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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » NIBIRU, PLANET X & 9 » NIBIRU News ~ Former USGS Climatologist: Nibiru Caused New Zealand Quake plus MORE

NIBIRU News ~ Former USGS Climatologist: Nibiru Caused New Zealand Quake plus MORE

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  • November 13, 2016

Former USGS Climatologist: Nibiru Caused New Zealand Quake / Tsunami
Former USGS Climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge says that Nibiru is responsible for the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck New Zealand just after midnight. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused widespread damage, forcing thousands of frightened residents, including small children, to flee their homes for higher ground as emergency services warned of destructive waves of up to 50 meters in some areas.
Earlier this year, Dr. Trowbridge broke ranks with the USGS to warn the world about the forthcoming Nibiru cataclysm. He stated that the USGS has colluded with the White House and foreign powers to conceal Nibiru’s existence until the last possible moment.  A week before Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Florida and North Carolina, Dr. Trowbridge accurately predicted that Nibiru’s influence would cause the storm to strengthen, spin counter-clockwise, and strike the southeast United States, not spin harmlessly out to see as other forecasts at that time had predicted.
“This is a terrible time for life on Earth,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Nibiru is nearing our inner solar system, and with each passing day it more and more threatens our existence. I’ve tried to warn people, dammit, I’ve tried to warn people, but they just won’t listen. As soon as I heard about the earthquake, I made some phone calls and begged that a tsunami warning be issued. I knew the loss of life might be catastrophic if people didn’t seek higher ground. This is a terrible, terrible thing to happen. Like I’ve said, this is Nibiru season.”
At this early hour, the full extent of damage has yet to be ascertained.  The US Geological survey has not ruled out additional tsunamis affecting coastal regions. Sonar buoys—used to detect size and strength of ocean movement—in the South Pacific indicate that another gigantic wall of water might soon strike the North Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South Island.
Following the quake, New Zealand’s emergency services dispatched helicopters, medical personal, and specially trained big dogs to search for survivors near the quake’s epicenter, northeast of Christchurch, where in 2011 a magnitude 6.3 quake killed 23,000 people. Although there were no immediate reports of Death, Dr. Trowbridge asserts the potential for catastrophic loss of life.
“I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this quake and wave killed hundreds of thousands,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “The governments are always wary of releasing these figures—they don’t wan’t to scare people. And, historically speaking, they lie about causalities. We know, for example, that on that fateful day in New York City, many more than 3,000 people died. According to my sources, as many as 26,000 may have perished, but the government and the 911 commission have hidden that fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that happens in New Zealand, today.”
Eyewitness testimony bolsters his assertions. A woman living in Takana, New Zealand, at the top of South Island, said she saw bodies floating in the water after the first wave came ashore.  Usually reliable sources phoned in a report about “many bodies” buried beneath the rubble of a collapsed building in the coastal tourist town of Kaikoura.
“New Zealand must prepare for the worse,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “It’s been long established that Nibiru will be first felt in the Southern Hemisphere, and this seems to have been proven correct. Given Nibiru’s proximity and position to Earth, events like this will increase tenfold in the coming months. The world, as we knew it, has changed. Nibiru is here.”

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