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NIBIRU News ~ Will Nibiru Influence The U.S. Presidential Election? and MORE

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Will Nibiru Influence The U.S. Presidential Election?

Never in history have Americans witnessed a more vicious general election than is being played out between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. In the past weeks, voters have been distracted by allegations of lewd and lascivious conduct, Putin-hacked emails, and a plethora of accusations designed to damage each candidate’s credibility. Despite unprecedented levels of global coverage surrounding Clinton and Trump, the mainstream media has willfully avoided a topic of interest that could derail Hillary’s campaign and fast-track Trump into the Oval Office; that topic is the looming Nibiru cataclysm.
As previously reported, Trump has pledged to abolish the Nibiru cover-up and alert the world as his first presidential act. He agreed to sign an executive order which would effectively supersede and rescind an executive order signed by Ronald Reagan in 1983—a document prohibiting any government official, person of power, or scientist with credible information from uttering the word Nibiru. Trump’s willingness to embrace a taboo subject shocked the world, earning him respect in the so-called pseudo-science and conspiracy theorist communities. To win the election, Trump needs more than women and African Americans to vote for him; he needs the Nibiru vote, especially in key battleground states.
The value of the Nibiru vote cannot be underestimated. America’s top conspiracy forum,, boasts over one million registered users—and countless anonymous users, a majority of whom accept the existence of Nibiru and are eager for the cover-up to be dismantled. When Trump was recently quoted as saying, “the shackles have been taken off,” Nibiru believers rejoiced, understanding his implied message.
Without their vote, however, Trump will lose the election. He faces a huge hurdle: Nibiru believers disdain elected officials and tend to sit-out elections. Trump must win their hearts and minds, and encourage them to vote on November 8th.
To gauge Nibiru’s potential impact on the election, this website contracted The Roper Company, a world leader in polling technology, to conduct a poll across all fifty-two states. Due to financial restrictions, we could afford only their “budget plan,” but statistical accuracy and integrity is nonetheless guaranteed. A strong emphasis was placed on battle ground states like Florida and Ohio. The Roper Company surveyed three random citizens in every state, to ensure an accurate sample base. Results were collected in aggregate, and the dataset checked for cross-tabulation, continuous variables, and population parameters. The results clearly proved that residents of some states favored Nibiru over residents in other states. Southern voters, for example, expressed keen interest in the dark star and its orbiting planets, whereas a majority of northeastern voters eschewed Nibiru and said that Trump’s impending disclosure would not influence their votes, with one geographical exception. Residents of Mayfield, New York, a small village in the Adirondack Mountains, adore Donald Trump, his policies and procedures.
Asked what he thought of Trump’s recent scandals, lifelong Mayfield resident Herbert Allen said, “I dun care about no tax returns or pussy talk. I wanna know about that there Nibiru.”
Our meticulous survey yielded the follow results:

As illustrated, Nibiru opposition holds a clear advantage over Nibiru proponents. Donald Trump must seize control of several key states to secure a presidential victory. Knowing that states like New York and California are a lost cause, Trump has tripped his campaign efforts in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, hoping those pivotal locations will propel him to the White House. A Trump insider, speaking under conditions of anonymity, said, “Trump hopes to win Arizona and Wisconsin. There are a lot of conspiracy theorists in those states who could help sway the election in his favor.”

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