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The Benefits of Meditation & How To Use It In Your Life, By Ben-Arion

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The Benefits of Meditation & How To Use It In Your Life, By Ben-Arion
Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article: http://www.AshtarCommandCrew.net and http://www.BenArion.com

I get many questions on Meditation, so I will explain how I practice it and enjoy it in my life, because there are a lot of good things to "harvest" within yourself, which will blossom as intuitive knowledge beyond thoughts. This is my personal view on Meditation and I want to share it with you.

Meditation is like taking an Elevator to different levels within yourself. It's a way of exploring the view and get to know yourself better. Have you explored all that is within you and questioned the daily thoughts that comes and go? Some of them may be based on fears.

Have you witnessed your own thoughts and emotional patterns? Notice that you aren't your thoughts, but they come and go, almost as they have a life of their own. Sometimes in life you explore the top floors of your Ego and sometimes you drop really quick to the basement. This is the "elevator" of life, it's like an emotional rollercoaster.

Be The Witness

Meditation is to become "the witness" of your life and know that you aren't a victim of outer circumstances. Meditation is all about going into that stillness, the silence in your core being, which IS who you truly are. You are not the "thinker", you are the awareness of beingness, the "I AM".

As a human being you have many layers of beliefs, expectations and fears. Life isn't a random play, it's a well orchestrated divine experience.

It is about Awakening to that you are so much more than you think you are. The thoughts you have are like a "recorded" tape that repeats itself untill it becomes a "personal truth". Your body will respond to this record tape untill you consciously decide to record a new one, but from your inner truth and not from someone else's.

Meditation is a way of listening to those tapes that repeat themselves and just see them as they are without judging them, because it is only by accepting things as they are that we can re-write our beliefs. You will learn to see and feel your patterns and be able to create a life based on Self love and higher truth.

Heart intuition will fine-tune like an instrument, and you will understand that you are infinite possibilities. You are expressing a part of "All that is" within this moment, a unique perspective, into which you will dive deeper and deeper.

Meditation is not about trying to think as little as possible, thought is a part of our life but we can understand where these thoughts come from through meditation. Thoughts have repeated themselves so often that they eventually control your life. We often have re-actions out of fear, but by practicing meditation, we can get to know the underlying reasons for our fears and actions. It is in that "split second" where you are about to yell at a loved one, that you can choose to react within a loving energy. You can transform one thought at a time.

Deep rooted thoughts cannot be removed in an instant if you don't want them to, but you can take small steps at a time. Love is the key and you are absolutely not alone in the process of awakening to your heart's true desires. Love isn't a fairytail energy that is for selected people, but it's a universal divine force which penetrates everything and all we have to do is to acknowledge the love we already have in our lives and it will grow. What you focus on will grow. Life is rich and full of things to appreciate.

A good meditation is to go into a state of gratitude. Let this feeling grow within you and continue your day.

A Natural State Of Being

Meditation will become a part of your daily life, because you will come to know that it's a natural state of being. You have endless knowledge and love within you and it's always available to everyone, in every moment. This is not just a statement which sounds good, but it's a reality. Your body will notice and connect with this inner energy of beingness and revitalize itself. Your body isn't just a "meat" package but it's an advanced Spiritual Vehicle which processes energy in many ways.

Do you know where you put most of your focus on today or right now, with awareness, or do your mind randomly wanders and traps itself in issues that drain your energy? You may feel tired or you may feel a lot of "outer" pressure from others, because you have forgotten to center yourself and speak from your heart.

As you feel more and more at ease with yourself you will start to honor your body, making choices from a deeper level within you, that come from inner truth. If you choose something from your heart it will benefit all.

The good thing with meditation is that it's so simple to practice. We can find our individual and unique style. When the mind becomes silent, for example when you have closed your eyes, thoughts may pop up like never before, layers of thougths that construct your personality. Have you ever listened to your thoughts as if they were a comentator voice seperated from you, like a separated entity? It's good to see yourself from another perspective sometimes. Thoughts are like a deep rooted program that is running, but your heart does not want to push you further than you can accept and handle in this moment. It may shock you.

Spiritual Awakening or practice is within every persons life, but we don't talk about it so much. People connect spirituality with religions, etc. but there is a spiritual awakening happening on this planet that goes beyond beliefs and religions. We all have a soul or energy that isn't dependant on the "physical" body, which resides in all dimensions at the same time.

We aren't our human bodies, we are the energy of our hearts. We can travel wherever we want to after this so called physical life and we choose to be here on Earth by "free will". The energy of the Soul or whatever name we give it, is eternal and is pure consciousness. The "soul" has self awareness. Do we live like we know this? Not at all times. We play the 3-D game and we have different beliefs about a lot of things, which are like "smoke and mirrors", that cover up the simple truth.

Change Your Inner Focus

Meditation will help you to clear the "smoke and mirrors" and let the sunshine in, that is pure consciousness and truth. There is nothing outside yourself that is truth. You are truth in your simple beingness, but this is hard to accept sometimes. We want to feel free and limitless, but we don't want to stand face to face with our fears, which is the key to know true freedom. We often turn away from our fears. Because we do not really want to feel them. It hurts and it awakens a lot of memories. We will walk through situations in our lives that will expand the way we look at things. Not all things are as they seem to be. Everything has it's reason for being.

You can tune into the moment. How do you feel, what are your thoughts? If you go into the moment and feel the simplicity of your being. Move your focus from the head down to your heart and the rest of the body. This is where the intelligence of the universe is, within every cell of your body, don't forget to connect with it. We live in a world based on the mind, and meditation gets you more into the flow of the heart and its divine unlimited nature. The foundation from which joy can blossom into your life comes from within.

Do you dare to let go and trust? Are you Ready?

