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Ascension, 2012 and Beyond

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1Ascension, 2012 and Beyond Empty Ascension, 2012 and Beyond on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:11 am


Ascension is basically a shift in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal, spiritual beings, we were created by the Creator to expand through experience. When we choose to incarnate into the dense, physical, third dimension, we descend. We come to Earth again and again in order to experience, learn, and master this difficult (3D)-dimension with unconditional love. This choice greatly accelerates our spiritual evolution. The problem is we fall asleep when we get here. We get bogged down in materiality, thinking that it is our total reality. We forget that we came into incarnation in order to return to the spiritual realms with added wisdom and experience. That is what Ascension is all about. This is our goal.

All life is ascending. The plants, rocks, animals, each in its own time and its own individual way. Even the Planet Earth, who is a living being, is also ascending. It is happening according to the Divine Plan whether we know about it or not. Only the resistance to this process is painful.

This natural evolutionary process can be greatly assisted by consciously choosing to commit to our personal ascension. Our personal awareness and choice is so very important. Spirit will never force us to accept love, joy, and inner peace. Our free will and choice is always honoured. By ending our resistance, we can move rapidly forward without the pain and struggle so often associated with human life.

In past ages, ascension occurred after the death of the physical body. When souls decided to plunge totally into the dense realm of matter, they found they needed many human bodies in order to spiritualise the physical form. When too many mistakes (lessons) were created in one body and it was exhausted, the body was discarded. A period of rest was experienced without the body, then a new body was selected to allow a fresh start. Memory of other incarnated lessons was blocked out, not as a punishment, but as a gift of new beginning, without entanglements, to meet the challenge. The soul, of course, retains all memories of all lives. As more and more of the soul is incorporated into the consciousness, "remembering" past experiences becomes easier.

This process of reincarnation has progressed far enough for the proportion of spirit to matter within the body to improve. Now for the first time, it is possible for people to ascend within the physical body, no longer needing to leave it behind.


Planet Earth is in the process of elevating from a (3D)-vibration into a (5D)-vibration. This process is known as ascension. The process of ascension involves many stages of initiations or tests, and as each test is passed, the body or planet increases in its vibration. Humanity, along with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are all well under way in their ascension process.

Ascension is about growth of the Soul and expansion of our consciousness. It is about accepting full responsibility for everything we think and do. It is about falling in love with ourselves and about releasing all those fears that inhibit the full expression of who we are. Ascension is about regaining our self-respect in the full knowledge that we are magnificent beings of Light, who know the power of love and who live every moment of every day by that principle. It is about actively being in service to that principle and therefore able to love those who hate us, knowing that there is no such thing as an enemy. It is about seeing everyone, no matter who they are, as part of ourselves (unity consciousness) and therefore, to be revered in the same way that we revere ourselves, regardless of their behaviour towards us.


Many people have noticed the strange changes in our weather patterns occurring all over our planet, but they are minor compared to the cosmic and spiritual changes happening to Earth, and to all levels of life on this planet. Global warming is just one indicator that the Planet is heating up and changing its energetic vibration as the molecules spin faster.

Life as we know it is rapidly changing, and we are fast running out of time. Life exists throughout the universe in physical and non-physical forms and many visitors from these other civilisations are on hand to assist us through the changes. These loving and intelligent beings are here to assist in keeping the energies in balance, and to assist all of humanity and Earth, with the great changes about to take place on our planet, with regards to the ascension process.


Everything consists of vibrations- including your body and the Earth you live on. Take for instance, the physical properties of a piece of ice. The only difference between ice, water and steam is in their various vibrational rates, i.e., the speeds at which the electrons orbit the nucleus of each atom. By heating up the ice you raise its vibrational rate until you can hardly see it. This doesn't mean it no longer exists; it just exists at a higher vibration. Any higher and you wouldn't see it.

A long time ago during the time of Atlantis, planet Earth existed at a lot higher vibration (dimension) than it does today, but events took place that resulted in the Earth and its inhabitants dropping down to a lower 3rd dimensional-vibration, the physical reality we see around us today.

With every decrease in vibration/dimension, humanity lost more and more soul-consciousness until they forgot who they were, and why they were here. They even forgot that they were part of a greater whole. We have existed in this 'loop' pattern for thousands of years thinking we are the most important species in the Universe - the pinnacle of evolution. The same patterns are played out over and over again, generating wars, drama, disease and even karma. Even 'death' as we know it is unknown on higher dimensions. We have lost our ability to regenerate and repair our bodies so we just get old and die. Because we don't live long enough to understand who we really are, we have to keep re-incarnating, i.e., be reborn into another body time and time again, until we remember who we are, and why we have come.

What if we were given the help, energy and information to once again learn how to raise our vibrations to the point where we no longer were kept in the dark? Where our intuitive powers were restored, where we could regenerate our bodies, and graduate from the old (3D) fear-based world we live in, to a world of unconditional love and co-operation?

What we are talking about is our own world existing at a higher vibration than it does now, populated by those of us who have also raised our consciousness levels, high enough to live upon the New Earth. That is what the ascension process is. A return up the vibrational/dimensional scale.

The planet is ascending to a higher level of vibration. By concentrating our energies on ascending rather than survival, we will be doing a great service for the planet that has served us so well, not to mention our own evolution.

All of the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms have made the intention to ascend with our planet Earth. Only humanity is still in the dark. Our consciousness has been in the dark for so long, that just the thought that this could be possible takes a bit of getting used to!


The energy is now available for those who want to ascend to do so.

Those humans who are leading the way in the ascension process are actually 'mapmaking' - acting as pathfinders for others to follow. They are now retrieving the missing genetic information that tells the body how to change its cells into a 'crystalline' form which can begin to hold a higher vibration, (thus all the channelling about DNA). They are then sharing this information (on web-sites like this), for others to use in their ascension process. Consequently, it will become easier for newly awakened human beings to ascend.

