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District of the Damned by TS Caladan

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1 District of the Damned by TS Caladan on Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:57 pm


District of the Damned

 by TS Caladan

[Author’s note: To appreciate my story, you’d have to be familiar with the film: ‘Village of the Damned’].

One planet in the ultraviolet spectrum was called Tur’Ra. The other in the infrared was called Terin. Each planet vibrated at different frequencies and were unaware of the other~

          Tur’Ra and Terin, a ‘color’ spectrum away, were an example of parallel planets. Each planet was approximately 8000 miles in diameter and had more oceans than land. Each planet had a single satellite. Both worlds had millions of human-type natives upon the surface.
          The parallel planets had no wars among the inhabitants. Disputes were always settled intellectually and nonviolently. Natives of Tur’Ra and Terin had no armies, weapons, defenses or need for such barbaric and insane tech: tech that always led to death, destruction and even total annihilation in the history of some worlds. Most life forms over wide spectrums of vibrations were creatures of peace and the twin planets of different frequencies were no different.
          Both planets, independently, developed human minds to a very high level where they moved objects, read thoughts and ‘remote-viewed.’ Turas and Terins sent out ‘katras’ or consciousness the timeless distance of light-years and explored other planets frequently. Spaceships were not necessary. People of both planets were restricted. The Turas observed and experienced only universes in the ultraviolet range. People of Terin only viewed and experienced infrared realms. Each world contained psychic beings with a bright glow in their eyes.
         Both planets independently developed similar ‘social experiments’ without governments or countries. People lived within thousands of ‘Districts’ or mega metro-cities that were on the order of successful franchises. The same civil system was repeated again and again in separate but connected ‘grids’ that covered both planets. Each District had everything from power to education to health to technology centralized. Turas and their unknown Terin counterparts were content.
          Scientists and leaders believed their world was safe and securely hidden from the rest of the universe. Few inhabitants imagined, that for the first time in known history, they were about to be INVADED. The real surprise was the fact that the invaders were from an unseen, third planet right ‘next door.’
          One day begun as any day with brilliant sunshine through shades of various violets in the skies of one world and different red tones in the skies of another…
          I had an odd dream last night, Nander thought to his delicate wife under purple skies and white clouds. It was frightening, horrible…
          Tell me, Iaya thought in a concerned reply.
          Something, suddenly, was wrong with the children.
          What children? Our children to come?
          Nander told her with his mind: No, well, YES. Also nearly every child in our District. I saw something terrible, a future…a dark future where they…
          Iaya held onto her life-mate. What?
          They, they were…I don’t know how to express it. Hundreds of children born…degenerate.
          How do you mean, Nan?                
          Awful handicaps. They couldn’t do normal things we do so easily: Think, broadcast, send our minds, see other places and move objects…
          She asked, You mean like we’ve seen on underdeveloped planets?
          Exactly. Some communicated with mouth-sounds, grunts. Languages? Primitives that had to write to communicate? Hardly an awareness...
          It was only a nightmare, she assured her husband.
          Of course you're right, Iaya. Forget it. It was nothing.
          Days later, a kind of secret ‘invasion’ happened within an extremely large portion of District 23.8, the grid-unit where Nander and Iaya lived.
          Without warning, every Turas inside a circular area more than 10 miles in diameter…lost consciousness! Whether they were in schools, in rejuvenation centers, in homes or in physical transit to other places on Tur’Ra…
          Men, women and lower animals came under the influence of stasis for more than an hour.
          District 23.8 was completely cutoff from other metro-cities and territories that surrounded it. No one from outside received even the faintest telepathic thought from the unconscious inside the circular ‘dead-zone.
          More bizarre events were ahead: When unaffected Turas of the ultraviolet planet walked within the dead-zone, they too, inexplicably, lost sensations and went into a stationary state.
          Scientists were brought to 23.8. They marked the exact outline of the ‘infected’ square miles of land with volunteers. Turas, willingly, marched into the prime portion of the ‘diseased’ District and ‘fell’ to unconsciousness in order to aid the scientists and help the people.
          What the hell happened to this particular grid-unit?
          More weirdness occurred when 1.3 hours after the strange event: The contacted, touched and infected natives came to their senses. Precisely, 222 men and women ‘woke’ from stasis and resumed normal lives. Very few destructive incidents resulted. Minor problems were remedied and life under purple skies continued. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, until…
          One month later, every fertile woman of 23.8 became pregnant. Outside of only a few exceptions, the pregnancies were totally unexpected and even ‘impossible.’ Turas were wise enough not to blame their mates or families for indiscretions. They understood the ‘damned,’ in a sense, were victims of a profound and extraordinary phenomenon.
          Authorities knew just which women were affected because the pregnancies were traced back to the same moment in time a month earlier.
                    A very different ‘story’ or set of events happened a spectrum away on their ‘sister planet.’

