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Who Are Modern-day Judas Goats? by TS Caladan

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1 Who Are Modern-day Judas Goats? by TS Caladan on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:56 am


Who Are Modern-day Judas Goats?
 by TS Caladan

What is a Judas Goat? The definition is a “trained goat used in animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and onto trucks. They have fallen out of use in recent times, but can still be found in various smaller slaughterhouses in some parts of the world.

          “Judas goats” have also been used to describe domesticated goats made to find feral goats that were targeted for eradication by hunters.

          The term was used during WW2 by crews of the “Flying Fortress” and “B-24 Liberator.” Worn-out bombers became lead ships and were brightly painted. They guided other aircraft into positions on strategic bombing missions over Europe and then returned home.

          More recently, the Judas goat reference means any type of betrayal. A few books have it as a title, for example:

          Perry Stone’s book is “The Judas Goat: How to Deal with False Friendships, Betrayals and the Temptation Not to Forgive.” “Betrayal by enemies is expected, but when it comes from family and friends you trust, it can be devastating.” “The Judas Goat makes a strong correlation between this goat and the people in your lives who are operating with ulterior motives…”

          The concept or usage of the term “goat” has changed over decades. It used to be if you messed up and blew the game [fumbled/struck-out], you were the “goat.” You were the “one who caused a great loss or failure.” Nowadays, GOAT is an acronym for the “Greatest of All Time.” Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have each been referred to as the G.O.A.T. or Greatest of All Time. Quite a turnaround from a player who’s flubbed the game away, wouldn’t you say? Wonder why?

          Was the original, bad meaning of ‘goat’ an implication of the “fallen angel” Lucifer? Once a pure and perfect Angel, but now a screwed up one?

          Could the recent turnaround mean something?

          Goats are everywhere. We only have to take the wool out of our eyes to see it. Insiders know, but we outsiders do not know until we make ourselves aware of secret symbols and images that are all around us and what they really mean. It has to do with Satan. Goats are symbols of the horned Demon and so are 5-pointed stars. Every one of those beautiful stars!

          Every bright, 5-pointed, Christmas star you see in Macy ads, in parades and celebrations or on AGT, Coldplay album covers or Beatles’ ‘Magic’ to official national emblems, printed on military war crafts, etc. and even 50 times on the American flag, is…

          …A MARK OF THE DEVIL. From cute Disney ‘magic’ or real sorcery out of Occult Witchcraft with blood sacrifices to Baal and rituals that honor androgynous Baphomet…

          The circled, 5-pointed STAR is always there and connects to goats and horned beasts and the Evil One. It connects to pentagrams and The Pentagon (where all wars are orchestrated) and worshippers of Black Magic that rule the world. Satanists are behind Oz’s Hollywood Curtains and ‘political curtains’ of Church and State [Vatican and the Throne of England].

          Wouldn’t you be surprised at what Satan did to all the churches? He built them.

          ‘Secret Societies’ expert, Jordan Maxwell, told me personally: “Behind every King, is a Priesthood.” It’s the reason the Ace [Occult Mystery Schools] is over the king [Royalty] in a deck of playing cards. Jesus didn’t piss off Rome; he pissed off the Church (Sanhedrin).

          Wouldn’t you be surprised what The Devil did to all the governments? He created them. Why was this done? (in theory) To have WAR and differences, to perpetually have ["1984"] conflicts, arguments, confusion and to always fight and kill. And steal our money. We’re made to never unify into a type of loving, intelligent society. Instead, we’ve been socially engineered to accept the Dark Side and not even recognize what’s good and moral and the right thing to do anymore.

          Devil’s Mark is stamped everywhere, brightly colored, sexy, sweet sounding and highly attractive. We do not have a clue what we are viewing in front of our foggy eyes by every Media available. Most people are “dystopians,” unaware they are "SHEEPLE" being led to slaughter!

Medal of Honor, the country’s highest medal of bravery, is a satanic symbol with a 5-pointed star that points down. It symbolizes Witchcraft. You’ve killed in “service to the Devil” or the State. (There is also a “service to the Church”). No Freedoms: only chaos and order. Dark, occult authorities would love to turn upside-down every (normal) ‘star’ such as on our flag. Although if every pretty, well-meaning, innocent STAR image were inverted to its true self, possibly some “brainiac” citizen might ‘crack the code’ and realize what the hell was going on here?

          Why does one receive a STAR on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame” for service to the Industry? They’ll make you a “star.” You’ll shine, have fame, fortune and many followers. Some celebrity icons have admitted on film, behind the scenes, in interviews: “I’ve sold my soul to the Devil.”

