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EVERYTHING and ANYTHING … by Blossom Goodchild

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EVERYTHING and ANYTHING … and those words are literal … is possible

20th August 2012

Hello to you. There are so many topics that people would like me to ask you about … and I always write back saying … ‘if it is appropriate and comes up in conversation’ … I know you are aware of such questions and yet it FEELS that these are things you do not feel necessary to talk about … i.e. crop circles … planetary objects moving towards Earth … Do you not think we would benefit from such info?
We are happy to converse with you this day. Would you find it necessary to know such things in Truth if in fact all that we were to say would be yet another ‘spanner in the works’?

Why do you term it so?
Because we are aware that almost everything that is being brought through from various sources ... including ourselves has become as you would say … a bone of contention … for no longer do people FEEL that they can rely on such knowledge … is this not so?

It is very much so … sadly. Yet you cannot blame us for this … for we have been offered so much information , so many promises … so much expectation … so many conflicting points of view that most of us … how would I put it … your average awakened Being … as I would consider myself to be … is finding it very difficult to KNOW what to think about it all . So yes ... in all honesty … I see why you wouldn’t . Yet … if that is the case … why are we bothering to communicate at all? You know … you can feel that I LOVE you … and I am not being off in any way … just simply following through the conversation.
We have this opportunity to offer to you words regarding the remembrance of who you are in order to see this Divine plan through. The simple fact is … there is no requirement for you to know certain things. As many things are fallacy anyway. You forget you live in an illusionary world.

Ah … now there’s a topic I would like to discuss. May we? Even though I am aware of what you stated at the beginning.
Dearest Blossom ... the information in which we pass onto you … is OUR TRUTH. We see little point in communicating at all if we were to not bring through the TRUTH. This would be pointless … and yet we would add … there are quite a few that choose to bring through untruths to confuse and some who choose to bring through Truth ... yet untruth is channelled through ... due to the level of the vibration being brought through and tampered with . Yet we have spoken of this before.
You have choice … at all times. You can choose to accept our words as Truth …if they FEEL they are of it ... TO YOU. That is all we can suggest. If they do not resonate then they simply are not YOUR TRUTH … AT THIS TIME.
So you would like us to give our take on this illusionary game that you are playing? Where would we begin in order to assist you in understanding?

Well, as Julie Andrews once advised ...’Let’s start at the very beginning‘.
In essence you are an ENERGY OF LOVE … This is how you became. You will always be an ENERGY OF LOVE even though you may choose to experience different pictures of how to portray this ENERGY OF LOVE that you are.
For instance … if you were to decide to express yourself as a tree for two hundred years … you are at liberty to do so. You can be anything you choose to be.

Yes … I can get that … but what I don’t understand is … here I am living on this planet Earth, because I volunteered and was chosen to be here at this time. I can get that. I can accept that. I understand too that everything, absolutely everything is made up of this ONE ENERGY … it is just vibrating on certain frequencies in order to present itself as it does. I.e. a table … clothing ... water … fire …
And this is so. Yet they FEEL real to you do they not? If you were to dive into the ocean, you FEEL wet. If you put your hands into flame … they burn.

Exactly … so it appears and FEELS real as you say. So how is it not?
Because it is a creation of that which you choose to experience. If it did not appear or FEEL real … how you would know what it FEELS like? You would not be able to. It would be like looking through glass at something you could not get too, yet could see was there.

And yet it is not there … is this what you are saying?
Not if you choose it not to be. Yet you have been conditioned in ‘YOUR REALITY’ to believe that YOU are not in control of your choices. Of course you are. That is how you came to be living as you are right now in this moment.

And yet ... I have heard so much about the dark ones who are manipulating our thoughts and feelings and keeping us suppressed by programmes that are ‘sent out’ to keep us under THEIR control.
And you think that you cannot control this! Yet the more you know … the more you can change your choice of thinking. If you KNOW such programmes exist … you can choose to rise above them and choose not to allow them to affect you. You can fight back against such things.

