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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » NIBIRU, PLANET X & 9 » NIBIRU News ~ Russia versus Planet X plus MORE

NIBIRU News ~ Russia versus Planet X plus MORE

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In July, we printed a story that demonstrably proves that Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s maniacal leader, plans to launch nuclear weapons at Nibiru. However, a vital questione remained unanswered: How could North Korea, with its primitive nuclear technology, hope to successfully destroy or divert Nibiru, which, according to the scientific community’s brightest minds, is not a solitary object but a solar system consisting of a brown dwarf star and seven orbiting planets. Our Russian source, a former KGB and GRU agent named Strelnikov Isaak Stepanovich, working in conjunction with his North Korean associate, dug deep into the bowls of Moscow and Pyongyang. He uncovered alarming information hinting at a potential alliance between Russia and North Korea–a collaborative effort to eliminate the Nibiru threat.
Stepanovich’s research shows that Russia, fearful that North Korea’s proprietary nuclear warheads may simply blow up on the launch pad or tumble back to earth, opted to assist North Korea rather than risk nuclear Armageddon ahead of Nibiru’s  expected arrival date.
“President Putin find out that crazy Kim Jong-un planning to attack Nibiru sooner than later,” Stepanovich said. “He is determined, but a madman. Insane with desire to beat Nibiru. He crazy, even crazier than that Hillary Clinton lady. He ready his nukes to strike Nibiru…a plan that most certainly would fail. President Putin had to act. Crazy Jong-un watch YouTube video saying that if you point ICBM at Nibiru, they will automatically home in on Nibiru and drift toward it once rocket fuel expended.”
Stepanovich makes valid points. North Korea’s most sophisticated launch vehicle–the wasong-10–has a maximum effective range of 4,000 km, hardly capable of breaching the mesosphere let alone striking the Nibiru system, currently swinging around the dark side of the sun at an estimated ninety-six million miles from Earth. The United States and Russia previously warned Jong-un to not attack Nibiru, but he has defied all warnings and seems determined to eliminate or divert the dark star before it imperils the Earth. For that reason, Stepanovich said, Putin intervened and made a shocking proposal to the DPRK’s tyrannical leader. If all information is accurate, Russian President Vladimir Putin defied a directive from Washington and promised to assist Kim Jong-un, rather than thwart his plan to assault Nibiru. Russia conditionally agreed to furnish North Korea with groundbreaking technology, including enhanced telemetry guidance systems, launch vehicles, and a dozen RT-2PM Topol intercontinental ballistic missiles, Russia’s most advanced nuclear platform.
“Russia not just giving these away,” Stepanovich said. “Russia provide weapons under very strict conditions. Along with weapon, Putin send team of two hundred and fifty advisers and technicians, led by the esteemed Tomosky Orlov, chief Russian scientist, to oversee operation. There much concern that crazy Jong-un might decide to forget about Nibiru and use weapons to strike Washington–so Putin smart and make safeguards. Putin initially think Jong-un might murder Russian advisers and use missiles for another agenda, so each missile has microchip. If missile used for anything but Nibiru, the warhead will fuse and be rendered inoperative. In addition, Russian advisers must check in with Moscow every twelve hours.”
Stepanovich says the operation has been in development for several weeks. Satellite imagery, obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, shows the launch vehicles being erected on Baekdu Mountain, North Korea’s highest elevation at just over 9,000ft.  This location was chosen because Kim Jong-un wants to launch the weapons as close as possible to Nibiru, giving him the greatest chance of success.
“Putin tell him to construct launch facility in secret location,” Stepanovich said. “But lunatic Jong-un think he will miss Nibiru if missiles not fired from mountain top.”
Additionally, unconfirmed reports suggest that the ICBMs have been retrofitted to accommodate a human passenger for the one-way trip to Nibiru, and that Kim Jong-un has personally chosen twelve “volunteers,” including his sister and his mother, to guide the missiles during the final approach to Nibiru.
“This is something I heard but have not seen,” Stepanovich said. “What kind of man send his mother on suicide mission to Nibiru? This man is crazy. Putin know he is crazy. President Putin not even think this plan work, but would rather crazy leader use proven nuclear technology instead of possibly destroying planet with his own failed technology.”
Regardless of the outcome, one thing seems certain: Nibiru is in our neighborhood, and it’s getting closer.
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