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Lost Sex Life of Vulcans by TS Caladan

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1 Lost Sex Life of Vulcans by TS Caladan on Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:30 am


Lost Sex Life of Vulcans

by TS Caladan

[Author’s note: What if Planet Vulcan discovered its own radical, revolutionary DaVinci Code?]


          The ‘Nostik Texts of Surak’ were an inconvenient truth to the few priests who actually read them, a truth that shattered the pristine order of modern-day Vulcans down to their very cores. Hieroglyphs were correct symbols for the particular ancient times; the durable parchments for the era and locality were corroborated and temporal readings scientifically proved that the Nostik Texts of the great and highly venerated Surak were 100% legitimate. Holy secrets from time immemorial had finally been deciphered and revealed to a handful of elders of a covert Nostik Sect. Consequences in the aftermath of the “big news” were completely unforeseen…
          Should occult elders reveal incredible truths to the rest of their people, which would change all of known history? Who could believe what the Texts recorded from a hundred thousand years earlier in Vulcan history? Surak would never be seen the same ever again! Would Vulcan administrators and officials embrace a new, divergent view of history and accept the fatal flaws of previous perceptions and teachings? Does logic dictate that a very different history now be taught? Shall the elders expose their own secret existence as well as the multiple “blasphemies” within the Nostik Texts…or not?
          The following were the prime heresies of the Texts translated by the Rose Stone:
          ~ Surak, “the Immaculate,” founder of every Vulcan principle, thought to have been pure in spirit whereby he had no birth-parents and was conceived in an ‘unnatural way,’ was in reality…not so divinely immaculate. New view of the miraculous, special, “Light Energy being” who only appeared as a physical humanoid, was utterly destroyed. In its place was an unbelievable and inescapable truth that Holy Surak was no different than any other Vulcan on the planet (called “Minshara” in prehistoric times).
          ~ Surak, because of his assumed perfection and oneness with the universe, was thought to never have possessed the urge to mate or had experienced ‘pon farr’ or to have reproduced an offspring. In fact, the shocking truth was: The sacred leader fathered a “beautiful and fair daughter” that produced children in later years! The idea that great philosopher Surak was a father, had a family and the ordinary, usual, parental responsibilities as all Minsharan patriarchs, was a concept unfathomable to Vulcans. According to the Texts, “Surak’s daughter, Lalith, birthed a continued lineage that lasted for hundreds of years” and then terminated during the time of La’Soval.
          ~Vulcans had a completely different origin than what was traditionally taught at every Science Academy throughout the ages. First Vulcans were not conquerors of territories and alien worlds for power in the universe as other violent, warrior-species like Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians or the Borg. The “Canon of History was wrong.” The further spread of faulty conceptions was illogical in light of the recent Nostik Texts. Modern Vulcans had never considered that their phenomenal race of humanoids originated in a “spiritual Paradise.” Legends of ‘Sha Ka Ree’ on Minshara were not merely old myths, they were true. A violent, aggressive and warlike period in fact occurred, but only after an idyllic and eventual corrupted Paradise. Vulcans were ‘fallen gods’ and had not risen from barbaric primitives.
          ~ “The Syrrannites were correct!” ‘Time of Awakening’ was not a time of purged emotions, it was the elimination of only the bad, hostile, violent emotions! Good, wonderful, sweet feelings of love and expressions of that love were to be embraced, relished, enjoyed and experienced. These were the true teachings of the founder and holy philosopher Surak.
          ~ An even larger abomination gleaned from ancient passages was the prime cause of early civil wars and “violent period” long after Sha Ka Ree on Minshara. It was previously thought that the violent period of civil unrest, where brother fought brother, where uncontrolled EMOTIONS exploded into World Wars and total chaos was driven by the “physical universe and need to possess material things” (land, tech, minerals, control other tribes, etc.). The most embarrassing aspect for Vulcans in the words of the Holy Texts was how much SEX, passion and the lust for love played in the lost history of people on a planet that turned harsh, barren, volcanic and hot.
          ~ Finally, a strange revelation that Nostik elders translated through the Rose Stone was: “A man of two worlds called: Singpo,” in the future, who possessed the “katra of Surak,” will bring light to passed confusion/darkness and unify a clash of philosophies into one truth for tomorrow’s Minsharan Civilization. The occult revelation was that Surak would return and live again!

