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About tomorrow’s enormous, portentious Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon . . .

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About tomorrow’s enormous, portentious Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon . . .
Posted on November 13, 2016 by Ann Kreilkamp
This morning, housemates Brie and Dan asked me, “What time is tomorrow’s Full Moon?”
“8:52 AM,” I growled; and then, with a dramatic grimace: “AND IT WILL BE EXACTLY ON MY OWN NATAL MOON.”
So yes, I am very aware of this coming Taurus Full Moon, or, we should say, this upcoming “Taurus/Scorpio” Full Moon. Like all Full Moons, it stretches from horizon to horizon, the Sun coming up just as the Moon sets — and vice versa. Both tonight, and tomorrow morning.
Brie took a picture of me yesterday, working in the garden, using a heavy cutting tool to widen the paths by digging out the edges of the beds. I posed, grinning. And my stance here, is hmmm. . . shall I say, indicative of the fierceness I feel?

YES. A decided yes. No matter what the (Soros-funded?) mob of Trumpsters and anti-Trumpsters do to swastika our beloved country, we must rise up to a vigilance that surpasses any of our previous efforts. With all three branches of government in Republican hands, sustained and continuous attention and action will be required of all of us who choose love over hate, courage over cowardice.
There is no middle ground, it’s do or die.
This upcoming Full Moon, famously the closest and biggest and brightest since 1948,

will test the emotional mettle of all of us, especially those whose natal planets interact with the Moon/Sun’s position at 23° Taurus/Scorpio. Can we remain centered, hold our own ground (Taurus) while simultaneously allowing ourselves to experience the massive and conflicting torrents of feelings coursing through the collective unconscious (Scorpio) without choosing to act them out or project them onto others? 
Be in nature. Dig in the garden. Hug your dog. Hug each other. Hold on and don’t let go. At least for this little while.
But it will be exceedingly difficult to “hold on.” Why? Because this Full Moon also happens to be in an exact inconjunct (150°)/semi-sextile (30°) triangle with Eris/Uranus, that great background conjunction that defines this era, and that engenders the overwhelming sense that the old order is being blown apart, both inside us and out, via wild, unpredictable events that erupt without warning, and destroy any remaining vestiges of what we fondly thought of as our separate “identity,” our civil “self-image,” both as individuals and as a society.  Those images are not just loosening, they are fracturing, shattering into a million shards, while we, blinded to all but our screens, walk like zombies into the apocalypse.

Or not!
Rather than utilize the wild unruliness of Eris/Uranus to break us even further apart while distracting our focus into smaller and smaller simulacra, let us return to the vast unbounded Earth, for she alone can heal us. She alone is the soil from which we arose, and will return. Did you know that the word “human” comes from the Latin “humus” and means soil? Never forget that fact. Never forget your own body. That material form that your soul is utilizing in this life holds the wonders of Earth’s mysteries within. Tap into her. Allow her to fill you with the wild energy of creation. Become an Eris/Uranus CREATOR being! And to do this we must step through this Full Moon portal, this extraordinary moment when the Moon looms so close and huge and bright that she might crash into Earth. The Moon symbolizes one’s own emotional and subconscious memories, from childhood, from way way back. How they inform us, how old stuck grudges distort our bodies out of their natural alignment with Earth. Let go let go let go. It’s time.

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