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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » ANNA VON REITZ » Anna von Reitz ~ A Stern Warning About “Satanic Ritual Abuse”

Anna von Reitz ~ A Stern Warning About “Satanic Ritual Abuse”

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A Stern Warning About “Satanic Ritual Abuse”

Posted on October 1, 2016 by David Robinson
  Anna von Reitz
Over the past year I have received literally thousands of letters, notes, emails, and phone calls from people all hyped-up about “Satanic Ritual Abuse”— but they can’t get their stories straight.  According to some, it’s the Jews committing these heinous crimes, and according to others it’s Catholics, or it’s Muslims. Take your pick.
For no known reason, all three of these major religions — none of which condone child sacrifice of any kind — are suddenly participating in Satanic rites?
Can you feel my eyebrow quirking up into the stratosphere and feel all the wrinkles on my forehead folding up like a Venetian blind?  Can you hear Ye Olde Shinola Sensor going off like a foghorn?
There’s another thing— these people speak in Oxymorons: “Satanic Muslim” and “Satanic Jew” and “Satanic Catholic”.
These are contradictions in terms, like “Sovereign Citizen”.   Just like you can’t be a “sovereign” and a “citizen” at the same time, you can’t be a “Satanist” and a “Muslim” at the same time.  These things are mutually exclusive.  It’s one religion or the other, not both.  You can’t be a Mormon Catholic can you?  How about a Jewish Methodist?
If you see someone practicing a Satanic rite, chances are 100% that that person is a Satanist.  It doesn’t matter if he is wearing a yarmulke, a priest’s collar, or a turban while he’s doing it.  The action is the identifier, not the uniform, not the place where an action happens.
Being a justice and having a reasonable concern for the Law, when someone reports the existence of heinous crime, I am naturally on guard and sniffing around.
So in several hundred of these cases where the person seemed to be hinting at having actual factual information instead of just expressing outrage, I have gone to Step Two and asked them the obvious questions: Were you ritually abused yourself?  Did you witness any such abuse first-hand?  If so, are you willing to sign a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury?
About a third of the people dropping these dark hints never reply.  Either they get spooked and realize that they are spreading gossip and being held to account for it, or they are the actual survivors, losing their nerve to expose the vermin. Either way, they never come forward, so that is a dead end.
Another third reply with “Yes, but” answers.  They realize that they have no first-hand knowledge and can’t provide any testimony, but they nonetheless know someone who knows someone who knows someone…… I suggest that someone get in touch with someone and have someone (the actual supposed victim) get in touch with me, if they are willing to provide a proper sworn and witnessed affidavit of probable cause or provide viable witness testimony. And again, the dial tone kicks in and I never hear back from anyone.
The final third replies with “I can’t believe you are so insensitive!”  Insensitive to what?  Unproven allegations of heinous crimes brought forward by people who are unwilling to provide any valid testimony or material evidence?  I might as well get teary-eyed over every Horror film produced by Hollywood.
Crime — especially heinous capital crime committed against the most vulnerable and innocent members of society — is a very, very serious matter.  It isn’t for  “pub talk” and it doesn’t belong on the local grapevine along with the latest who-got-who-pregnant scandals.
If it’s real, our response to it has to be real —- and deadly serious.  So I have taken it seriously and done my part and wasted hours upon hours upon hours of valuable time and all for absolutely nothing.  Not as much as a single eye-witness.  Not a single ceremonial item or piece of clothing.  Not a drop of blood to enter into the forensic record.
Now I am going to give you all some free legal advice: if you know of, suspect, or witness any kind of crime, it is your duty to report it immediately to the police.  Failure to do so makes you an accomplice to the crime.  You do not want to be an accomplice to kidnapping, torture, sexual molestation of minors, or baby-killing of any kind.
As corrupt as many Admiralty Judges are, they won’t hesitate a nanosecond to condemn you to the fullest extent of the law for such a lapse, and neither will I.
For those of you who are Christians, Jews, or Muslims, I will also give you some spiritual advice.  The Psalms very clearly tell us that God hates a gossip. Of all the sins and all the vile sinners, God hates those who gossip.  Why?
It’s because while bullets and blades can kill the body, evil words kill the heart and mind and soul.  Gossip has the potential to do damage that all the blades and bullets in the world could never do, and to do it thoughtlessly, wantonly, because we fail to take words and their power seriously.
When you spread gossip, it is like putting manure on the fields of evil. It creates fear and it creates prejudice and it creates hateful, ill-conceived actions that are often based on nothing but darkness and hot air.
How many marriages have been ended by gossip?  How many friendships destroyed?  How many good men and women discounted because of it?  How many loves lost?  How much peace of mind?  How much suffering?  How much injustice and undeserved punishment?
We think it’s just words and that words don’t cost us anything, but words have a life of their own.  They add up.  They heal or they destroy.  They spread truth or they spread lies.  Words can cost us everything, including our lives —-and there is no such thing as “just gossip”.
God hates gossip, so think long and hard before you pick up the phone or push the “send” button and spread rumors. When you drop words into the pond of our common mind and the ripples go forth, you are blissfully unaware of both the good and the harm you have done, but someday you are going to be shown in exacting detail what the sum total of your words and actions on Earth have yielded. You will see those you have murdered with thoughtless words. You will feel their pain and loss.  And you will be sorry, but you won’t be able to fix it.
Only God can make it right and it will take your tears and pleading and repentance down to the bone to change the evil that thoughtless words unleash on a daily basis.
I am fully aware of the entire history of ritual child sacrifice from the time of the Ancient Kingdom of Summer to today and I knew all that a long, long time before these vicious rumors started circulating. Again.
I say, “again”, and I say it wearily, because this is nothing new.
These same rumors have resulted in the extinction of the Cathars, the near-extinction of European Jews, the slaughter of the White Russians, the murder of the Templars, and on and on and on. These same rumors have been used as the hand-maids of endless pogroms, “cleansings” and murderous rampages throughout history.  And without exception, the victims were always the Priority Creditors of those carrying out the slaughter.
Go figure.
What we are witnessing now is an effort to pin the tail on the donkey, and any donkey will do, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim.  Somewhere in our sick, morbid, hateful, desperate imaginings we remember horrible things and dwell on them for generations.  Perhaps, as some have suggested, evil times become imprinted on our DNA and when we are sufficiently stressed out, the same old rumors and fears rise up —with the same old results of mindless murder and mayhem.
We have to be responsible and accountable for our words as well as our actions—now more than ever. Our actions with respect to crime have to be forthright, serious, practical, and actual.  No airy-fairy, he-said, she-said, they-said, I-heard, Maude-told-me gossip allowed.
If anyone or anything is actually preying upon children, they or it, need to be caught, stopped and punished.  That does not occur as the result of spreading unsupported rumors and gossip.  It happens as the result of detailed, rigorous, coldly determined investigation and prosecution based on victim affidavits and eye-witness testimony sworn to under penalty of perjury and no way else, short of the glory of God taking vengeance on the perpetrators.
I have done my due diligence.  From now on, I want to see sworn and witnessed first-hand affidavits related to actual events or don’t bother to raise the topic of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” with me.  This is my last word devoted to this subject in general, and I am asking my webmaster to “flag it” so that anyone wanting my opinion can just dial up the article number and read it.