          On the world of red skies that vibrated at another frequency, the ‘dead-zone’ of outside radiation in 23.8 did not force unconsciousness. No one collapsed in mid thought and action. The effect from beyond [?] went entirely unnoticed. A large number of pregnancies took place (66) in District 23.8 of the infrared spectrum at the same time, but the news went unseen by Terins.

          Are you worried? Iaya asked her husband as she rubbed her expanded tummy.
          The light in his eyes was a bit brighter. Nander smiled, held her shoulders and looked directly into her beautiful face. You know we’ll love Vadiv and raise the child the best we can. Ia, you know that’s true. His thoughts comforted her fears, but only to a small degree.
          But. Your dream, Nan? Don’t you remember? What if…?
          It was only a dream. He expressed her thoughts from before.
          She smiled and knew that whatever happened in the future, she was not alone.
          Iaya was soon to give birth.                                                              
          Three months after the ‘Event,’ 66 women attempted to birth children. The result was only 6 ‘special’ children and only 6 mothers survived the unusual and painful quick-births. Sixty mothers lost their lives with delivery failures. The children with no bright light in their eyes consisted of four healthy boys and two healthy girls.
          One of the newborns was named Vadiv. Iaya had survived.
          A different version of history happened on Terin. It was unbelievable, barely communicable. Unexpectedly, Terins acted out of a brand new feeling. The feeling was FEAR. When the truth was realized, District Authorities caged 69 newborns who had no glow in their eyes. Tests showed they were examples of ‘arrested development’ without a trace of ‘midichlorians’ that newborn Terins had in abundance. A locked enclosure or Monitor-Station surrounded the babies as if they were diseased or dangerous prisoners: a new concept only seen on other planets.
          Mothers survived the quick-births. Each had a single child with the exception of three who had twins: 46 males and 23 females.

          On Tur’Ra, the ‘special’ six developed a secret ‘speech’ language between them over the years. The audible communication changed, conflicted and was not understood by the best scientists. Scientists and the general public ‘heard’ the words of the youths, but had no context to their meanings. Yet the boys and girls comprehended each other perfectly.
          [The same parallel situation occurred with 69 special, ‘talking’ youths on Terin].
          As the affected children grew at a rapid rate, their hair darkened. The brightness of youthful hair turned toward the darkness in their eyes.
          The Turas never sensed the youths as threats. The four boys and two girls were three years old, but appeared ten years of age. They were never confined because of public concerns/fears or taken from parents. The dark-eyed youths moved and acted freely among District inhabitants, while always supervised.
          Other ‘normal’ Turas children who were not known to be illogical or cruel, often alienated and ridiculed the six. Some bright-eyed and brilliant youths treated the ‘retarded ones’ as little more than animals. Problems that never existed previously in society were common affairs because of the odd 6 from District 23.8.                                                                 

          Inside the dome home of Nander and his loving family, he transmitted: Iaya, Vadiv…you, or I should express WE…are, are very have an opportunity like this…
          Young Vadiv played on the floor in the center of fantastic constructor-toys that should have inspired creative minds. The brown-haired boy turned to his white-haired father and mother. The boy certainly did not understand his parent’s thoughts (reverse was true) and only smiled gently up at his parents.
          Iaya responded, Nan, are you expressing: embrace a unique experience?
          Of course, Ia. Don’t…?
          Don’t fear? Don’t fear the unknown? Was that what you were going to transmit?
          Nander confidently expressed, There’s nothing to fear. He turned and looked down at his son. What do you have there? Oh. The man moved closer and inspected what Vadiv had built with his super toys. It’s a…HA! And a…
          Mother joined in the laughter.
          Vadiv created an airplane with wings and a ground vehicle with wheels.
          Nander thought to her, That’s so interesting. But how do I tell him we don’t use simple things because of our electro-magnetic? Ha. Never mind. Where did he get the idea? Marvelous.
          Iaya laughed harder and covered her mouth.
          The parents were awed. The good feeling was contagious. They laughed together as a family.
          Before the positive vibrations faded away…
          Both parents sensed a new fear. They quickly turned toward something very bad that stood at a far distance and then looked at each other. They could not believe what was realized and WHY.                                                                

          On Terin, under red skies, far worse tragedies occurred: Sixty-nine dark-haired, dark-eyed, slow, rebel youths staged a coup against their ‘jailors.’ They ‘murdered the guards’ and took control of the Monitor-Station. The (now older) ‘children’ pulled off a bloody massacre with “spoken” plans in a surprise attack that the psychic guards had never expected. Violence or the choice of murder was a great unknown to both worlds of the ultraviolet and the infrared.

