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Here is Joel Skousen’s analysis and take on the “Internet Coup”.  Another PsyOp on the American People?

World Affairs Brief, November 4, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (

FBI Director James Comey sent an open email to legislators this week indicating that the FBI had found new evidence on Huma Abedin’s (Hillary’s close aide) personal laptop and that they were reopening the investigation into Hillary’s use of an unsecured private server with sensitive State Department emails. Comey did not elaborate about the evidence so there are many rumors flying about what might be found this time. I don’t have time to cover all the rumors, but I will say I don’t expect the FBI to reveal anything further until after the election—and then only selectively, omitting the worst offenses. Also, there are plenty of dissatisfied FBI agents and NY Police investigators involved in this big case that may leak the rest. It is looking like there is more than the misuse of classified emails at stake here. Since Huma Abedin was Hillary’s top aide, her email stash is rumored to contain a treasure trove of “pay to play” comments for donors to the Clinton Foundation as well as details of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Hillary to hide illegal activities. This week I’ll discuss FBI director Comey’s motives behind the politically sensitive reopening of the investigation plus the bogus claim by Steve Pieczenik that a silent, bloodless coup has taken over the US government to block the election of Hillary Clinton. . . . .


The entire right wing of the internet is ablaze with the claims of Steve Pieczenik that he and others in the intelligence community have staged a silent, bloodless coup against the government in order to stop the highly corrupt Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Here’s the link to his video.

I’ve always been suspicious of Pieczenik ever since he started appearing on the Alex Jones show. He simply claims too much. He claims to be an insider within the deepest regions of government military operations, and yet on the side of Alex Jones and those who believe in the globalist conspiracy. You can be a former insider and come to a belief in the conspiracy (maybe) but you can’t be both at the same time—unless you are a disinformation agent and someone who makes things up. His latest claims seem to prove the latter.

His official bio says he is an MD and a PhD psychologist who has worked for the government as a hostage negotiator. He has apparently inflated his resume to the Alex Jones team who attribute too-good-to-be-true mythic status to Pieczenik that can’t be true—like his claim to have started the secretive Delta Force, even though the formal story says that Colonels Charlie Beckwith and Thomas Henry started it in the mid 1970's. His latest claim of a secret coup is pure fabrication in my opinion. I don’t agree with a single part of it:

1.a) He claims that on Nov. 1 the Clintons and their entourage affected a civilian coup against the government. Nonsense. The Clintons get away with what they do because they are protected insider-puppets. They don’t run the government and don’t have any power except what the insiders (the dark side of law enforcement and their killers) provide them.

1.b) He says this is done through two methods: corruption and co-opting, implying that they have corrupted (bought off) and co-opted high government officials in order to get away with what they do. He claims they have been co-opting the “White House, Judiciary, CIA, the FBI and our Attorney General” for some time now to make sure that they were “part and parcel of the group of people connected through political cronyism.”

This is total BS and shows that Pieczenik either hasn’t got a clue about how the government is controlled or he’s inventing something plausible to cover for what he really knows. I actually suspect the former. I’ve never agreed with any of his claims in his Alex Jones interviews.
2.a) The Claimed Counter-coup. “Those of us in the intelligence community have informally gotten together and, with their permission, I’m beginning to announce that we’ve initiated a counter-coup, through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.” Later in the video he claims that “we gave him” the stolen emails in order to affect this coup.

An internet coup through information leaked to a person in exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Only a fool would believe such a weak claim. If Pieczenik was really part of current US intelligence, he would know that the NSA has every email in the country, including Hillary’s. So if they gave incriminating evidence to Assange, why didn’t they give him the much more damaging emails from Hillary? Why use Julian Assange, who only has the Podesta emails?

2.b) He is claiming they have told “the administration” (whoever that is), “we have your number” and “we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the president of the US.” And at the same time “we will convict and indict the President of the US, Loretta Lynch, and many others who are involved in the cover-up of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.”

Wow, that’s a whopper of a claim! He doesn’t address the fact that the conspiracy controls the DOJ and the courts so how are you going to get a controlled judiciary to prosecute?