          A very long time ago…
          Sargon, the Magnificent and kind ruler of a dimension known as “Enduhar,” and his gods and goddesses, colonized Minshara at the ‘Dawn of Life’ in the material cosmos, only a half a million years ago. The gods bypassed the red and blue dwarf stars later called 40 Eridani B and C and flourished on a lovely, rich planet that orbited the third sun in the system (40 Eridani A).
          Paradise in the most exquisite beauty of color, form and shape was constructed in a day. With mere thoughts, Sargon’s perfect gods and goddesses flew without need of physical crafts. They, collectively, moved mountains with the concentration of focused mental energies. Utopia stood for hundreds of thousands of years on the lush, moonless, second planet of 40 Eridani A.
          Then the gods got old and left. Immortality ended and many gods died. They withered from a sustained material existence for so long a time and transcended. A few of them placed themselves in special chambers or sarcophagi in desperate hopes of a possible existence in the far future.
          Groups of Sargon’s Children left Minshara (aka Nevasa) and their ‘seed’ extended to vast territories in space. A few notable offshoots of first Vulcans were the Debrunes, Romulans and the Elmins.
          Gods and goddesses who discovered methods of rejuvenation and remained on Minshara were the original generation of what would be later known as the Vulcan Civilization. The truth to the real genesis of one particular logical and pointy-eared race was swept away and lost in the strong winds of time. Over the millenniums, fantastic changes had occurred to an extremely emotional, passionate, sensitive, very sophisticated, psychic society that danced and sang and played under the blessed stars…
          Minsharans or Nevasans or other names that led to latter-day Vulcans had drastically diverged from the basic teachings of Surak: to live a life that embraced positive emotions and vehemently reject the dark side of life or negative emotions. Vulcans had mutated and emotionally devolved down [post TOA] to a horrid, asexual state where normal/natural/sexual feelings were compartmentalized. Vulcans had become disassociated from warm feelings or detached from what other life forms, not necessarily with hearts but nervous systems, easily experienced.
          Various ‘Kolinahr’ rituals were developed and practiced that purged all feelings from the initiates and practitioners. Vulcan masses, willingly, and after extensive training sessions, eliminated even tremendous, material pleasures and the positive joys of existence. Vulcan endorphin glands were stunted and reduced to barest minimum receptors by the repetition of traditional practices.
          SEX was controlled. Sex was considered part of uncontrollable, physical urges (fear, worry, stress, pain, etc.) and was thought of in the same vein as violence and aggression: something to overcome and master. Generations of collective Kolinahr rituals resulted in a Vulcan society that did away with the entire spectrum of emotions and successfully buried raw feelings, positive or negative, deep down into the subconscious. Feelings were not immediately acted upon; they were controlled through the administration of rituals by an enlightened, intelligent and evolved society that ‘mastered’ emotions.
          Vulcans only had sex, mated, reproduced or had intercourse once every 7 years. On those rare occasions in the long life of a Vulcan, they were uncharacteristically turned into ‘sex fiends’ with an intense ‘blood fever’ and super motivated to “pon farr.”
          Over time, Vulcan culture transitioned to its diametric opposite from what it was in the very beginning…
          Minsharans were once the most loving and sexiest race in the galaxy. Without hearts, they expressed dramatic emotions in poems, plays, songs and of course were demonstrated by frequent, intimate, physical love between men and women. No life form was more passionate than early Vulcans who possessed considerably longer and thinner ears. Hairstyles and clothing were incredibly varied and colorful, the latest in styles that emphasized the individual artists and wonderful Children of the Gods.
           But everything from the past was wiped away, lost and forgotten. “Time of Awakening” was supposedly when Surak’s teachings reached a grand peak with an “Order” or organized institutions that harmonized endless conflicts from yesterday into a single philosophy and logical path to follow in the future.
          Nostik Texts revealed that many of the common beliefs over eons of time were absolutely untrue. One important revelation was the fact that the holy “Time of Awakening” was not the divine epiphany of the First Order that created the rituals and religions and made dark chaos manageable. TOA was, instead, horrors of unspeakable destruction and atomic fires and the end of freedoms and individuality and all of the beauty and magnificence of what had come before. Millions of the old guard and beautiful Minsharans were slaughtered by the invention of weapons and militaries. Vulcans fell to fascism and power mongers, destroyed freedoms of individuals and mass murdered their own people in the name of order. They lost their Katras or spiritual Way. Atomic detonations recorded near Mount Seleya during TOA were publically known and measured. But the Nostik Texts exposed the full extent of the DEVASTATION and the truth was inconceivable~
          Nuclear destruction nearly ended all life on Vulcan! Every amazing structure of the Old World from the ‘Dawn of Life’ was gone. Giant crystals shattered. There was no evidence that Minshara or Vulcan ever had ancestors far more advanced than themselves at the present time.
          Only teams of research scientists who explored Vulcan’s oceans had survived. They were the vanguard of the future who changed history into LIES.         
          The brave new world of tomorrow now consisted of asexual, colorless, emotionless Vulcans more like machines. Hairstyles were one extremely unattractive hairstyle with cropped bangs and none of the outrageous, sexy colors from long ago. Their clothes were bland and almost uniform in design. It was their thinking that also aligned and harmonized into a single, dispassionate view where LOGIC (not emotion) dictated every part of future Minsharans. Even their ears shortened over time. Sexy elves with red blood changed into distant, detached calculators with green blood. Joyous, loving creatures of great warmth and tenderness had evolved [or devolved?] into basic, cold computers that analyzed, advised and spoke without any traces of emotion.
          Emotions were considered taboo. Affection was thought of as ‘bad taste’ and not done. Vulcans were intellectuals, but lost almost the “human” element they possessed in the beginning.
          Everything in the hazy, mystical past was completely forgotten. Only a very few psychics remembered a ‘dreamtime’ of a tropical planet with crystal towers, a cooler planet very different from the hot, reddish, volcanic Vulcan of recent ages. No one really believed the mental images were memories.  
          A young, strong, beautiful T-Pau was a vocal rebel in the Syrrannite movement. She led a revolution that professed to be the true teachings of Surak: the Way or ‘path’ to follow was one of Love and positive emotions and pleasures. Radical T’Pau gained more and more popularity and achieved the post of ‘galactic ambassador.’ Eventually, she held the highest office as Administrator in the Vulcan Confederacy and was thought of as the “most powerful female in the galaxy.”
          The mystery was the heretical sect of emotional Vulcans called Syrrannites were a very small minority that was not connected to Nostik priests and the new discovery of the Texts in any way. Yet the persecuted Syrrannites and their teachings perfectly reflected and supported the information in the Texts, deciphered by occult priests.

