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Anna von Reitz ~ Update: Bank Foreclosures and Mountain Climbing

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Update: Bank Foreclosures and Mountain Climbing

Posted on October 3, 2016 by David Robinson
  Anna von Reitz
Our focus is the “get to the root” of this evil, both in terms of its process and the mechanics of it.  This Fraud is so vast and has its tentacles into so many areas of our lives that it is like peeling an onion—- layer after layer after layer.
As a young woman I lived in Juneau, Alaska, and I was friends and housemates with some Californians.  They were all very athletic, leggy, tall, Nordic types who were out hiking in the summer and kayaking and fishing and skiing in the winter.  Me, not so much.  I am the more phlegmatic German type.  Squarish in build and practical by nature.  So when they began pestering me to climb a mountain for no reason but to climb a mountain I politely declined.
They kept it up, however, and after a year of being pestered to climb this stupid mountain for no reason, I grimly said, okay, we’ll climb the @$#@@% mountain.
Being a German, I knew it wouldn’t be any fun.  My attitude was sour as buttermilk.  I put on my thick socks.  I packed my pack with care.  I took a deep breath.  And the hike up the mountainside began early one Saturday morning.  They all took off like gazelles and I was soon all by myself plodding up switchback after switchback. No doubt that they thought it was funny to see just how far behind them I would be.
But, within half an hour, the Sister appeared, looking white-faced and shaken.  She was cold and had tripped over a tree root and wasn’t feeling well, so was headed home.  And half an hour after that, her Brother showed up, looking dazed and weary.  He had developed a painful blister and was headed down the mountain, too.  Half an hour after that, the Brother-in-Law appeared.  He was winded and panting and red-faced and shaking his head.  Well, he was worried about the other two, and it was cold and misty up at the tree line, so, he had had enough and was going home.
That left me, the lone tortoise, chugging up the trail, the only one who kept going hour after hour.  The switchbacks and deep forest gave way to willow scrub and alpine flora at the tree line.  As reported, it was cold and very misty.  Soon, the climb began in earnest and I walked and scrambled up one stair-step plateau after another, each time thinking that I was near the summit only to be disappointed when another plateau and rock face came into view.
Finally, about three o’clock in the afternoon, I hove over the final edge and found myself in easy walking distance of the true summit and peak marker, with a view of a beautiful hidden valley beyond.  It was quite a reward for the effort, and unexpected.  For a moment, I just sucked in my ragged breath and thought how incredibly beautiful it was.
Then I went the final leg to the summit, picked up all the beer cans and litter that other climbers had left there, and began the trek back down the mountain.  It was early summer in Alaska and it stays light past midnight, so it was no problem getting back to town.  I was tired and well-exercised, but really no worse for the wear.  I showed the others what they missed at the summit, the view of the hidden valley.
And none of them ever pestered me about climbing a mountain again.  Not a peep.
In a way, this is what this work is like now.  I didn’t want to undertake it, but having undertaken it, I won’t give up.  My team and I are very methodically unravelling it step by step by step, and when we are done, it will be well and truly finished. There will be a clean sweep of the problem and the patents and the systems and practices causing it.
We aren’t going for the stems and leaves of the foreclosure fraud.  We are going for the root.
The entire system of fraudulent bank loans and fraudulent foreclosures will be utterly destroyed and swept away.
I regret to say that there is no known truly simple remedy because the system itself is so multi-layered. In every case, we are dealing with a single central fraudulent house mortgage, yes, but that then requires dealing with fraudulent escrows and many other accounts attached to it.
This is a mammoth, automated, patented fraud machine that was created for the sole purpose of generating ill-gotten profits and unregistered security interests.    We thought several times that there might be a simple, straight-forward answer, a key that people could turn on a one-by-one basis,  only to face another stair step, another layer to the onion.
We are still climbing the mountain.  That’s the bad news.  We aren’t quite at the summit yet.  The good news is that people won’t have to worry about going through any big legal process or battle in their own right when we are done.  There will probably be some action required from individual homeowners, like recording a new land record or posting a claim with a specific insurance company— but the days of facing bank foreclosures in court will be over and done.

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Having "been there, done that" , leaves me with varried emotions, none of them very good. My inclination is to just move on, for there really is No Justice. There is nothing that can repay, undo or make up for what my family and I have endured. Even personaly torturing the individual players that perpatrated the Fraud and the Rape by the In-Justice system could provide any real reconcilliation or peace. Sadly there are things in our lives which will just never be resolved that we must 'Get Over' or just move beyond. You cant forget, for the lessons would be lost. I don't know if there really is forgiveness in this case, at least I'm not there. I have learned go beyond, I'm not about to allow the damage done to continue damaging my life, being a victom. I try and learn from my mistakes, share the lessons I've learned and live my life for me and my family. Hopefully wiser, certainly stronger and someday maybe at peace. 

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Well Judge Anna seems to be calling out the "FRAUD", no "Stern Warning" here.  Until I see some RESULTS and not just talk I will maybe lend an ear to the words. 
A satisfactory outcome would be to witness some Justice in the form of payback to all the ones that have paid the price for said injustices.
I don't trust Judge Anna Von Reitz, she seems to me as just another who is posing as VIP in her area of expertise with little fruit to come out of it. 
My heart bleeds for humanity.   Forgiveness can only come after restitution otherwise you end up giving your power away to the abusers.

"Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is."
Michael A. Singer
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4 Bank foreclosures: on Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:54 pm


My wife and I bought into a 30 year mortgage in 1998. The two of us barely made it to December 2015 and things have been really rough after she passed away on January 2nd. 2016. I invited, Bessie, her daughter and her family to live with me and help me pay the bills that my wife and I were paying. We are now a family of five attempting to live on less than what the two of us were living on. None of us have the credit or income to refinance. Since Bessie has two boys under the age of five, she is qualified to get $400 in food stamps in addition to WIC. I also qualify for food stamps, since I am well over 65 and drawing only social security, but I could very easily file a report showing that even though what we are drawing seems like a lot, when the math is done, we are short almost $1000 every month. I don't understand why that is. Also we are penalized for letting the insurance lapse on our 2005 Toyota, have late charges on our mortgage, phone, and electric bills. If everyone else is having the same problems for the same reasons, this whole United States is in dire straits.


I am... as are so many here Morris. I know it does not help much to know that others are also having a tough time like in Misery loves Company.. I know I hope we all can over come this burden and soon!


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