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Anna von Reitz ~ American States and Nations (Trading) Bank — Part One & Two

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American States and Nations (Trading) Bank — Part One

Posted on November 2, 2016 by David Robinson  
  Anna von Reitz
The question has come at me from multiple sides for many weeks now— sometimes softly, and sometimes loudly, but the same question voiced in many different ways and even languages: “Our world is in trouble, because of crooks infesting and controlling the monetary system— what do we do about it?”
Before I can deliver my answer, I have to cover some basics.
First —- Money versus Legal Tender
The world has used many forms of money, but central to the definition of “money”, it has to have actual value as well as any symbolic value we attach to it. For example, the United States Silver Dollar (that is, our “United States”, not THEIR look-alike sound-alike version) is defined as a weight of fine silver. That is the actual “value” of it—the weight and the purity of silver.
In addition, because people around the world trust Americans (not citizens of the United States) to deliver the actual weight of silver in the specified purity, the United States Silver Dollar has also acquired a certain amount of “non-tangible value”. Given a choice between our United States Silver Dollars and coin from other places, many people would still rather choose our coinage because it is known to be a quality product.
That is what lawful money is—- an actual specifically defined unitary measure of an asset (an ounce of fine silver for example) with a brand name (United States Silver Dollar, for example).
Money is a commodity like any other.
Our actual money, our real coinage, has to be issued by our land jurisdiction government because it is an actual asset, as opposed to being a legal fiction asset. Lawful money is always a land asset and can only be issued by an actual land jurisdiction government —- not a corporation.
That is, the body having authority to issue our actual money is the Continental Congress which is an unincorporated body politic composed of sworn Fiduciary Deputies from every state participating.
The United States Congress represents our states in some strictly delegated arenas of international jurisdiction—-and it only controls “commerce”—-not “trade”.
Commerce is business conducted between incorporated entities— think GM, the Public Broadcasting System, and SEARS. Trade is conducted between living people and unincorporated businesses—think me and you and the Mom and Pop Grocery Store and Brady and Sons, Lumber Company.
The United States Congress as it is presently composed can only issue legal tender, that is, “commercial instruments” – such as bonds and letters of credit, as a result of its failure to operate with full commercial liability and its members’ failure to act as sworn Fiduciary Deputies of their states.
From the beginning, the members of Congress were enabled to operate in two roles— on the land as Fiduciary Deputies of their home states, and on the sea as Representatives of their home states overseeing the functions in international jurisdiction delegated to the federal government. Over time they ceased to operate as Fiduciary Deputies (See the 19th Amendment to their “Constitution of the United States of America”) and ever since have vacated the land jurisdiction side of their office, which is the Public Office.
That inability or unwillingness on the part of the United States Congress to operate in Public Office explains why all the “quarters” and other coins have been altered and “redesigned” and had base metals added to them to make them separate and different from our actual money.
Even the coins have been adulterated and falsified and made to look like, but not actually be, our money.
This is why no actual United States Silver Dollars have been issued since the 1920’s and the reason that the rats had to contract to use legal tender “as” money.
Their further agreement with the Federal Reserve Banks to rent the Fed’s private bank script at interest was just more pure gross corruption, greed, and disregard for their duty to the American states and people— a simple siphon or “conduit exchange” used to double dip and unlawfully transfer our assets into their coffers, with the Federal Reserve Banks getting a nice cut of the proceeds.
As landlords and sovereign entities and Protected Persons, we can fill our vacated Fiduciary Deputy offices and send our State Fiduciary Deputy Delegations to a Continental Congress in Philadelphia and they can lawfully issue United States Silver Dollars and take care of a great deal of the other long-overdue laundry list of work-to-be-done. We simply need to get busy, organize, and do it.
So yes, we already have lawful, asset-backed money and have always had lawful, asset-backed money in circulation and we still do have sufficient quantities of it in circulation worldwide. We can trade on the new Chinese IEX system tomorrow.
In the meantime and in the same vein, we are enabled to operate under Article X of the actual Constitution and issue, for example, “American States Silver Dollars” using new designs for the mint imprints.
That is, even though all “United States Silver Dollars” are ours, there is nothing stopping us from issuing other forms of asset-backed coinage and currency so long as we are willing to operate under full commercial liability for the quality of our product.
“Full commercial liability” in this case means that when we promise that each coin is a specified amount and quality of metal, it has to meet that standard and be that product, or we are liable to pay the difference and whatever damages result.
If your intent is to deal honestly with other people, there is no reason to fear full commercial liability.
So let’s get back to the actual, factual United States and recognize these foreign corporate interlopers for what they are, before the entire world. We are not responsible for what these British Subjects have done in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, nor are we responsible for what they have failed to do without our knowledge and consent.
The United States Congress now seated in Washington, DC is functioning in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as an incorporated commercial entity composed of elected representatives—– proxies, in other words. Not Fiduciary Deputies. Not able to issue lawful money.
Let me say it in another way, to make sure everyone understands it—-actual lawful money, for example, our United States Silver Dollars, are issued by the land jurisdiction government, our Continental Congress, acting in international jurisdiction under Article X— the reserved powers of the “states and people” in that jurisdiction.
The United States Congress operating as a foreign corporation can only issue legal tender—bonds, stocks, letters of credit, etc. That’s why they have issued all this fiat money and contracted to use private bank scripts instead of lawful money.
The Founders left them no other choice.

