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NIBIRU News ~ Nibiru Fueled Super Hurricane Matthew Aims At Florida, North Carolina and MORE

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Nibiru Fueled Super Hurricane Matthew Aims At Florida, North Carolina
Nibiru Storm Update 10/04/2016 5:52 PM EST: SkyNews reports one million people in South Carolina will be evacuated ahead of the storm. Dr. Trowbridge has been vindicated.
Last week, former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge warned an apathetic US government that Hurricane Matthew would track west after passing between Haiti and Cuba. He stood alone. All publicized forecasts at that time predicted the storm to curve east, out to sea, sparing the southeast coast a direct hit from a monstrous storm. For his efforts, Dr. Trowbridge was jeered and ridiculed; his peers called him ‘a deluded, fear-mongering hack.’  It seems they were wrong. Dr. Trowbridge’s predication has manifested. Hurricane Matthew, still an enormous Category 4 storm with wind speeds exceeding 140 mph, has turned east and now threatens to make landfall in either Florida or North Carolina, just as Dr. Trowbridge predicted.
Haiti has taken a pummeling from the storm. The death toll is catastrophic, unreported by the mainstream media. According to our source located on the impoverished island nation, buildings have toppled; floodwaters and torrential rainfall have engulfed the island nation. Unconfirmed reports indicate at least 5,000 already dead; hospitals are overwhelmed with critically wounded patients.
“What happened in Haiti today may well happen in Florida or North Carolina on Wednesday or Thursday,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “I gave ample warning, but no one listened. I tried to explain that Nibiru’s rotational spin as it sweeps around the sun is affecting all weather on earth, and that established forecasting trends must be abolished in favor of new methods. But no one listened.”
With no signs of slowing or weakening, Hurricane Matthew now takes aim at Florida.  Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott declared a statewide “state of emergency,” urging all residents to prepare for mandatory evacuation orders. Matthew’s damage, he said, might eclipse the devastation Hurricane Andrew caused in 1992.
Dr. Trowbridge, a former resident of the sunshine state, fears for friends and family still living in Florida. “I am very concerned for them,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Florida has a lot of elderly people and small children that will be at risk. Pets too. I made my best effort to explain the nature of the carbolic effect and its ramifications to our ecosphere, but, still, no one was listening. Now, maybe they will.”
Nibiru’s infuence will cause storms to increase in frequency, size, and intensity. The Atlantic basin, says Dr. Trowbridge, is a ‘kettle of unpredictability’ with Nibiru in our backyard. When asked if he had additional predictions, Dr. Trowbridge hung his head and said, “There is no more hurricane season. There is no more tornado season. This is Nibiru season.”

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