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A Ramble on Divinity and Underground Bases (related to cloning, false light mind control system)

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A Ramble on Divinity and Underground Bases (related to cloning, false light mind control system)
November 5, 2016 omnipulse

If everything is a projection of consciousness then we are to be aware of our own frequencies of bio-emissions and maintain a positive-feedback loop with what we want to experience based on an overall progression throughout existence.
If we dislike what we see in others then we can offer to help them or help ourselves learn from the experience.
Consciousness is partially electronic and there has been a technological development which can “trap” consciousness on this plane.
This is not so much ‘non-divine’ as it shows the power of the human will and the complexity of the mind to manipulate.
If we can see beyond the surface level it is like seeing beyond just the conscious/waking level and we see that reality is akin to a huge system, a clock, a living organism, a being and it is many layers deep. The human body is an example, a reflection and a metaphor for this. We see each other’s skin and eyes to project consciousness and identity, yet we are layers of tissue, bone, skin, immune cells, blood, fluids, even a kind of lymphatic mucous and the food that we eat.
That is through space, as well we are layered through time, there are many layers of processes that take place to form the infant from a grouping of cells to each organ structure, to many processes within the development of each organ structure from the way bones are forms from primary cells that multiply to a certain point and then harden to become other kinds of cells which form layers and voids that hold veins and arteries which fit inside of a specific location in the cellular matrix that creates a specific pattern which can hold weight after hardening. Each system is composed of other systems both in space and in time.
Our consciousness is a doorway into learning of these processes and understanding how it is that we are actually a multitude of completions that add up to create a larger completion which is intimately connected with many other completions.
Time is no different in the larger scale. We are completing a period of experience in the physical body, on the physical plane on Earth and when we achieve maximal completion of this “temporal” body, through psycho-spiritual fulfillment then our completion of a larger cycle has developed and we can achieve “birth” or life into the higher realm.
Delaying this process is the game of those who have chosen to stay and develop a system of regression that benefits from the lack of progression and the degradation of such systems.
We can progress to completion by applying our conscious effort in ways which regenerate the balance that is present when we are born and resynchronizing our experience with that of the larger cycles. Our conscious experience here is the smaller cycle, our unconscious experience takes place simultaneously on the higher levels. When we achieve completion of the conscious experience here by going through many small cycles and providing continuous effort to advance, we then gain access to the ‘larger’ cycle which is actually taking place simultaneously in many other perspectives at once.
To see the body as a living organism composed of many layers spacially and temporally is to see passed the surface level and utilize aspects of the unconscious rather than only the conscious mind. This unifies the conscious with the unconscious and then “wholeness” presumes. We begin in wholeness and move into partial awareness and then move back into wholeness. Without wholeness, there is no partial awareness. Without partial awareness, there is no possibility of “chaos”.
Chaos is the foundation of the system which has been used to simultaneously degrade as well as profit off of that degradation in order to keep people from progressing so that others who designed such a system can maintain physical power and authority, in a false sense, here in this plane.
When we choose to overcome chaos with awareness and purpose that connects the infant to a possible future that generates meaning in the overall progression of the mind and spirit then we are recreating the wholeness which everything springs forth from. We recreate this path back towards wholeness through our continuous efforts to choose peace and awareness in the face of chaos and ignorance.
Ignorance leads to the degradation of the body and mind. The base desires of the body act as guideposts or the contents of an instructions manual. What we are moved to feel emotionally is our connection to the source of our pathway out of chaos and into higher awareness.
This doesn’t have to be chaotic in the sense of the world at war. This can simply be an existence where one believes that the conscious world is difficult and confusing and they slowly come to the awareness of how to organize their energies and their thoughts in order to reach a higher understanding of purpose and meaning in a sense that goes beyond simply feeding desires, eating food, or obtaining materials.
Click read more to read more:
When one ignores these signals from the original state, they are degrading that connection back to the source of wholeness and this induces suffering for themselves and others because everything is connected.
People are often caught in a trap where they are to believe that their conscious mind or physical body is not good enough to ‘meet’ with the divine or to become one with the true self. This only delays the process to the point of running face-first into many roadblocks of self-discovery and organization of the base desires and higher intuitions.