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American States and Nations (Trading) Bank — Part Two

Posted on November 3, 2016 by David Robinson
    Anna von Reitz
In Part One we discussed the difference between actual money, which must have actual value as a commodity in-and-of-itself and “legal tender”—- stocks, bonds, letters of credit, insurance indemnity receipts, etc.
We also discussed the fact that while the original members of Congress were enabled to act as either Fiduciary Deputies and convene a Continental Congress representing the land jurisdiction government under Article X (a public office), or, act as Representatives and convene a United States Congress to oversee the nineteen operations delegated to the federal government in international jurisdiction (a private corporate office), they in Breach of Trust ceased to operate the land jurisdiction office with the passage of the 19th Amendment to their corporate constitution called “The Constitution of the United States of America”.
Ever since then they have been obliged to operate on legal (fiction) tender and to issue look-alike but significantly altered coinage, because only lawful land jurisdiction governments can issue actual money.
We also discussed the difference between “commerce” and “trade”—- commerce is business between incorporated entities, trade is business between unincorporated entities including actual people and unincorporated businesses — and also unincorporated states operating as unincorporated body politics.
The American States and Nations (Trading) Bank is an unincorporated public bank operated for the benefit of actual people and unincorporated businesses and states.
Just as all the banks you are familiar with “presume” that you are operating as a franchise of the federal corporation and doing business as JOHN MAYNARD DOE, our American States and Nations Bank presumes that you are operating as an unincorporated free man or unincorporated business.
Just as all the banks you are familiar with presume that you are depositing and transferring and holding private bank script called “Federal Reserve Notes” into and out of your accounts, American States and Nations Bank presumes that you are depositing, transferring, and holding lawful asset-backed money.
After all, digits can represent anything and often do.
Do the digits in your checking account stand for Federal Reserve Notes or United States Silver Dollars or United States Notes? Nobody really knows or is held accountable for what those digits represent until you “denominate” them. You have a choice to act as a “United States Citizen” or a “citizen of the United States” or an American State National. You can use legal tender or you can use lawful money.
Since 1933 the banks have been assuming that everything coming into every account is Federal Reserve Notes. They presume this because that is advantageous to them both in terms of controlling the accounts and in siphoning value out of them—- but you can choose to denominate funds however you choose. This is the back side of the “dollar for dollar” exchange rate established by Congress in 1933.
You can write a letter to the CEO of your bank and inform him/her that all funds being deposited, transferred within, or transferred out of your accounts is to be “denominated as lawful money”— and in an atmosphere of bail-ins and seizures and bank closures, I highly recommend that you do so and send your letter via Registered Mail with a Return Receipt Requested so that you have proof that you have fully informed the bank.
This keeps the rats from seizing your assets under the false presumption that your assets are actually their assets—- their private script. It also keeps them from seizing your accounts or executing liens against them under the false presumption that the accounts belong to a public franchise corporation.
Or you can choose to do your business with a Trade Bank.
A Trade Bank instead presumes that all accounts are deposits of lawful money, so you don’t have to clarify your intent or denominate the nature of the contents of your accounts. They also presume that all accounts are private accounts held by living people or unincorporated businesses.
A commercial bank exists to serve entities involved in commerce — transactions between incorporated entities, like General Foods buying a fleet of vehicles from Ford Motor Company. Such banks are all private corporate banks being used by the public.
A Trade Bank exists to serve the needs of living people and small unincorporated businesses and associations. Such banks are public banks devoted to private use, but they are often described as a “Private Bank” because that’s who uses them—- private people, private businesses, private institutions.
Please note that this can be confusing. People assume that the big privately owned commercial banks are public institutions, because they are regulated—- or supposed to be, by Congress and “State” governments. In fact, because all these banks are corporations operating as franchises of one or another federal corporations, such as say, the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the only regulation they are under is the fox guarding the hen house kind. They are all heavily insured and none of them operate under full commercial liability for anything they do.
Trade banks like American States and Nations Bank operate under full commercial liability. They aren’t eligible to be insured by FDIC because they are not franchises of the federal corporation or any federated “State of State” organization.
Whatever insurance they provide depositors is based first and foremost on their obligation to operate under full commercial liability. They can’t steal, give away, seize, confiscate, or otherwise mess with your assets on deposit because your assets are known to be private property, not the property of public franchises. If they do, they and their owners and managers are all subject to criminal prosecution under Common Law and can lose every penny they have in addition to serving lengthy prison sentences.
This is radically different than the prospects for the corporate bank executives who can get away with murder— financial murder, paper murder— and skate away with all their own assets untouched.