Dive into the depths of your heart with the intention of releasing your fears and things that don't resonate with you any longer. You are not alone in your intention, you get more support than you can imagine. When your heart and mind begins to accept that there is a divine intelligence within you and around you, you can relax into the joy of being you more fully.

There is more to life than you can see, smell and taste. Meditation will broaden your horizon and connect you through your inner senses which will make you more aware of the energies that you cannot see, but feel. Trust is a huge part of meditation, because you will journey into the unknown. The unknown will benefit you, it's like a door into the "beyond knowing". Letting go of ideas, how things should be. This is where all illusion will fade away and you will only give energy to what is important to you. People will play the game of life untill they are tired of it and choose the way of the heart.

There is nothing wrong in being "unconscious", but there will come a time within your life where your heart will tell you to "wake up" like an alarm clock in the morning, where you wake up sleepy and almost want to go to sleep again. You may press the "snooze" button a couple of times, but in the end your heart will show you things that need to be looked at.

These things may not always feel pleasant or gentle, but there is a reason for this. It is for your highest good. Wouldn't you want to wake yourself up if you saw youself sleeping for too long? This is what is happening. It is a part of you that loves you and wants you to awaken. When the process of "heavy emotions" or "confusing thoughts" is stirring within, you can practice the simple act of meditation, being the witness. Don't judge yourself, just let the feelings go through you and feel them as much as you can. It's a process.

Much Of What You Want You Don't Need

Meditation will help you to access what you really want in life, because much of what you want you don't actually need. Getting to know your eternal inner self will benefit you. Meditation can be as simple as using your imagination more and more in your life. Getting stuck in repetitive patterns of thought and action, which come from resistance, will drain your energy.

Your imagination is like a long lost friend, which is the true source of Abundance and joy.

Whatever you can imagine, you can tune into and welcome into your life. It's like playing with energies that you cannot see, but you can feel. Imagination is not about running away from the "reality". In reality we aren't dependent on any outer reality, we can tap into our own inner source of wisdom and imagination, which will uplift all of your being.

We feel good if we have the freedom to create from our imagination and follow our joy. Many people have let their heads think to much instead tapping into their endless imagination, which in turn will open their hearts to a "deeper reality" beyond the physical senses. What we believe is what we see in people and around us, that's why we have to transcend our inner fears and limitations, to be able to shatter this state of being. We get hints, one at a time, that slowly open the pandora's box. "Truth is" and it will always be, no matter what people believe or think. Truth is there within every being on this planet, it's just a matter of choosing to "wake up", and that you are ready for truth to shine through you.

Understanding Your Fears

We don't always come somewhere with a "strong will", I've experienced this myself. Sometimes we just need to learn to relax and receive what we want. We may distance ourselves from what we want by demanding it into our lifes. My will is very strong, and I'm still learning how to use it, and I've discovered that what we want comes easier to us if we "let go" of what we want. That sounds crazy you may think. Non attachment is the key to manifesting.

By going into yourself through meditation, you may notice things you are afraid to lose. I've been there too, and I still have my own fears. You will experience feelings of losing what is most loved by the Ego, but you will understand that you can't lose life itself or what's important. The Essence of who you are does not need anything, because it is and has everything.

From this inner knowing things will manifest into your life, which spring from trust and love, without fear of losing something. We distance ourselves from what we want because we are afraid to lose it. This process is like "pulling" up the roots of a flower and let a "new" seed grow. Flowers are strong, they can grow through pavement, and so can you.

Some things may feel as "hell" or "Take me out of here, quick!" Yes we want to get out of our fears quickly, and we almost never want to look them in the eyes again, who would love to do that? That's why life sometimes forces us into a state of fear, which we can't "leave". We have to understand it, become it, and be it, to understand it. I've been there and meditation is the last thing you think about when you are in your worst fears. You just want to go to sleep and stop thinking. But your heart knows what is best for you.

Acceptance and Allowing

The ego will fight the fight, thought against thought and so on, but the heart will feel the "reason" for this, which is beyond the drama. It is the witness. You will feel so vulnerable and naked some times, that the only way out is to "give up". The mind is built to "try" to stay alive and analyze. In this energy of surrendering to life and your fears, your heart will release a vast ocean of acceptance and allowing. You will feel as if you are reborn.

It is through experience that we will understand the inner eternal nature, not through thoughts or beliefs. We often get stuck in thoughts how we want things to be, instead of seeing and being in life right now as it is. Simply by allowing things as they are will transform the energy of the "future". You cannot manifest what "you don't want" if you allow life as it is, because life will create through you and it isn't dependent on thoughts or needs. Life simply knows your soul and gives you experiences you couldn't even have imagined yourself.

You experience what you "don't want" because you resist the now moment. This is why you sometimes feel stuck, because you can't trust life as it is, you think you have to do or add something to it. Life is magic and meditation will help you to embrace this intuitive knowingness.

What you go through as an inner transformation will spread like wild fire, because you are interconnected with all human beings like in a spider web. What you "understand" will emanate through your heart and eyes, and it will comfort many people who is going through the same thing.

Shine, Shine, Shine and know that you are so much more than your 9-5 workdays and temporary dramas. You who read these words, have a choice to take care of yourself and honor your life. Why do you stay at a work you don't like? Why do you repeat all those things you know that aren't good for you? It's good to ask yourself these questions sometimes. I do that daily. What can I do today that brings me joy? What do I really like to do?

The Spiritual body, Higher self, Monad, Soul, energy, who you are, shines within you, and will become more "connected" to your physical self.

Life isn't a random "happening", it is a choice and a grand experience

Remember Your True Nature. Live Your Dream and Discover Your Eternal Heart!

Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article: http://www.AshtarCommandCrew.net and http://www.BenArion.com

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