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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS »  Communication~High Council of Orion 21 January 2012

Communication~High Council of Orion 21 January 2012

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Communication~High Council of Orion 21 January 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

Welcome dear ones, we come to communicate with YOU at a time when the new energies are
now increasing and pulling to the surface of YOUr very BEing that which has been stored
within YOU for lifetimes. It is now time to allow these to rise to the surface and to allow the
deep healing to begin. Healing begins by allowing the emotions an outlet and we guide for all
to stay with the emotions that will begin to arise. Holding on will cause more pain and trauma
as that which has been stored no longer serves in the new energies and the new world that is
being created before YOUr very eyes.
The new world that is being dreamed into creation comes from a place of deep love and that is
accessed through the heart. We guide for all to allow the deep clearing of the heart. Allow all
that YOU have experienced to go for YOU have allowed the experience to talk to YOU, have
learned the lessons and now must allow the experience to dissolve. For the use of the human
heart was never allowed to be shown to YOU under the old energies. It was kept from YOU
and hidden in clear view. Much will unfold across the planet and many will step back in
astonishment as that which has always been here and in full view is now able to be viewed
and heard. For we guide now on the noises that are being heard across the planet and we
guide for ALL to go within to anchor these new energies and what the energies are now
communicating to YOU. For each one of YOU is a vibration, as the new unfolds and begins
the deep clearing process within each one of YOU then YOUr vision will clear and YOUr
hearing will begin to hone itself to new sounds, new vibrations and new communications.
We guide in relation to the unfolding of the dream and we guide in relation to what YOU
populate the dream with, we draw YOUr attention to the thought process that YOU engage
with and guide once more that YOUr thoughts create YOUr reality. Many are now realising this
and actively working with the old energetic programmes that are still running within and
dissolving them. Many more are still in the old energies believing that all is outwith their reach
and that all power is now in the hands of someone else. We guide for YOU to detach from this
as YOU are more powerful than YOU realise and if YOU allow the thoughts to randomly move
through YOUr dreams YOU may begin to create that which YOU do not wish to create. Energy
follows thought dear ones. We guide for all to go within and to find an anchor the peace that is
found within all hearts. It is there all YOU need to find it is follow YOUr emotions. For the
emotions will show YOU that which needs to be cleared. By becoming the observer YOU are
able to see the old energetic programmes that have been stored within. Allowing them to
dissolve will allow the vision that YOU hold to clear, it will illuminate the path that YOU walk.
We cannot highlight strongly enough the need to dream and to dream clearly. For the
dreaming of the human race is changing the world and that world is now being dreamed into
creation. Once more we guide that dreaming is not all conscious, if you are allowing the
emotions to be hoarded within and they are emotions from other lifetimes then YOU may be
dreaming a dream that is now outdated, one that YOU have already learned from but which
will taint the new dream for it is not healed.
We are with each one of YOU holding the space for YOU to see that the path that is
illuminating in front of YOU, whether YOU are able to see this path is down to the filters that
are being used by YOU. For all is filtered in different directions and in different ways across the
planet. We wish to guide more clearly on what we mean by filters. The teachings that YOU
have been taught since YOU took YOUr first breathe on this planet are the filters that YOU
have been using to create the life experience that YOU are having. Each one of YOU uses
different filters according to need and we guide for YOU to look at these filters or teachings.
Do YOU view the world the way that YOU do because YOU were taught to by those around
YOU? Do you hold the views that YOU do because of the society that YOU were born into?
All of these questions should be asked and the answers listened to. For the answers are YOUr
guide to where YOU go next. For if the answer to the question is yes then YOU are viewing
YOUr dream through the eyes of another. It is not possible to dream the dream for another for
only YOU can dream the dream that is in YOUr heart. Only YOU have that dream for only
YOU are experiencing this life experience as YOU. Do YOU understand our analogy? Do YOU
understand our words?
The teachings of illusion taught YOU to align YOUrself with those who had similar beliefs and
many did this without question, a sense of safety being the reward for doing this. This sense
of safety is distorted for even within that sense of “belonging” there is a difference, for each
human BEing is unique in the way that they absorb and process the information coming to
them about the world they create around them. We guide YOU to be discerning and to
question that which YOU do not understand by going within and asking to the heart. For all the
answers to this YOUr human life experience are contained within, they are not found without
and many are now falling into deep confusion and frustration around this. Where there is
argument about right and wrong there is illusion for one human may perceive a right as a
wrong and vice versa.
We guide YOU to look at YOUr uniqueness and we guide YOU to look at those around YOU
and to stop comparing YOUrself. Under the old energies those who stood apart and took a
stance were instantly rejected and that served to control and contain many across the planet.
The new energies support and nurture, they are here to help YOU stand as YOU, there is a
difference in making a stand and standing as YOU, can YOU FEEL it? For when YOU stand
as YOU the universe clearly sees YOU and hears YOU. Many are trying to manifest and to
create whilst hiding within the confines of the old energies. The universe will not be able to see
YOU if YOU are not visible. How do YOU become visible? YOU issue a clear and audible note,
that is within YOUr energy signature. When YOU are YOU, when YOU can FEEL safe and
secure then YOU have found YOUr note and can then sing the song that is YOU to the
universe and the universe will respond.
Many are now confusing the song that is them and the note that is them. Many are trying to
connect to the universe with the same note and this is not possible dear ones, for each one of
YOU is a different UNIQUE note, do not try to sound like those around YOU in YOUr song for