Apart from the 'intention' to ascend, there's a lot of personal issues and karma that will need to be addressed and worked through as part of the ascension process. Those who decide to take this path must be prepared to take personal responsibility for themselves, their thoughts and all behaviours. It also means a gradual letting go of people, situations and lifestyles that we have come to take for granted in the 3rd dimension.


Ascension is a choice - currently a window of opportunity is open for us. Our destiny is to ascend but if current patterns of behaviour on our planet continue, it is highly unlikely that everyone will. What is beyond doubt however is that our planetary system IS ascending. The soul of the Earth is gathering her energies into the new dimension as we speak. That is why we are witnessing an increasing polarity between the darker forces, those of fear based manipulation, and those of the lighter ones, based on profound unconditional love. Energies are separating and therefore becoming more obvious.
The fear based reality and old-world-structures will soon come to an end. -Soon the masses on this planet will no longer tolerate deception, fear, temptation, war, poverty, disease and inequality.


Human beings that choose not to awaken will continue to live on Earth until they pass away. After Earth ascends-2012, living on this planet will no longer be an option for those entities still attached to third dimensional consciousness. Disease will become more prevalent as the vibration on Earth continues to rise, and not be compatible with their bodies lower vibration.


Mother Earth's energetic name is Gaia. She is a Divine living entity and very much a part of your own energetic-system. Global shifts have occurred five times before in the history of Planet Earth. Each time humanity has vacated the planet. This time will be different. Human beings will remain on the Planet as the "Ascension and Shift of the Ages" takes place.

Ascended Masters are people who have mastered 3rd dimensional reality, and therefore leave 3rd dimensional form to pursue endeavours upon the dimensions of life-forms that exist beyond the 3rd dimension. In a similar manner, Earth has finalised her experience in the 3rd dimension, and is now striving to embody a fifth dimensional vibration as a whole, and become an Ascended Planetary Master (Logos) herself. Ascension brings forth the gradual change of Earth's biology, each species working together to ascend at a parallel pace. At this time, each species upon Earth is moving up in parallel vibration to Earth, thus matching her overall increasing global vibration.


When human beings find themselves in the third dimension and seek diligently for self-knowledge and understanding, they begin the process known as awakening, and go through a portal (Gateway) into the fourth dimension. As soon as they experience the energy of the soul and at-one-ment with the universe, they immediately embark on a inner journey. They start gathering information in order to attain further "illumination" continually expanding in consciousness in order to pass through the next portal, (fifth-dimension). After this it is an ongoing process to attain greater understanding and further enlightenment in order to find the energetic-keys to open the next portal.


Planet Earth, along with the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms are currently undergoing a genetic mutation process towards a crystalline form. The crystalline form has a different biochemical structure that allows the embodiment to hold and sustain a higher vibrational frequency.


Human Ascension is difficult. There is not doubt about this. It is difficult because one must face their dark/shadow side, and their deepest fears. The heart must open to ascend. Sometimes, the opening of the heart is a painful emotional experience. However, as the pain is processed in full, it leaves Love, joy, passion, unity and a divine union with the Soul. There is no other way. Ascension cannot occur without the processing and releasing of that which no longer serves the Soul Purpose, including any pain and fear.

The Ascension path is filled with many things that can turn you from the path including, misconception, deception, fear and temptation. There are even the un-awakened souls that consciously pursue your spiritual destruction and physical, emotional and mental enslavement. The pathway is narrow and filled with pitfalls. However those that are willing to see and push past the illusion, shall be supported.


As we evolve to an evolutionary stage that is a higher vibration of love, then you are no longer aware of fear and conflict. You are not living in that world. It may be explained as disappearing; it may be explained as a split in your awareness. When the moment arrives where there are enough points of consciousness on your planet -including humanity, animals, plants and all life forms - and there is enough points of consciousness that go beyond the vibration of conflict and fear, then they separate into a new range or nucleus group, that becomes unable to interact with the lower vibrations of fear. A critical mass will have been achieved.

It is important to realize that many changes will come in the time before this new era dawns. Your conception of time will almost stand still. Time will go at different rates. Sometimes, you may feel that many hours have passed when only a minute has passed. You will be entering different dimensional frequencies. You will be in other vibrational frequencies where the concept of time will be different. This will be only one of many experiences that you will have as your body and mind begin to accelerate toward a new dimensional frequency. You will begin to "see" time differently. Part of you will be feeling as third dimensional, and another part will be feeling the higher level of dimensional frequency.

You are moving to a new level of existence and your being is working in new ways. You will feel, at times, "out of sync" with clocks and other tools that are used to measure the passing of linear time. These experiences are happening for many reasons. Know that they are part of a new emergence of energetic-shifts in the magnetic fields of our planet Earth.
There will be an end to these feelings of separation (duality), and a reconnection towards "unity based consciousness".


The coming of year 2012 brings with it a major shift in our human-consciousness. The path grows wider every single day. As time passes and as more people accept the Truth and let light shine through them, following the path will become easier than stepping of it, or pretending it doesn't exist. As more people successfully walk The Path, the day will soon come when the old-world of duality (3D-third dimension) will simply shift out of existence.

The change towards this New World of Light is happening now, and as more and more people begin to spiritually awaken we are seeing an accelerated change in Global-Consciousness. It is the birthing of our next existence.

This Choice is now open to everyone of us. Either embrace the New World and the power of unconditional love for all life, or choose instead the old fear based reality of control, manipulation and separation from God. One choice has a definite future, the other does not. Which choice will you make?

The Shift of the Ages has now begun!

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