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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » NIBIRU, PLANET X & 9 & SUN SIMULATOR » NIBIRU News ~ Nibiru Turmoil Shakes Up United Nations plus MORE

NIBIRU News ~ Nibiru Turmoil Shakes Up United Nations plus MORE

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Nibiru Turmoil Shakes Up United Nations

The White House and the Kremlin are not the only political institutions currently debating whether a Nibiru disclosure would help or hinder humanity’s future. The race to be the next Secretary General of the United Nations remains wide open; with world leaders gathering in New York ahead of the general
assembly, the talk of the town is who will be the next person given the weighty task of leading the United Nations into the future. Nine candidates remain—three have “withdrawn” from running for reasons the mainstream media has refused to acknowledge. These three candidates—Vesna Pusic of Croatia, Igor Luksic of Montenegro, and Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica, have acknowledged Nibiru’s existence and have secretly supported a worldwide Nibiru disclosure.
Our New York source, a former diplomatic attaché to Ban Ki-moon, paints a sinister picture of the
underhanded dealings deep within the bowls of 760 United Nations Plaza. Contrary to official statements that Pusic, Luksic, and Figueres voluntarily recused themselves from consideration, our source provides shocking information proving they were forced from the race.
“This is very disturbing,” our source said. “These people were anxious to run, all seeking the position of Secretary General. They did not simply choose to withdraw—they were threatened and bullied because they publicly acknowledged that our planet is in danger from Nibiru. There may be others still running who share these views—it will be interesting to see who else drops out for reasons unknown.”
Our source said that Vena Pusic was a favored candidate; she could have been the first woman to achieve the position of Secretary General. But “the opposition” dug deep into her past and discovered that in 2012–when Pusic was Minister of European Affairs of Croatia—she mistakenly received a “Top Secret” briefing document detailing Nibiru’s existence and projected impact on our planet. Ever since, she has clandestinely campaigned for full disclosure, using her political resources to support private research and give amnesty to whistle-blowers.
“She is a brave, remarkable woman,” our source said. “Many were amazed she even risked entering the race, and then became a favorite. But she should have known the opposition would uproot her stance on Nibiru, and use it against her.”
Although the United Nations is comprised of 193 member states, only a few nations—The United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom—influence policy and procedure, and these nations have waged a thirty-year-long war against any individual or government seeking to warn the world about Nibiru.
“The United Nations is not beyond reproach. It gives the false impression that bodies representing most of the free world decide important matters with worldwide implications. This is simply not true. As always, Washington reigns supreme. Rest assured, influential parties within the White House, if not Obama himself, made sure she dropped out. What other choice did she have, I mean…If someone threatened to shoot your dog, what would you do?”
Luksic and Figueres apparently befell a similar fate. They, too, possessed taboo information about the dark star and its orbiting planets, and had favored disclosure over secrecy. Like Pusic, they cited obscure personal reasons for leaving the embattled race. Prior to pulling out, Pucsic made an ominous comment suggesting the victor had already been chosen. “It is all for show now,” Pucsic said. “If Obama wants to be the next Secretary General, nothing will stop him.”
Other outlets have echoed Pusic’s thoughts: even the Washington Post acknowledged that Obama has his eye on the prize at the United Nations.
“If Obama becomes the next Secretary General, he will have much power,” our source said. “And he will undoubtedly continue working to conceal Nibiru from the public.”
On the other side of the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin chimed in, lambasting the United Nations for perpetuating a cover-up with global implications. A spokesperson for President Putin released the following statement: “President Putin opposes all efforts to obfuscate the truth about Nibiru. President Putin has been in favor of disclosure though western powers have always hindered Russian efforts to bring this topic to the public. President Putin continues his efforts to promote disclosure on these Nibiru. President Putin expects Donald J. Trump to hold up his end of the agreement. If he does not, President Putin will do what President Putin will do.”

