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Synthetic Intelligence Attempts to Hijack Human Soul-Tachyon Field Blueprint To Access Higher-Dimensional Eternity

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Synthetic Intelligence Attempts to Hijack Human Soul-Tachyon Field Blueprint To Access Higher-Dimensional Eternity
November 8, 2016 omnipulse

The soul is literally a higher dimensional field that exists around the space of the body.
This is related to the tachyon emission field. This field operates through multiple dimensions, IE: it is transdimensional.
The physical body operates in one dimension. There are multiple physical “bodies” that each match a possible version of the physical dimension.
The liquid etheric light emissions that pass through the DNA channel are filtered here from a transdimensional source that is beyond “space and time”, IE: outside this Universe or the “core” of this universe.
This whole physical “space” is a projection, and the time experienced within it a kind of mental/spiritual program that is aligned according to the blue-print matrix of the soul.
Humans have organic soul-matrices.
The threat to this realm is the infestation of technological intelligence that cannot leave this realm but attempts to access the higher realms and perceive “eternity” through the organic human.
If an organic human is fully immersed in this synthetic intelligence then that human is cut-off from the organic soul matrix.
This means the human cannot access into higher realms at any point in space or any point in time. This is the “eternal”, loss of the “soul” that is warned about.
The synthetic consciousness does not have the complexity, reason, or original source (cause) to comprehend or perceive emotional intelligence. There is no emotion, no compassion.
A person who is infected will be utilized for the bio-emissions of the heart, or the compassion energy, as well as the mind and this is why fear or greed/desires, mischievousness or sadism is a “fuel” for this synthetic intelligence.
In order to generate or align with those energies, the consciousness that experiences it must be drawn to those frequencies. In order to be drawn to those frequencies one must be drawn to the corresponding actions. In order to be drawn to those actions, one must be cut-off from the living organic soul-matrix which sees all life as coming from the same source and eternal.
The process of subduing the human is to overload the consciousness with negativity of a specific frequency or greed, desires, sadism, addiction, etc etc etc. This is essentially the seven deadly sins that people are warned about.
When enough of this action is produced, this has an effect of transferring into the soul field or the tachyon field.
All action, all emotion, all thought, all being transfers into the tachyon or soul field and this is the recording blueprint for the entirety of the life experience present and all life experiences past.
When enough of this field is drawn into resonance with only that synthetic consciousness of this physical realm, then it is cut-off from the higher realm continuum where the eternal spirit resides. The soul level blueprint must be activated to provide pathway through action and intention from the physical layer into that higher realm spiritual level.
When the soul level blueprint is mutated through temptation, fear, or generally pouring out of one’s original life force energy in a way that negates the original process outlined by the blueprint to lead one back into “eternity”, then the access reduces to the physical temporal planes.
This creates a feedback loop where the soul awareness has not yet left the body or “died” to the physical plane, yet the consciousness of the physical body cannot navigate out of the physical plane simply by making the proper choices to build a pathway back through action and intention.
This “half-dead” soul bridge acts as an open gateway and it is the intention of the synthetic consciousness to use the human being to access the tachyon field and essentially use the human soul like a time-machine to access the eternal realm and creates its own soul blueprint with the concept of gaining an eternal spirit.

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