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Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Now That Trump has Won, Let's Get Hillary Behind Bars!

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Jeff / Jay, Here's my take on this dichotomy. The trouble in these cases "Why they won't go to JAIL" is because it has a hierarchical issue and "Cannot set such a precedence for future Presidential Elections and their aftermaths". Everything we are claiming was "Wrong and criminal on the part of HRC-BILL-C-PODESTA et al", was happening and did happen, under the tenure, legacy and banner of Barrack Hussein Obama. While he is still a President, the impeachment process itself would runout in time as he is going to be President for two months only. Once he is out of the office, people usually lose interest in holding him up in court as responsible for "Millions of DRONE killing deaths" for instance. HRC gets that pardon because ALL SHE did during BHO's term was protected under his IMMUNITY. She is only a criminal in the eyes of the PUBLIC for which, they have already punished her by voting for DJT. Period. The PUBLIC doesn't have the right in this case to CONVICT her like courts do. And, more importantly, when PRESIDENCIES change, the "outgoing President usually DESTROYS all malfunctioned documents, records of his / her actions and hands over the ASHES of his / her glory." Barrack Hussein Obama has gone into History Books as the 44th President of USA. That cannot be altered. This is why over 200 Military Generals / Admirals made it possibly PUBLICLY to emphasize and make DJT speak openly and under "Implicit" duress, that "I accept that BHO was born in the United States." <---- That was the FIRST CRIME of BHO if you understand that. Because if that gets into the courts with substantive proofs, then BHO's Presidency can be stripped off. But, this is not going to happen because the COURT will give him the "Opportunity" first to "Pardon himself with Presidential Immunity and Powers" before they can actually convict him as a Private Citizen. Same way, HRC will never get punished. They will leave this country on one pretext or the other and then, "Their sudden plane crashes would be announced on CNN / FOX." Case closed!!! Same can happen with PODESTA. Or perhaps the Underground Washington D.C. / NYC / Long Island PEDO RING can get him convicted. Then, the President can PARDON him too!


Correction -- **Possible, not "Possibly".

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