how much damage they are doing to DISCLOSURE or their fellow humans who are trying to learn and make sense out of the new information being disclosed to the public right now.
All I can say is put on your discernment filters more now than ever. One person in particular, is making the rounds of Radio and TV Shows trying to get booked for interviews and are popping up in YouTube videos like crazy right now. This will only add to the disinformation and confusion on the SSP and SBA subjects as people are having more and more true encounters with these beings.
So many children and adults who have no interest in the paranormal have contacted me recently because they have had these “awakening” experiences. I will include the info about these recent contactee’s in my upcoming update about recent meetings with Ambassador Micca, The Anshar, the SSP Council and Raw-Tear-Eir.
Thank you,
Corey Goode


Thanks to: https://gatewaytov


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