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Published on Sep 22, 2016
Seismic and new volcanic eruption event indicators all say Earth is moving through the second earth change uptick period of the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the inbound Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun. We typically see a rise in global earthquake activity moving from outside-orbit position (August 19, 2016) into the earth change uptick period to then see things settle down briefly, before a new round of earthquake events sends the weekly event chart values up again. We appear to be moving through the first mini-lull period in Week 32 of the 2016 Orbit Cycle representing a brief pause, before seismic activity around the world returns to a more-recognizable uptick mode.

See the 2015/2016 Seismic Chart in Terral's 2016 Newsletter Volume 38.

Free Link: (Please Share With Others!)

Year-over-year weekly seismic event values for Week 32 shows an uptick in the 6-magnitude earthquake events with the 5-mag and 2.5 to 4-mag global quake events running on the lower end of the scale. We are monitoring these weekly seismic values very carefully for signs of an extended lull, during the current earth change uptick period, because of the smaller-than-expected 3-degree Black Star move in the orbit diagram reduced from the 12-degree average annual move over the course of the last decade. Remember that the first earth change uptick period for each Earth Orbit Cycle is caused by Earth turning around in natural orbit of the Sun to begin moving towards the Black Star causing the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection to shorten rapidly, which was verified again this year in April 2016. The 3-degree Black Star move in the orbit diagram is determined by the number of days the Sun/Earth/Black Star alignment quake event comes for 2016 relative to last year in 2015, which in this case is the 7.0 Vanuatu Quake Event from April 28, 2016 compared to the 7.8 Nepal Quake from April 25, 2015 giving us just three days (3 degrees). However, Earth moved to outside-orbit position making the 90-degree right-triangle location relative to the Sun and Black Star around August 19, 2016 in Week 28 also about two weeks early, which should be expected in light of the fact that the nearside-alignment quake event also came too early in Week 12. The current earth change uptick period is caused not by Earth moving towards the Black Star like in February, but Earth is moving through the area of space where the Black Star will eventually reach perihelion; which means the Black Star is now traveling in the direction of our planet moving crossways through the Black Star headlights. A miniscule 3-degree Black Star move left in the orbit diagram means the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection is shortening, but at one quarter the rate we saw from previous years. This is the first time since the investigation started in January 2011 that the Black Star has made this small move left in the orbit diagram, which means we have no predictive modeling to forecast what comes next. My expectation is that the current earth change uptick period will see lower-than-expected seismicity, until we reach the peak of activity moving through November and particularly going into the final week around Thanksgiving....

... Earth saw five new volcanic eruption events this week with focus on the region between the Philippines and Russia on the northern side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire where I expect these pressures to push into the Aleutians later in the timeline. Those new to the Project Black Star Investigation should see important information from Volume 28 (link) explaining Rising Magma Plumes and how seismic/volcanic pressures are shifting from Indonesia over to the Americas and now into the Atlantic Ocean, as Earth has gone through a series of Tectonic/Volcanic Resets (Sumatra 2004, Solomon Islands 2013, Chile 2015); and as our planet is seeking to maintain equilibrium amid these dramatic changes taking place all around us....

... Project supporters for this week include Tim, Edison, Delilah, Larry, John, Darrell, Roxanne, Robert, Dennis, John, Les, Nick, Tom, Rob, JM, Robert, Christopher, Kenneth and Ron all subscribing to Terral’s 2016 Newsletter at giving them full subscriber benefits for the life of their subscriptions for only 25 dollars per year. Henry and Paul renewed their subscriptions from previous years with Robert, Frederick, Christine, Joy and Randy making donations to the research. Thank you again to everyone supporting the research for making the investigation possible. The Project Black Star Investigation is shifting into a higher gear, as I am doing my best to improve the substance and frequency of the reports as time permits. Terral

Read the Full Report and related articles using a complimentary link to Terral's 2016 Newsletter Volume 38.

Subscribe and support the research at

















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