When you stop and think about it, you will realize that the only reason to insure your deposits is that they can be lost, stolen, confiscated, or seized upon by the private incorporated banks and their own creditors—-and they are not liable for this, because they aren’t operating under full commercial liability.
They can plead bankruptcy and all sorts of other excuses and get away with it. The only institution insuring your deposits is in fact another corporation spawned by the same parent corporation that operates all these banks as franchises in the first place. So what do you have in actuality?
When the parent company folds it takes down all its franchises with it, including the franchises supposedly insuring your deposits—- so you get cleaned out, insured or not. It’s just another scam to make you think that these banks are safe when in fact they are not dealing honestly or responsibly in the first place and are not accepting even the burden of the Prudent Man Standard, which requires the operators of a Trade Bank to demonstrate that they have acted as a prudent man would act in the discharge of their duty as your fiduciaries.
Although they pretend otherwise, all these incorporated banks are in fact “at your own risk service providers” that are providing banking services as franchises of the governmental services corporations.
The unincorporated Trade Banks are the only true public banks in the nation and they operate under Article X as lawful rather than legal institutions.
When you elect to live as an American State National you will need and want to use lawful money. You will want the services of a Trade Bank—- but you will also have to identify your political status explicitly and you will also have to accept the realities of life and banking.
Yes, a tornado can tear a bank apart. Thieves can break in and steal. A hacker can break in, too, and steal important transaction and ownership records. Many, many things can happen and as a depositor with a Trade Bank you have to accept the fact that the men and women holding your private property in safekeeping are not God. They can’t guarantee against such eventualities. All they can guarantee is their own good faith performance and due diligence as faithful fiduciaries.
You also have to accept the fact that there is no insurance better than that— at least not in this world. The FDIC can’t insure your deposits against itself.
As a final reality, you also have to accept that Trade Banks by their honest nature, have to be paid for providing honest services. The big incorporated banks provide “free checking” and other services for free because they are making out like bandits using and abusing your “public assets”. They are being paid royally, via undisclosed predation.
Trade banks do not engage in such practices, so must charge fees for their operating expenses, employee salaries, and overhead. Trade banks are not in the business to make money and are organized as private international service organizations instead.
In an international setting, American Trade Banks operated under Article X are already enabled to participate in the new Chinese IEX systems, because they are already dealing with precious metals-backed currency and deposits of lawful asset-backed money. All they need is help connecting to the new trading platforms physically and in terms of training personnel, etc., and their depositors will provide all the capitalization necessary.
All those who have been worried about the lack of “United States” participation in these new BRICs Trading Platforms need only consider what the word “trade” implies, and the fact that the Federal Reserve Banks don’t operate in trade, they operate in commerce.
American States and Nations Bank has been organized under Sovereign Letters Patent as an unincorporated International Organization — a Trade Bank operated under Article X to serve as a “central bank” for the American States and Nations on the land jurisdiction of the United States, using lawful money, serving living people and unincorporated businesses and associations, including Jural Assemblies, the fifty unincorporated land jurisdiction states, and churches which have chosen to dissolve corporate affiliations.
Everyone needs to step back and look hard at the jurisdictional issues involved and ask—which “United States” are you talking about? The land jurisdiction government of the people, by the people, and for the people operated by American State Nationals? Well, then, that version of “United States” has always operated honestly and in good faith and uses very well-known international lawful money known as the United States Silver Dollar.
We may well get our Yankee Doodle up and issue either more United States Silver Dollars or issue American States Silver Dollars to avoid any further confusion of us and our lawful money with the British Subjects operating the United States of America, Inc., who have promulgated all this fraud and misrepresented their “Federal Reserve Notes” and other forms of legal tender such as “United States Notes” as “United States Dollars”.
Please note that that is “United States Dollars” as opposed to “United States Silver Dollars”.
Take a look at all the new money products they are offering, especially the so-called Rainbow Notes which have been issued in the same exact colors as the fake money in a Monopoly Board Game set. It appears that their arrogance, and in the end, their stupidity, knows no bounds.
Such money is not money, because it has no intrinsic value in-and-of-itself. It is at most “legal tender”—- I.O.U’s known as bonds, stock certificates, letters of credit, etc. that are being foisted off instead of money and hypothecated without consensually granted authority against the labor and other private and public assets of the American people.
The United States Congress as opposed to the United States in Congress Assembled has no ability to issue actual money and there is no hope to be had in wishing or expecting them or their central bank operated by the Federal Reserve to come forward and participate in new asset-backed monetary system. They can’t do it, for reasons explained in American States and Nations (Trade) Bank, Part I.
The American States and Nations Bank is a properly organized and ordained central trade bank, and with a little help, it can do all the things that the Federal Reserve cannot.

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