          On the question of: What would modern Vulcans do with blasphemous revelations, now confirmed and deemed credible? Will high councils and the prime Science Academy reverse traditional dogmas, alter or eliminate ancient rituals and transmute into an Authority that revealed the truth instead of an empire that suppressed it?
          The answer came in an apparent miracle during the “Reading of the Texts.” In fact, a number of miracles happened on a very special day in the Vulcan year of 2258. The broadcast from the peak of Mount Seleya and over Vulcan Media was seen and experienced by nearly every inhabitant on the planet. Precisely as fate decreed, when the “Legendary Tale of Singpo” was recited, a vision appeared for everyone on the planet that was plainly seen and heard…
          Ancient Singpo, from another time entirely, was visible and brightly lit. The famous philosopher of stories peacefully walked among the elders on the venerated and highly elevated stage. The Vulcan world watched Singpo who introduced himself right after the massive audience clearly understood what Singpo truly was and who exactly stood before them on this special day.
          The vision that shimmered in white light was the katra of Surak! Surak lived again!
          The beautiful entity in a human form with very long and very thin ears and long hair, smiled and gave thanks. The universe responded with the same overwhelming, warm intensity of love and affection.
          The Neo Vulcan announced that the Spirit of Surak had been safely kept within a multitude of hosts throughout time from an arch criminal like Kahless, to great leaders like Sarek, father of Spock, to Spock himself and even a human being named Captain Jonathan Archer.
          Singpo spoke of tomorrow on what was once Minshara, Nevasa and now Vulcan. As he spoke…the temperature dropped, the stark orange sky turned blue and contained clouds. Clouds quickly gathered, blotted out the blue sky, winds increased and the miracle of rain happened. With a magical Rain of the Gods, new species of plants quickly sprouted and grew.
          Vulcan would become the jungle planet that it was in the beginning.
          Small, perfectly clear crystals grew to larger and larger proportions. They’d reach the heights of mountains in the years to come. The volcanism of Vulcan totally changed in a short time. There were no more violent eruptions or lava flows. There were only cool streams, waterfalls and the lushest of green vegetation. Skies opened, the rained stopped and the world was beautiful.
          Tomorrow’s Vulcans would be individuals again. Hairstyles and clothing styles and lifestyles will be colorful and come in all kinds of shapes and varieties. Vulcans returned as the precious, loving, sexy beings they were in the beginning. It was logical to do so; to go home and make the future like the distant past. The only truth was to embrace who you really were, inside. Anything else was false and illogical.
          Vulcans were free, at last. They felt things, experienced the world like brand new children and took ultimate pleasures in a fantastic universe that offered infinite diversities and infinite possibilities. Vulcans displayed love and affection to their family and those families did the same to others in the future. It was a very different world…

          No one in the galaxy knew (except for certain Time Lords) that if the apparition of Singpo hadn’t appeared, hadn’t spoken, hadn’t instigated and insisted that Vulcans CHANGED…
          Planet Vulcan would have been destroyed, totally obliterated, as seen by Nero’s temporal incursion. The alternate time-line would not have been an alternative or parallel and would actually have occurred in 2258: A singularity created by Nero’s red matter device would have destroyed the planet from the inside out. Only 10,000 inhabitants of 6 billion escaped the horrible destruction. Vulcans had become an endangered species in the Alpha Quadrant. The Borg’s invasion of Vulcan in 2381 happened without any resistance as resources returned to the planet, but were soon stripped clean and empty, drained of energy by a fleet of Borg Cubes. This, of course, did not happen…
          Interested parties in the politics of Vulcans such as the Romulans, Klingons, Andorians and Starfleet’s Federation must deal with a New Order, a new species and a new definition of LOGIC.
          No longer was the outdated and misrepresented Vulcan hand sign used along with the words, “Live long and prosper.” The original ‘Sign of Surak’ was a 3-fingered extension at the end of the left arm raised straight up into the air. Later Vulcans brought the arm down, divided the fingers and changed its true meaning (away from honor and respect to the positive emotions of Surak).
          Neo Vulcans smiled and were very gracious and pleasurable and mega sexy. They had sex a lot! They were open about their sexuality. They were compassionate. They got along well with Earthlings and aliens ‘loved’ them, for the most part. Vulcans were still an elegant and sophisticated race of people. They were also a blast to work with…and much funnier.

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