each human alive has a unique note and a unique song to sing. It is not a matter of those who
sing loudest, do not fall into this distortion for the note is heard across the universe as long as
it is clear. Are YOU clear?
Many are still following the rules of the old energies in relation to logic and we guide for YOU to
realise that logic holds no place in a new world based on emotion. For the mind cannot
process emotion that is the role of the heart. When YOU are in YOUr mind YOU cannot create
for the emotions needed to create, to dream, are not processed by the heart, for the mind will
take YOU out of the heart at all times. It will create and invent scenarios that take YOU away
from YOU if YOU allow it. Many are now trying to work out what has happened without
checking within to see how it FEELS. How do YOU FEEL as the new unfolds?
For those who are boarding boats and sailing across the oceans of grief we send much love to
YOU for many are now FEELing the old dissolve and stepping into the boats to discover where
the boat will sail to. The ocean of grief was always taught to YOU through the old energies as
a boat never to be set sail with and the ocean was always to be ignored. The ocean of grief is
a process that a human goes through to understand that none ever leave. All that happens is
the veils of illusion are wrapped tightly around the heart. We guide that all realms are now
stepping forward and many humans are now able to FEEL them. It may be disconcerting to
FEEL an energy signature and not be able to decipher it but once more we guide that YOU did
not have to believe in the realms for them to connect to YOU. More and more will step forward
and welcome YOU home and we guide for YOU to clear and shield YOUr energy systems at
all times. We do not guide this to allow the fear that is the residue to take hold once more, we
guide for YOU to do this so that any communication is clearer. For the debris that YOU hold
within YOUr energy signature may make the communication unclear which then leads many to
more frustration. Frustration and confusion will lower an energy signature and not heighten it.
Guarding YOUr energy signature should become second nature, we guide that we are aware
of many humans who are now in fear of energies stepping forward and we wish to guide
further on this. To walk the planet earth with an energy signature that is open and welcoming
to all energies is not the way to work with the new. The old energies worked at containment
and we guide the new is about expansion and growth. The realms that are around YOU can
only communicate with YOU if you allow it for all are born with free will. If an energy has
stepped forward and YOU are not sure of its source then we guide strongly for YOU to hold the
intention to let only those of the LIGHT to step forward. Many may trigger at our words but we
are here to guide and support and it would be remiss of us not to show YOU what is in plain
The custom on planet earth is to allow an energy to come forward and communicate only if
agreed by the human approached and those energies must respect that. The realms that are
around YOU all adhere to the rules of the universe and those rules state that planetary
customs must be adhered to at all times. Many humans find various energies stepping forward
not realising that the power that is within them is that within them. Not stating the boundaries
and not stating who is welcome and who is not will be interpreted by many energies as okay.
Do YOU fully understand where we guide dear ones? For those of a darker energy, those who
are now leaving the planet will not ask, they will assume, if YOU have not put in a boundary
then expect the communication to go ahead for YOU have not clearly stated it should not. We
guide this to reassure YOU and not place FEAR where there should be none.
As the realms have been hidden in plain view across the planet it makes sense for these
formalities to be stated. For whilst YOU could not connect to the energies then there would be
little problem. Now the energies heighten and many more humans will be able to reach an
energy vibration that will resonate with different realms. For the most part the energies that
step forward should be of the LIGHT, however depending on YOUr soul path, YOUr belief
system and the thoughts that YOU allow to be processed by YOU then this may see other
energies step forward. Many humans are recoiling and not simply stating the boundaries.
We repeat once more for clarity, the custom on planet earth is for an energy to be welcomed
before communication is established. An energy will make its presence known to the human
and the human will always have a choice whether to communicate or not. If the choice is yes
then that is established. If the choice is no then that is adhered to. However the human in
question must have established within their energy signature the rules they wish to be adhered
to. We guide ALL humans who are of a vibration that resonates to a level that energies are
now stepping forward to be aware of these galactic rules and to put them in place.
Clarity of intention is uppermost in all energetic communications and we guide for YOU to be in
the heart space at all times. YOUr mind may be confused and frustrated but YOUr heart will
give a clear signal to YOU if YOU are in TRUTH or not.
We wish to step back now but realise that our words may trigger and further guidance may be
needed. Please ask us directly if YOU wish further clarification and we will step forward. All
that is needed is the intention to work with only BEings of LIGHT at all times. BE of the LIGHT
dear ones for YOU are light. It is simple, but it is often overlooked. There is much that has not
been explained about the planet and how it works in relation to the stars and the greater
universes. More human channels will give more information in due course, for many are now
being contacted by the realms and asked to help guide the planet earth as all humans now
move into the new energies. Once more we state that YOU have free will. Many humans who
are approached to channel are still not in TRUTH for they have not cleared their traumas and
pain and are not able to state the words to the world. We send them much love as the time for
embracing TRUTH and the time for coming together as a race and supporting one another is
We guide that we are here with YOU, many still look to the skies but we guide we have never
left. ALL realms are with YOU at all times, as the memories come back they will step forward.
We guide the new is here to be anchored and worked with, to hold onto the old energies sees
YOU dream the old dream. We ask humbly that YOU dream the new dream and anchor this
for ALL on planet earth.
We are the High Council of Orion and we are YOUr brothers and sisters from the stars.
Remember dear ones, that is all that is asked of YOU as the new unfolds. Open YOUr hearts
and remember why YOU are here and who YOU are. For YOU are all children of the stars and
we welcome YOU home.
Channel: Karen Doonan

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