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Vedic astrology for the Presidential Elections!

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Hillary Clinton born, October 26, 1947 at 8.02 AM (rectified to 7:50AM), Chicago IL is a Libra ascendant


Serena1 -- Even though your analysis is very elaborate and detailed about how it all works in Vedic Astrology, there are some basic flaws I would like to point out in the predictive analysis of charts based on "Speculative / Uncertain Data". Now, one thing is for sure "We don't KNOW" that Chelsea Clinton is Bill and Hillary's biological DNA child. Given, if she is, being a FEMALE child, it wouldn't still be permanently influencing HRC or BILL from Chelsea's stars, planetary forces because a "Woman, always leaves the NATAL home and lives with a Husband in future, which Chelsea did and is continuing to do so." Her Chart having a "Raaja-Yoga" wouldn't mean HRC would certainly become the President. Rayajoya can be interpreted as many things but yes "Rulership" is a definite in that assessment. It could also mean a "Ruler in the family home". However, when it comes to a Masculine Chart, then the Rajayoga is CLEAR enough for someone to "Occupy a Throne". Now, I do have a serious doubt. What is the Bloodline relationship that HRC has with Queen Elizabeth? Or Zazabel? If that is true, then HRC will become the President by "Hook or Crook" hence, DJT's labeling her as "Crooked Hillary" is perfect! Now, all that set aside, the reality is, their STAR POWERS. Both do have very strong star powers (Nakshatra-Swabhaava). So, please tell me, what are their respective Nakshatras? And which Quarter are each person's MOON situated in? What other planet is sitting at the time of birth, in this same Quarter or Zodiac sign? That is the key to know more definitely whether HRC will become the President or DJT will.

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