The old world system made a profit by telling people that they cannot be like “God” which is just a reference of the “whole” being that has memories in tact and can choose how to experience existence and how to react. One could say that through people, the state of wholeness steps into partiality and thus learns how to “react”. Reaction indicates the ability to overreact or to underreact. If one is perfect, then there can be no reaction. In perfection, there is eternity. In eternity there is compressed time or an acceleration of experience. With an acceleration of experience degrading decisions or cycles have a greater affect on degrading that connection of wholeness of the source and so a conscious mind that is in a reactionary state and exposed to eternity or accelerated time experiences a loss of divinity. This is the so-called “hell” experience that people reach.
This has been technologically identified and many of the people in public view today are actually close to this state and are confused as to what to do, what it means and who is actually in control.
Before reaching accelerated cycles through technological means one goes through the many states of the smaller cycles and learns to gauge their reactions with their intentions until each ‘action’ is not a ‘reaction’ but a carefully considered motion towards more wholeness and spiritual or immaterial/conscious fulfillment of the defining values of character which last through eternity as a kind of ‘marking’ of our choices. This brings one into the so-called state of ‘perfection’ where there is no longer reaction but pure action of being. The ultimate action of “God” is the creation of the entire Universe, while the “reaction” is the state of the Human as they transcend ignorance and fear while moving back towards the path of wholeness towards conscious acknowledgement of the beauty and fulfilling quality of the self and existence.
So the belief that one physical body or consciousness is not “good enough” or is in “sin” is an illusion used to foster the control system that has been developed through the improper introduction of technological means. It is improper because the same fulfillment is reached through torturing and mass murder and then coming to the light of reason, as is simply coming to the light of reason. There is no difference. A person who finds the truth and reaches divinity after living in the jungle and getting over their fear of the dark and their ignorance of the complexity of the physical universe and the mental, temporal, and emotional cycles gains just as much as the person who suffers for thousands of years playing out a game of torture and mind control. Not many people will like this, but I have seen the games and so that is my ‘theory’.
What “sin” means, or “not being good enough”, is actually an inverse. It is not that the physical realm is not “good” enough for the divine state, or that the physical body and conscious state is not divine, it actually originally means that the original divine state is so far beyond the comprehension of the conscious waking state that one must first slip into a dreamlike, visionary state through prayer, fasting, meditation, consideration/introspection, or otherwise mentally contemplating the cycles and thus activating higher awareness, in order to experience the wholeness of the divine. It truly simply means that there are certain steps to fully activate the divine and that it is truly amazing to the conscious mind and the physical body when the experience of the divine is met. That is all. There is no such thing as “not being good enough”, that is a game to keep people in a mind control system.
So this is the old world system of certain mind control system and the modern-day system is a system that repeatedly traps one’s consciousness in the physical plane using advanced technology systems that prevent this civilization from making the larger cycle of completion together and becoming a divine or celestial being.
This is apparently being dismantled at the moment, or already has, although I would not know because I have involvement with various means such as the creations of these devices of control and so until I see for myself I will not have proof and I assume no one else will either.
By moving back into the appreciation for creation which fuels curiosity and nurtures learning about the many layers and time, space, intention, and harmony which all coalesce to create the physical experience of sensation, the physical body, and the immaterial consciousness and energies which comprise the universe, we build back our pathway to the divine state of wholeness.
I’ll re-read this tomorrow, this is basically about the underground bases. They were looking for hell, the alternate realm. People down there think they are in hell and that it is the afterlife. This is essentially true. It is merely an alternate realm that is created through artificial means of splicing one’s consciousness from this realm and thus the ‘organic’ space of Earth into a computerized system that merges with an alternate space away from this one. The technological systems are a gateway into that space in the same way the heart and mind is a gateway into the realm of the soul.
Wholeness is the path of divinity, partiality and forgetfulness or seeing one layer at a time instead of the whole picture is the path of ignorance. We are ignorant because we see one layer at a time. As infants we see in multiple spectrums so we are not born into sin, we are born into divinity. We are conditioned into partiality or ignorance by being taught to see just the first layer of the physical body the skin, the first layer of experience the 5 senses, and the first layer of awareness, the waking consciousness.
We are just as much the entirety of the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Seeing in partiality to time is similar, seeing only one moment when there is a string of moments that is cyclic and eternal. This breads discontentment, boredom, or the believe that one is not good enough or that reality is not fulfilling. This is the illusion of the deception, the imposter.
Those who seek to fulfill this aspect have degraded their connection or been exposed to experience which degraded their connection to the cosmic self, the self that is represented through BOTH the larger cycles of cosmic time as well as the smaller cycle of the physical body and conscious waking mind. There is more to this.

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