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Why did she feel the "need" to give a Stern Warning about this issue?  Bradely Loves calls it out as being in Denial.  I think there is more to it than simply that.  I'm not a 'follower' of her posts/messages but after reading this one, all trust has gone out the window!  :t down: Maybe she's part of the "problem" somewhere I don't care to know. Blahhhh

"Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is."
Michael A. Singer
white cat


Hmmmmm to Anna on this one...It appears she may be a bit out of the loop, so to say..Lets simplify it for her...In the Catholic faith you are supposed to consume the body and blood of Christ...I think that qualifies......


Enyiah I love your signature.... so true



Thanx PurpleSkyz it came into my being as a realization at some point in time and I wrote it down.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone else had thought about it before me.

"Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is."
Michael A. Singer
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6 Why I Find Anna To Be Untrustworthy on Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:22 pm

Antonius Luirae

This is exactly why I find Anna Von Reitz to be a deceiver, and untrustworthy in all her claims.  I have actually spoken with her on her Facebook Profile a couple years ago, so this is not the first time I have seen disinformation from her on Satanic Ritual Abuse. I will correct somethings I have seen in this post from her. For one, I have researched Satanic Ritual Abuse and CIA/Government Mind Control Operations, all victims who recover their memories tend to tell the same exact story of sexual abuse by parents, and being forced into Satanic Rituals as a child, and being put through various forms of Torture. While I  find religion in the Western World,such as Judaism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity, to be a deception perpetuated by The Satanic Cabal, conducting this type of abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind Control Victims, generally do not mention any other religion, but Satanism. So Anna Von Reitz, you are caught red handed in a lie right then and there, and I highly doubt you have received any emails from any victim of this, because your claims here, are out right lies. Second of all, you deny their validity because they will not sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury?  If you were abused as a child, and only recovered those memories in your 30's, after years of them being blocked out, would you be ready to go into the Courts, owned by your abusers, or call them out?  Or would you take time to deprogram and figure out what happened, and then make sophisticated strategic plans on how to take down your enemy?  Because Anna, what you seem to not realize, is that The Crown Of England, and The Vatican Church, own the Courts you work for, and they are the entities this Mind Control,and Satanic Ritual Abuse, and world wide Child Trafficking,and Abduction Networks stem from. So Anna, as far as I am concerned, to me you are just another deceiver from The Crown Of England owned COURTS. because, due your distorted view, you are downplaying horrific and real child torture, being conducted at the highest levels of Earths Religious and Government Institutions, and downplaying such abuse, I find to be pathetic from a Human being, I find it to disgrace the victims. 

Feel free to share this comment on any other social networking profile you have(just be sure to quote my name Antonius Luirae), as I feel this comment should reach Anna Von Reitz and all of her followers, as I find her to be very deceptive, and think people should be warned about her.  If I am wrong about Anna, prove it. --- Antonius Luirae


First off WELCOME Antonius! Thanks for joining and commenting!

Second I applaud you for your astute observations. Anna's affiliation to the pope, for me, negates most of her info. Also noted is in 2012 when she contacted this site and all of the others to post her info her meteoric rise was interesting to observe.

May I suggest that you start a new thread in Anna's forum space that has the above post in it? I can then share that to fakebook where Anna may see it as we are connected on that social fake medium. :)

Thanks again and looking forward to more of your insights.


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