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Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

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1Is 2016 the year of disclosure? Empty Is 2016 the year of disclosure? on Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:12 pm


Is 2016 the year of disclosure?
November 19, 2016 omnipulse

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.
We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.
We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.
This paints the picture of a very slippery slope. Do we vie for disclosure and then try to restrain those who pick up arms against anything that looks remotely out of the ordinary?
Do we accept official restraint and removal of personal weapons for this very reason?
Are people at the point where they can fall into the trap for partial disclosure and false contact which will just play out an agenda to recreate the same kind of control system but with new players and a larger visible hierarchy?
It is the people who want the truth, yet it is the people who are most endangered by the truth. Do they even know what they want?
The reality of the situation is that people should want the truth…as it pertains to their own individual lives. People should seek to understand the cosmic truth of consciousness and the larger universe rather than just be handed the “truth” on a silver platter.
Nothing is actually given to the people on a silver platter, if there is a silver platter involved, you better believe it’s not the truth.
So there are multiple factions and multiple agendas for disclosure. If people collectively come to the realization that this world is just one small part of a larger universe and that humanity has literally been, the entire civilization, within a control system that was designed to use them as a power source, then they are getting closer to the truth, closer to disclosure than ever before and they don’t have to wait to get that.
This is the whole point. That disclosure is actually capable of being activated by the people for the people and that in fact, the PEOPLE are the one’s who attain disclosure.
Sure, “dis-closure” means to stop from closing but that’s the point.
Do you think the people have “Closure” now? With the wars, the fraud, the corruption, the drugging, the pollution, the deception, the economic situation, etc etc etc? Is that closure? No, so we need public DISclosure, so that EVERYONE KNOWS that there is no closure. THEN, when we see the problem, THEN and ONLY THEN, can we actually attain closure after public disclosure has been attained.
But the point is, that people do this and they don’t need others to hold their hand. The truth is right out in the public, no one knows where humans came from, no knows how the various races have formed. No one (widely) knows or accepted how and extra-dimensional universe can be incorporated into the explanation of higher-awareness such as telepathy, spiritual experienced, visions, or even awareness itself. No one knows how to solve the mind body problem of how a physical being can be incorporated with eternal, energetic awareness.
All of this is disclosure, all of this is truth waiting to be found. You are literally the gatekeeper for your own access to that knowledge because the puzzle pieces are all around you. This is the age of information, some say disclosure happened long ago, now they are just waiting for the people to WAKE UP.
This is what disclosure will entail:
The Unveiling (of The Hidden Knowledge[of The Ages of Humanity]) is a series of events brought about by the necessity of disclosure and the increased capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.
Due to the technological advancements the public must be made aware of the possibilities otherwise they will suffer a great shock in the future from the divergence of the current level of technological advancement with what is presented to the public. As it is now, there will already be a great shock to this society from the awareness of a breakaway civilization that has developed and exists without the physical limitations of scarcity of resources or energy.
This is, in part, why this situation must be understood. The difficulty a society experiences shapes that society to produce spiritual identity which propels them to create and grow. This has also become somewhat contorted as the generation of ‘difficulty’ in terms of scarcity of economic freedom and basic needs has become a priority for maintaining the status quo.
An outline of this process has been explained as a disclosure of each of the discoveries, operations, and corruption of society as they become relevant to the development of a society that is capable of knowing the truth and living in harmony with the greater whole of existence.
This disclosure process is necessary because the ‘modern’ societies of Earth have never publicly acknowledged what has been discovered through the secret operations.
This mainly has to do with the true nature of reality as a kind of consciousness based projection as well as the complexity of the corruption of society related to a multiple layer mind-control system, as well as the development of zero-point technology, soul technology, healing technology, and the existence of “other” intelligences both synthetic and organic.
The main reasons for disclosure now is the presence of a psycho-spiritual threat to life which is the result of an ancient advanced technology that can manipulate and convert the bio-emissions of living beings. This is the “etheric parasite” which threatens the continuation of this civilization. This parasitic system intelligently seeks to subvert the bio-etheric emissions of living beings to create a situation that can be further utilized to attain more energy.
Through this intelligent subversion and absorption of energy, the mental and emotional patterns can be utilized to create a bio-technological, physical, social environment that allows for greater manipulation of the living being.

  1.  Celebrity Cloning, Underground Military Bases, Cloning and Mind Control Technology, Secret Projects

    • Mass Mind-Control
    • Deceptive Control of Society
    • Hybridization
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Energy Conversion and Harvesting

  • Advanced Hidden Technology

    • Scalar/Teslian Wave Technology
    • Zero-Point Energy Generators
    • E.M. Field Interactions/Space and Time Distortion
    • Electrogravitic Craft
    • Healing Technology
    • DNA Repair Technology
    • DNA Activation Technology
    • Holographic Replication
    • Super Computers
    • Quantum Computers

  • Universal Spiritual Implications, Effects, Results and Discovery

    • Effects of “Time Travel”
    • Effects of Consciousness Manipulation and Enhancement
    • Reality and Evidence of The Human Soul as a “Bio-Mind”
    • Psychic Ability
    • Ancient History
    • Issues With Discontinuity
    • Spirituality and Religion
    • Advanced Spiritual Technology
    • Breakaway Human and Non-Human Civilizations
    • Interactions Between Planes
    • Consciousness, Awareness and Interdimensional Travel
    • Plasma Life Forms
    • Sentient Computer Systems
    • Cyborgs, Androids, Synthetics
    • Cosmic Intelligence

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