Only if we know about them in the first place … many do not.
We would say that is their choice not to know … they may choose differently later.
At this moment you are choosing to ask us about this illusion that you live in. We are choosing to assist you in the understanding of it. In order to do this we require of you to lift your BEING out of the box. To think outside of the square.
When a child is playing with a dolls house they move things around … little dolls and furniture and they ‘play’. They create a situation … a scenario … and act it out using the dolls and the surroundings to enact their thoughts. We would suggest that you look at it this way. Your Higher self is the child … the aspect of your soul self that is partaking in this journey of transforming the planet Earth to a Higher vibrational level is … shall we say for expression's sake … the doll.
The world in which you reside is the doll’s house and all around that house etc. that the child has created through thought. If a child suddenly decides not to have a swing in the garden by the doll’s house ... she/he simply brushes it aside. It is no longer in the equation of play … for NOW. Simple as that. The child is making the story up as she/he goes along … depending on what she/he FEELS like creating that day and what mood she/he is in.
She/he decides what other dolls to play with that day … and what to dress them in. Will they walk to the shops? Will they have a picnic? She/he is in control of these little figures and moves them about accordingly. She/he is the master puppeteer of that little world that she/he continues to create.

All very well and I see what you are trying to get across … yet ... if I decide suddenly that I do not want to … for instance … be a pale skinned doll … I cannot just remove that doll and replace it with a darker skinned one.
Why not?

Because … it doesn’t work that way.
You could be a pale skinned Being in one Life and in other be a darker one … And we do not mean in the next reincarnation of yourself. If you decided to experience being a darker skinned soul straight away … another aspect of the Higher souls self , would arrange to be born as a darker skinned soul at the same time that the paler skinned soul was still existing upon the Earth plane.
With all respect … You have put such limits on to what you believe to be possible. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING … and those words are literal … is possible. How can it be any other way? For if you KNOW that YOU are capable of creating anything from your thoughts … from your imagination into ‘reality’ … how could it not be so? You only need to create firstly the imagination to bring forth that imagery into thought and then into actuality.

Yes… but I still don’t grasp the ‘it isn’t real’ bit. It is said that all that is around is a hologram?
Which YOU … each one of YOU devised. You have a movie in your world known to you as The Matrix. It was merely a matter of being plugged into a programme in order to KNOW how to BE a Being knowing all about whatever programme they were tuned into .
You have become trapped in your illusion.

How do we get out?
You choose to.

Here we go round the mulberry bush the mulberry bush the mulberry bush. OK so … say if right now in this moment … I choose to get out of this trap so that I can be free to pop over to England and see my mum … right now … I put some warmer clothes on my little doll and move her to the other side of the room and I pretend she is with her mum in England. That’s what I choose to do right now. Nope … it seems I am still sitting here in Australia talking to you on the computer. So many of us would choose certain things for ourselves … be they materialistic or food for the soul … yet actually achieving this isn’t showing up in our reality .
Because you have been trained to ‘think’ these things are impossible.

But did I choose to be trained or was it out of my control?
You chose.

Now why on Erath would I do that?
To experience the difference. Remember … YOU ARE ALL ONE. For your world to be exactly as it is now … it had to be created by you all. Therefore yes … you chose for it to FEEL like you are under the control of the dark ones. When the consciousness changes enough for it to be otherwise … when enough of you have chosen for things to be different … then the balance of illusion shall shift and things indeed will be different.

So ... Me … as Blossom Goodchild … me as an individual … cannot make that shift?
Of course you can. YOU AS BLOSSOM GOODCHILD can be the only one in YOUR WOLRD that can choose to change it … because only YOU are living in your dolls house … under the control of yourself … your Higher self .

Yet you just said … when the consciousness changes then things will change.
Correct. YOU ARE THE CONCIOUSNESS … acting out as an individual. To experience individualism. There is life on many many planets where the Higher self has chosen to be individual in the physicality yet AS ONE in the consciousness ... so that all thoughts that ‘ONE’ has … is the same thought as ‘THE ONE'.

This is all a bit complicated … either that or I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
It may appear complicated in the illusion you chose to be in. Yet when you are removed from that illusion … everything is crystal clear.

So … when one is living on other planets … is that an illusion also?
Of course. Everything other than what you are … LOVE … is an illusion. You manifest IT ALL in order to experience different things. The LOVE that you are cannot die … for death is an illusion.
You create yourself in/as/ through LOVE in order to express different levels of it.

Well, I can feel our time is up today. Mmm I wonder if I am any further forward in the understanding of this illusion. Maybe I’m not here at all ……. Taxi!
None the less … None the more … most enjoyable. In Love and Thanks.
You will smile from one universe to another when you ‘get it’… and you already have it. This you know … yet you choose to think you do not know.
Our Love in great abundance of Truth … is sent to each one of you also.

Thanks to:


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr
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