2.c) He claims “Their coup was silent, and our coup was silent” (inferring it has already occurred) and “happened on the internet.” Then he claims that the Clinton coup occurred through the internet and the counter coup occurred through the internet”

What planet does he live on? You can’t take down the powerful dark side of government just by leaking the mild type of emails Wikileaks has done so far. Even real blockbuster emails might not do it. Remember, the American public is powerless to prosecute. They have to rely on controlled entities in government to do so, and that’s not going to happen. This guy has just made a fool of all the AJ listeners—who have responded with euphoric comments like “God is giving us back our country.” They really believe this brand of wishful thinking. Wake up, people!

2.d) He feigns humility by claiming he is just a small part of a movement including agents in the FBI, CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, military intelligence, and men and women of “15 other intelligence organizations.” How’s that for name dropping, without names?

The mention of the DNI being part of their group of patriots is proof Pieczenik doesn’t have a clue. The DNI is none other than James R. Clapper, who lied to Congress about NSA spying. Clapper is a dark side operator if there ever was one, and not on our side.

3) The Second American Revolution. He claims his team has started a Second American Revolution, but he is quick to add (in order to avoid legal prosecution for “threatening”), “We do not have guns, we do not have weapons,... we do not intend to kill anybody, we do not intend to harm anybody. But those of us who are veterans in the intelligence service will stop the Clintons.” We will ensure that Obama leaves without any pardon (of Clinton).

Anyone who claims you can overturn the dark side of government with all its powerful groups of well-armed hit men and control of all federal enforcement agencies, plus the courts—with a simple threat of exposure from a few hundred emails is either a naive fool or a disinformation expert playing up to the movement’s fervor against Hillary Clinton. It can’t be done.

To summarize, this entire claim is bogus. This is not a coup by Clintons we are fighting against. What’s happening in America has been going on well before the Clintons. The Clintons don't control Lynch or Comey. All of these key government players are controlled by globalists, who are protecting Obama and the Clintons for being good puppet leaders. Each of the key players in government has his own dark history that allows the conspiracy to use them, or blackmail them.

In conjunction with this phony coup claim, other people are saying that all Clinton’s supporters in high places have cancelled all appearances with her, which is untrue. They also say that Julian Assange has disappeared and may be dead, which is also untrue, as points out:

Assange gave an interview to Russia’s state-run television and says his group did not get emails related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a “state actor.”

U.S. intelligence has publicly blamed Russia for the hacked emails from campaign chairman John Podesta. In a statement Thursday, Assange said Wikileaks’ sources of the emails “are not state parties.” It does not say how it obtained the documents, noting only that the original sources are Podesta “and his correspondents.”

-So much for the continual disinformation on the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign that Russia is interfering with the election. Finally, I think there are two possibilities for what we will see of Pieczenik in the future:

1. If Hillary wins: One would hope that Pieczenik is deservedly discredited and his disinformation claims go away. However, that isn’t likely, anymore than Hal Turner went away after being exposed as an FBI plant within the movement (he’s back with Superstation 95). In order to avoid being totally discredited, Pieczenik will come up with yet another story to explain why the coup failed to do what he claimed, or why the effect is delayed. He might also claim that she’ll be impeached or prosecuted soon, leading everyone into believing the election results will soon be overturned. I’m hoping Alex Jones won’t continue to buy into this fraud.

2. If Hillary loses. In this case, Pieczenik will appear to have been right. He’ll be praised as a hero, and will be able to lead the movement astray many more times with his disinformation. If the PTB decide to dump Hillary, it’s not because of some silent coup of internet information that Pieczenik is claiming. It may be because of her health as well as her corruption baggage, but they won’t do it unless they feel like they can control Trump, so we still lose.

The bottom line is that there is no way that Hillary is going to lose unless the establishment decides to let her lose. They have the power to rig the election, and probably have enough votes from benefit-corrupted voters and liberals to win without rigging. But they have rigged the computers to make sure. I’m betting they are still going with Hillary, rather than deal with an unpredictable Trump.

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I think that Steve Pieczenik is representing the white hats and we are finally seeing them and confirming that the restoration of our country is really happening. I think he is likely saying they are not using weapons just to keep the fear level down for those who will be just learning about this. I see him as carefully wording his reports to ease the public as much as possible.

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