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"Rainbow Warriors"

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"Rainbow Warriors" - Guest Post by Aotearoa

10:17:00 AM 

Entry Submitted by Aotearoa at 9:46 AM EDT on October 23, 2016

“I exist for those, for whom I exist”
- Anastasia

The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Are you ready Warriors of the Rainbow!

Are you ready to change the course of planet earth for the highest aspiration and greatest good of ALL.

Are you ready to expand yourself further than the confines of the Universe.

Are you ready to open your heart to the Light of LOVE that shines brighter than the light of the Sun.

Are you ready to co-create with your most powerful asset, your thought.

Are you ready to educate and awaken the masses to see themselves as Omnipotent Beings of Light.

Are you ready to embrace your true essence and liberate your full potential of expression.

We are the Guardians, the Keepers, the Healers, the Sounders, the Game Changers, the Everlasting.

Allow your magnificence to shine!

Inner Peace to all the Beings you have been in the Past.
Inner Peace to all the Beings you are in the Present.
Inner Peace to all the Beings you have yet to be in the Future.

‘Aroha Wairua Kotahitanga'

Love and Spirit in Unity

Thanks to:


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