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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR SCAMTASTIC CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLATANS » Dave Schmidt » From: Dave Schmidt - October 7, 2016

From: Dave Schmidt - October 7, 2016

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1 From: Dave Schmidt - October 7, 2016 on Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:21 pm


Dave Schmidt
The Sedona Connection, LLC
The Sedona Connection Foundation 

  October 7, 2016


I wanted to give a brief update to those on the currency exchange list.  This update is going to the exchange list and not the general weekly newsletter list.  You have yet to sign an NDA, but please treat this letter with the same respect and do not post or forward this letter for our own safety and concern.  

Thank you once again to the thousands of new people who have signed up for this private exchange.  

If you are new to this process with Dave Schmidt and are still not sure why we are executing this exchange, go to this 11 minute You Tube video and it will explain why these funds are being released in this manner.

Click here for the You Tube video 


In the last update I mentioned about using the automated form to give an estimate of your currency to exchange.  That is not longer necessary as we have all the estimates we need at this time. 

The opportunity to join the private exchange is still open, but I do not know how long it will stay that way.  You may share the link below with friends for the sign up list.
This week I will likely start doing live stream through You Tube as well as the radio program on Blog Talk Radio.  The links for You Tube will be in the weekly newsletter as well as the radio program link.  Most of you listen to the program archived and you will still be able to do so with the radio.  The radio program allows you to download the program to an mp3 file to listen throughout the week.  Now you will be able to watch the program on You Tube.

If you have not subscribed to my You Tube channel I would encourage you to do so as more and more info will be coming through that source.  

My You Tube channel name is "Dave Schmidt."  Go to that channel and click on the "subscribe" button.

I am going to be doing more short updates via live broadcast.  If you are subscribed to my channel. you will receive an email notification each time I do a live message.  Each of those will also be saved on the channel to watch at a later time.

I encourage you to take the 2 hours each week via the radio program or You Tube post to stay in touch with developments.  The questions and comments from the callers are very helpful as they bring up topics that most of us overlook.  I have become swamped with questions via email and almost all of them are addressed on the radio programs.  Please take the time to listen to the programs before sending me your questions.  I wish I could answer all the emails, but the volume is now of such number that I can no longer answer all of them.  I will very likely not answer those that have been addressed on the radio program.

I am going to start doing more workshops as well, watch for the newsletter.  I have held back due to anticipation of the funds coming.  But, I also realized the value of having like minded people coming together to bond, develop wonderful relationships and learn from each other.  I love meeting with all of you and the workshops are very near and dear to my heart.

As to the currency exchange.  Yes, it seems like we continue to have delays after delays.  I am familiar with the reasons why but I am not at liberty to discuss those issues.  Trust the fact that all is well and is progressing.  It's important to remember this exchange was never originally about you and me, the moms and pops in this process.   It was about using large whales and corporations to move the money into the global financial system to honor the original Brettonwoods agreement of 1948.  

We, the regular folks came as an afterthought.  We have always been secondary to the process as being able to "tag" along if that is the term to be used.  This is no small potatoes deal, this is the largest financial transaction in the history of the human race.  This affects all the countries on this planet and changes the complete global financial system.  The funders/money people have to look at it from that perspective.  With something this large, there is great opposition all along the way.  While we are the ones who are the winners, there will be those of the old paradigm of power and control who are going to lose.

This is the first step to major changes in our global living conditions.  This will foster and bring forth all the new developments and industries we have been waiting for.  It also means the death to old paradigms of profit first at the expense of the people.  That means current industry structures will be outdated and no longer necessary.  Those are huge power base industries that have denied advancement for the sake of their profits.  Those are the old powers that be that have been fighting this all along the way.  The delays are in our best interest long term to make sure we have a safe transition to a new world.  If this is not done correctly or prematurely, it cold blow up and set us back decades.

But, the good news is we have never been this far.  We have never been to the point where multiple paymasters have said the money is in their bank accounts.  They are just not able to release it yet, but the news reports that is very close and a day to day issue.

So, what is the timing for you, those on this list.  Here is a preliminary step by step process, subject to change.

1.  Round 1 is funded, that is what is now day to day.
2.  After I am funded, I will send a preliminary NDA for you to proceed in the process.
3.  It will take about 1 to 2 months to set up the exchange process.  I am sorry this appears to take so long, but that cannot be overlooked.  I need to set up legal contracts with the buyer, develop your contracts, set up an exchange location, hire staff, etc.  Those take time.  But trust the reward will be great.
4. You will be sent the paperwork and contracts to fill out and submit to our processing center with a second and different NDA.
5.  Once your contracts/paperwork is submitted, audited and has no errors, you will submit your currencies for processing.  How you choose to transport them to the processing center is your choice.  You may use some form of post or in person, it does not matter to us.
6.  Your currencies will be verified, you will be sent an "SKR" (safe keeping receipt) for what you submitted.
7.  The currencies are bundled and sent to the buyer.  
8. Upon verification, the personal funds are sent to our accounts, then forwarded to you.  The project funds are placed in a master escrow account.
9.  Once you are paid, you will be able to start submitting your business plans for release of funds from the escrow accounts.  Do not ask me those details at this time and do not send me copies of your business plans or projects.  I do not have time to go through all of them.  Please wait until it is time to proceed.  We will give instructions at that time.
10.  Funding for projects will be an ongoing process for close to two years, if not longer.

Please remember, the release of the funds is just the start to the transition to our new world.  Our real work begins when we receive our funds.  Regardless of how you will choose to process your exchange, the total people are just a very small percentage of the worlds population.  We are the trailblazers to a new world.

Trust there is a reason you are here, trust this is a divine assignment to display how to live a life of 'service to others' vs. 'service to self' with great wealth.     


The Sedona Connection, P.O. Box 741, Sedona, AZ 86341

Thanks to DayStarNet at:


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