          Why is about every single star image we view 5-sided? Why not 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10-sided?  


          Who are modern-day Judas goats? Every propped up hero, pop star, musical icon, religious icon,  sports star, world leader, news-maker, TV personality, movie star or any type of famous celebrity. We’ve been trained to think entertainers, actors, those in the papers who get noticed are great and special people.

          They Tweet and like the (Angry) Birds or Pavlov’s Dogs we are, we listen and mindlessly follow their lead. We believe what we’re told. We are victims of ‘mob mentality’ and the Television and films and music and sports and Media sources. We do and think what the collective or Group Mind thinks. Or really what the Ruling Group wants us to do (for their best interests). Ask David Icke and others fully aware of invisible, social-engineering, spiderlike programs we’ve been under since birth and to this “New Day.” We’re lemmings. Whenever we see others using a product, buying a grey truck, going to war or throwing themselves off cliffs, we tend to do the same. “Safety in Numbers,” is the old expression. These days and more clearly than ever:

          We are manipulated and controlled to take absolutely the wrong actions, unnatural actionsand to think incorrectly, to think violently and be desensitized to mass violence. To always accept the reality of WAR or mega deaths. To praise the soldier and not the passive, caring person who would never be made to kill.

          Today few understand the ‘writings on the wall’ and see the slow darkening of our not-very-modern or sophisticated civilization. Few remember much better days. Bottom line is:


          Be very careful who you follow behind and what Goat you mimic. Try leading. Pick good heroes. Know your heroes before you idolize them and ASSUME you know the truth about them; before you use the products they use; before you dress like them and act like them. PLEASE know that you have been and are being modulated and molded from the sweetest notes of Beatle music to the chanting monks of the Dali Lama and to the latest “Isis threats,” etc. Everything (almost) is a commercial, a deception, a lie to sell a product or push an agenda. Just about everything is bullshit. No real art or real science. They’ve killed so much curiosity, wonder and innocence.

          Thank goodness, everything is temporary ~ and things change.

          A smarter, clearer path is to…

          QUESTION world leaders, religious leaders, the Pope, the “scientists,” kings and queens, elites, officials, politicians, the feds, NASA, the News Medias, newspapers, schools, universities, even so-called “whistle-blowers” as well as every “STAR” in a bogus galaxy of illusions. Watch who you follow. Take your blinders off and search for the complex Reality, under the simple surface. Look behind long-standing Curtains of Deception. See that the world they’ve presented to us is fake; important, historical, news events are fabricated; disasters are bought and paid for in advance and the Big Game is 100% rigged. You might be greatly disappointed to discover: What’s the actual truth to some of your favorite celebrities and famous people (you thought you knew)? You didn’t know them at all. You assumed you did. You’ve been LIED to; you are continuously being deceived, so much so...

          That we believe the Authorities aren’t lying to us at all.

          Hard pill to swallow that you were wrong or our parents were wrong and were very misled. Hard pill to swallow that we are not within a Free World…

          That we are slaves in “The Matrix” they’ve pulled over our eyes…

          That true History and proper knowledge are kept from us...
          That advanced technologies and Tesla wireless/electrical technologies are kept from us…

          We’ve already been to Mars, many decades ago. We’ve (they’ve) explored the universe far more than the public is aware. They faked the Moon missions we witnessed. They killed the Kennedys.

          Knowledge of ALIENS, Time-Travel and so much more is kept from us...

          That cures exist in off-world colonies and super-tech exists under the surface of Earth in incredible Deep Underground Military Bases that billions of people know nothing of~

          You wouldn’t believe the Truth. I wouldn’t doubt the fantastic; doubt the usual lies. Watch for clues. Search and explore YouTube analysts. NWO fascists will put hints to their dirty deeds and shocking realities in films (etc.) that we assume are sci-fi, jokes, art or various expressions. But insiders know. They’ll even TELL YOU the unbelievable and insidiously evil truth right into your face…and you still won’t believe it!  [Hiding the truth “In Plain Sight”].


          There is another side, a Dark Side, to the pretty/colorful/attractive things that TV never presents or ‘talks’ about. Sad reality about modern times: Negative corruption by Black Magic upon kinder, gentler times and people was always there, from the beginning of our country and long before that. But we’re made to not see it or view the dark devilries as the works of angels.

ps: Just a word to say (because of films, etc.) we are very familiar with "demonic possession," but the phrase "angelic possession" sounds strange to our ears. Why is it that we are quick to be "Devil's Advocates"? Yet, how rare that we are ever "God's Advocates."

The Meaning Of A Pentagram

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