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Dark matter, dark energy: the 5th force and the quintessence

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Dark matter, dark energy: the 5th force and the quintessence
November 14, 2016 · Christian deBlanc

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Matter is energy cooled to a slow vibration. Vibrations of energy, like tiny, invisible strings (according to String Theory) help to shape matter through the inter-relations of the four cosmic forces:  Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, Electromagnetic and Gravitational forces.
That being said, matter is observable. We cannot always identify its mass and sometimes its velocity eludes us; but, we typically know what we’re looking at, even if we’re using a telescope or microscope. Of course, the whole nature of this Web site is that we don’t know what we’re looking at and the reason we’re looking for it is because we are just trying to survive. Understanding our environment has always been our goal so that we can lessen anxiety about reproducing and sustaining life.
Right now, the jewel in the crown of science is to amalgamate the four forces into a theory (like String Theory) so as to explain both the Newtonian and the Quantum levels of theory expres​sion(i.e., reality)—a true theory of everything (except God, I suppose).
However, the thorn in our side is the fact that there is more observable dark matter and dark energy in the universe than there is visible matter and visible energy—strange findings indeed.
Some researchers have suggested that we need to postulate a fifth force in physics to assimilate dark matter and dark energy into our worldview. Theorists have asked, rhetorically, “Has a new 5th force of nature been found?
The article admits that what the team of researchers in Hungary found was a “protophobic X boson,” a tiny particle similar in name and size (presumably) to the Higgs boson supposedly discovered by CERN in Switzerland.
Regardless, what science has revealed to us in the past 30 years is that 85% of matter in the universe is dark matter. Scientists have found “dark photons,” “dark energy” and “dark matter” all relatively recently—relatively speaking. I suspect that all of this darkness is just a reflection of our own perception. Black is the collection of all colors. I suspect, like Blake said, “If the doors of perception were opened, the mind would perceive everything as it truly is, infinite.”
If anything, the fifth force is consciousness—mind, spirit, energy—intertwined using the four cosmic forces into intelligent being. Consciousness depends on the quality of mind, quantity of energy and capacity to harness the spirit. Most of the matter that we see is the real “dark matter.” Most of our energy is “dark energy.” Smoke and carbon seem like dark matter to me, not that there is anything wrong with carbon dioxide—carbon taxes notwithstanding.
We need to understand that the true quintessence is our consciousness, which is transcendent from the body. Spirit is an actual quality. Mind is an intermediary. Energy is the forces working in harmony. Consciousness is the synchronicity of life. Centripetal and centrifugal actions are the interblending of the strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces while electromagnetism and gravity weave the mind and body together. Karma brings the healing and justice that our bodies and minds need through reciprocal relations. These relations cut across time and space because consciousness taps into a grid of sustained spirit creation that is the realm of God or the Kingdom of Heaven. There is our reward.
Our cup runneth over when the pineal gland receives its fresh supply of blood and oxygen without stress. Most of Jesus’ secret message was about this—being reborn religiously. I prefer to discuss plasma as the fourth state of matter, rather than discussing a fifth force—but that is my bias. I go back to biology and I want to understand why Jesus said, “The Kingdom is within you and without you.” Why would he say, “To him who has, more shall be given, but to him who has little, even that will be taken away”? Harsh words and yet there must be a spiritual law behind it. What is it?
It is the law of reciprocity—karma—“you reap what you sow.” In a dimension (one of many dimensions) beyond time and space, every hair on your head is counted. Reflection is the measure of reality—we reflect our true feelings without knowing it—outwardly. We receive a complement or a supplement to our feelings. Dark matter is higher vibrating matter. Dark energy is higher vibrating energy. Most of the universe is vibrating at a higher rate than our consciousness is currently occupying.
We need a simple way of fusing religious understanding and scientific wisdom. I think that physicist Nassim Haramein’s holographic fractal universe model is the most accurate around.
This view is not fundamentally different from the vortex theory propounded by Newton and Blake. We are all white holes and black holes, simultaneously sending and receiving in Haramein’s view.
The expanding portion of a black hole takes the shape of a sphere and is called a “white hole,” describing its repulsive and radiating nature. The black hole then is actually a concentric black hole/white hole (also dubbed “black whole”), where the imploding black hole is inside the simultaneously-expanding white hole. These radiating white holes and the energy dynamics that occur around them are what we perceive as atoms, stars, planets and such. At the center of the topology is the literal “hole,” the point where extreme curvature collapses toward infinite density, or singularity. At this point, all forces in the space-time manifold meet in perfect symmetrical balance, creating thermal equilibrium and the appearance of a vacuum—absolute stillness—centering the system with a relative center of rotation, much like in the eye of a hurricane.
If you’re wondering what the fundamental hologram is that is reproduced in quadrillions of fractal representations throughout Creation—it is a double torus—aka a double doughnut.
In a fractal-holographic universe, all things can be understood as “black holes.” All things are centered by singularity: atoms, planets, stars, galactic nuclei, quasars, universes and even biological cells can actually be understood as black hole-type structures, or singularities, of various sizes. To better understand this perspective, we must look deeper into the black hole dynamics. Here we learn how the universal topology of the rotating dual torus actually generates the various structures we see in the cosmos, from atoms to planets, stars, galaxies and quasars and so on.
To the right is a look at the double-toroid counter-rotating in order to produce electromagnetic, gravitational, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces simultaneously.
This version almost reminds of “wheels within wheels” that Ezekiel saw. Or a doughnut within a doughnut. Remember that the inner tire is rotating a different way from the outer tire. Maybe if the Bible said that Ezekiel saw “tires within tires,” it would be easier for us to visualize. Either way, here is the “thing in itself” standing still.
If you want to see yourself within the tree of life made by these counter-rotating doughnuts of creation, then look at this image.
We are the light that is hidden.


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