          We have to face facts, Ia.
          A catastrophe of such proportions on the other side of District 23.8 was viewed by the Turas: The first murder that had ever happened on Tur’Ra had happened! A shocking singular murder. Everyone from the planet of violet skies sensed and felt when one of their people was killed…
          At the hands of two of the special six.
          Few inhabitants accepted the awful truth and many were blocked from psychic view. District Authorities ordered a ghastly ‘Emergency Act’ against all of the dark ‘children’ of the Dead-Zone. There was only one final conclusion Turas thought to do.
          Nander was under orders from Authorities. He complied.
          They discovered that violent emotions broke lines of communications. They also experienced chaos and terror that spread on a peaceful planet of contentment…
          …And a parallel world of another color.
          Where’s Vadiv? she asked her mate in tense desperation.
          We have to accept…he has grown even more, and…for the good of…
          Nander was as emotional as his wife and cried. He barely transmitted: The boy went to the grove with the others. He wanted to be with them, Ia.
          She pulled him closer and gazed deeply into tearful, bright eyes. You cannot do it, Nan. Our son. It’s our son! I don’t care WHAT they decreed!
          You’re not seeing what we have seen. You’re not seeing it because you don’t want to see the truth. We know tomorrow. Our best have clearly viewed it. This must stop! It must stop now, Ia.
          Iaya refused to view that hundreds of Turas had ‘darkened.’ Midichlorian levels had drastically dropped due to the contagion that had increased on the planet. Scientists were completely baffled. ‘Radiation from beyond’ that festered in one District, had grown and consumed adjacent ones.
          Time was crucial. The rate of negative infection to society rapidly escalated. Soon thousands would be affected. An unthinkable, violent act or purge had to be executed NOW!
          Why you? she asked weakly with tears in her eyes.
          Who else? Had to be me, he responded coldly. He knew what had to be done. He sadly left.
        His wife cried more as she pictured her son's soft, innocent face in her mind.
          It was night. The Moon was big and full.
          Nander reached the grove and saw silhouettes of the special ‘children’ ahead of him. They were as tall as adults. Vadiv was with them.
          In Nander’s right-hand was a sonic bomb that when detonated would destroy the grove or 1/10 of the evacuated District. Scientists conceived that all infected mega-city territories did not have to be purged. If the root vibration or radioactive cause of the ‘alien outbreak’ (the 6) was extinguished, then normalcy should be bounced back with a brighter, whiter tomorrow. Madness or the degeneration into barbarism should end.
          Vadiv stepped ahead, closer to his father. His voice ‘spoke’ for the others and the two who had murdered. “We are of an age you can understand our words now, father.”
          Force-field. Yes, I understand you, Vadiv. Force-field. Force-field… Nander walked closer.
          “I know not what you think or will do, sir. I want to convey only a reason for WHY this has happened, for the little good it will do us…and also for the fact I sincerely love you and mother.”
          Yes, tell me, Vad…why? Force-field…
          “There is a third planet that has affected the twin planets in a negative way.”
          Third planet? What twin planets? Nander slowly stepped closer to his son.
          “The two who killed were attacked first, by your kind, one with bright eyes. It was no savage ‘murder.’ They only protected themselves from what they felt within your people.”
          Vadiv, can you hear me, son? Do you know what is in my hand?
          “What is that, father? I can’t see it clearly. Father? Father! NO!”
          On the infrared planet a spectrum’s frequency away, a different scenario occurred to 69 special adults that grew to maturity very quickly. A supremely powerful EM Bomb was created, concealed and attached to the massive Monitor-Station that once housed ‘the children.’ Now the ‘dark and dim’ different ones were described as: organized, insane, mass-murderers whose hair and eyes and soul had changed to solid black.
          Their twisted plans were to conquer millions of lesser inhabitants, from within. The ‘children’ thought the evil agenda was feasible for two main reasons:
1)    The whole population of Terin, from all Districts, appeared exactly like the 69, and…
2)   Psychic powers were presently nonexistent, everywhere.
The received/cumulative effect of the murdered Station-guards blew a ‘mental gasket’ in a bright society of virtual psi-utopians. Everything and everybody were lowered to violent and degenerate forms. Technology also retrograded.
          Children of the Damned in the red frequency-realm had won.
          The EM Bomb was discovered in time. It never detonated. Much later…
          After generations of new Terins, occult darkness grew uncontrollably. Chaos defeated Freedom. Dark Side won on the planet of red skies as most things were consumed by negativity.

          On the THIRD planet, one of a Visible Light Spectrum, in a linked system where each planet (solar system) vibrated differently…

          “Admiral, we’ve received news from the Pentagon, sir. Your question on the UVIR Project? It finally arrived, a reply. That’s a ‘blast from the past.’ ‘Bout time. Shall I read the response, sir?”  

          “Refresh my memory, Corporal. Which project was that?”

          “From years back, when one invisible planet was discovered between us and Venus and one invisible planet found between us and Mars. You know, then developed a way to, ah, tune to them with the probe we launched?”

          “Sure, that was years ago; we made contact. You mean they only found our inquiry-reply? Now? Huh. I remember. We wondered: Was the UVIR Probe worth continuation since the data was never deciphered? I pulled it on my own directive. Oh. What did the Pentagon say, Corporal?”

          “They said ‘pull the Project.’ Couldn’t make heads or tails of the probe’s data. No harm, no foul, I guess.”

          “Bloody waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Don’t know why I bothered with two phantom-ghost planets no one understood?”

          “Goodnight, sir.”

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