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To: Is Judge Anna living in the past, misinformed or deliberately deceptive?

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To: Is Judge Anna living in the past, misinformed or deliberately deceptive?
Posted By: sonofthewind [Send E-Mail ]
Date: Monday, 21-Nov-2016 20:39:57

The article below (after comments), was mailed to me by a reader. Thank you reader!

Some comments from SOW first but be warned, it won't be pleasant to status quo cloaca-hole lickers. Only status quo agents will squeal like stock pigs, when reading the words written in this post.

The title of this post is only a question, so fans of Judge Anna don't spin your wheels! Asking questions are NOT accusations! If you have any constructive (negative or positive) comments it will be posted at your request but pleeeeze don't lock up into CD.

“Fights” between us are not beneficial to any of us! We are still learning how exactly the status quo scam works and we should focus on the real enemy.

Obviously, the enemy's “we the people” are not the same as our “we the people”! Somebody was/is lying, using legal trickery, while plucking heart strings!

It is mentioned in the article below that autographs and signatures are hard to distinguish.

As far as I know, in an autograph, all the letters are individually printed, (upper/lower case, NOT all capital letters) so there is separation between the letters.

A signature on the other hand is one or more long continuous lines as the letters are joined together. Think of a signature as a long “dash”, which means nothing but a fictitious private opinion/belief of a fictitious persona.

The word “signature” means “simulating nature”. So, if you use signatures, by your own admission, you are a “simulated nature” or a “person” or “persona” or “mask”. You lost your “standing/foundation” to be a living entity.

If you want to use autographs, you simply cross the word “signature” on their status quo forms and write above it “autograph”, then print your name in upper lower case. The only problem with this, is that you can't take/accept lies – any status quo form you fill out for them - and use genuine (autograph) on them. If you do, it has to be defined/indicated at the beginning it is fiction. For example, on the edge of the book “Schindler's List”, there is an “F”. “F” stands for fiction, so the book is defined to be fiction on its cover. Consequently, ALL the characters in it are fictitious.

If you mail something through the postal service that is untrue, it is mail fraud. Transporting false information/lies through the postal system is “mail fraud” and if there is money involved, that is “mail fraud banking”.

You may have noticed, the status quo justice system tries to avoid postal service anywhere it can and use some kind of “Currier” service. Their lies can flow freely within a “Currier” service, contrary to Postal Service.

You can't use facts to accept lies or you are just as guilty as the liar but it was DESIGNED this way. Perhaps the best thing to do is what (rebel) Queen Bess did.

Sign or autograph the document ON TOP OF THE PAGE, which means nothing, except that you have read it but obviously, they don't have your approval of it. So, they'll be on their own in their own scam.
See how clever that old she dog (young at that time) was/is but surely instructed to do so?

You can see her/its document in this link at the 3:45 time mark.

By the way, these status quo terrorists who terrorize you (don't leave you alone) by all kinds of means, instead of using signatures, they also use “scribbles”. They try to get free from their deeds even in fiction but the old question still stands to their detriments; “Who did what”.

These status quo terrorists are pitiful, pathetic entities, completely unaware of the spiritual aspects/nature of their deeds and how they are hurting themselves when they move against you!

Curse each and everyone by his/her/its own devices who moved/move, plan to move against you directly/indirectly, overtly/covertly and/or in any other way, shape or form.

Don't curse their names, titles, numbers, corporations but curse those entities themselves, who hide behind these “masks”, personas. Make sure you include their family members, relatives, friends and co-workers, because they are their supporters in their crimes against you, therefore co-conspirators against you. Against our “we the people”! “Civil servants” supposed to be SERVANTS, NOT f$%^ masters over our “we the people”!!!

Cursing the entities themselves, not their names, titles and/or numbers, appears to be like punishing the actors in a play for the characters they are acting out. IF we are in a play that is. In a play, NOBODY supposed to get hurt!

However, these entities moved/move against YOU and use their characters they act out to accomplish it. They use their characters they act out to move against YOU! Not against your name, title and/or numbers but move and punish YOU! YOU, the living entity!

How come the CHARACTERS these entities act out could move against YOU, the living entity??
It is like the Rambo character moving against the entity itself who acts out the director of the movie.
This is beyond craziness and insanity but this is EXACTLY what these status quo terrorist thugs are doing to our “we the people”! They use their characters they act out to harm, hurt and punish our “we the people”!

As the article below states, only YOU are supposed to be the “Plaintiff” NOT them! When they became the “Plaintiff”, that is a blatant move against you and you need to take action! Curse them by their own devices!

These status quo terrorist thugs made their choices and they decided to move against you in a cowardly manner, using false pretenses and personas. Their own confessions prove this. They love to use; “I am just doing my job” on you.
Well, how come I get hurt and harmed when you are “doing your job”? Obviously, your job is to harm, punish and hurt me and you self confessed to this FACT.
Checkmate for these status quo terrorist thugs isn't it?

Give their “medicine” back to them and curse them by their own devices! Sooner or later they WILL notice something is not “Kosher” in their lives and Karma is a bitch. The cop who gets shot while filling out traffic ticket, is instant karma. He isn't going to hurt or harm anybody else any more, while “doing his job”, which was to steal money AND your time from you.

They also have the gull to hide behind such attributes as “honor” and “duty”!! These status quo traitors to humanity want to be called “honorable” while hurting, harming and punishing our “we the people” their “duty”!!!
Do I hear an “Amen”? Lol.

You reap what you sow but most of the times “Nemesis” waits. Slowly but surely though, she finds you. This is certain. These status quo, macho in packs terrorist thugs can't punish and abuse innocence forever and get away with it!

If you didn't or don't move against me, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO FEAR or to be concerned with! If you did or do move against me, you have to face YOURSELF, because I give everything back to you, which belongs to you! You MUST accept what is yours!

The article is below. A little long but well worth reading it!


These are unique writings never read before of our truths! Shit or shynola-NOT written by judge anna!

Shit or shynola

The judge is trying to importune you to answer for this corporate entity and wrangle you into paying for its expenses and misbehavior, but in fact, the court is responsible for discharging the debts of all these public franchises. It’s like two guys passing the bill for lunch…..oh, you pay it, oh, no, you pay it.

Additional light has been shed on the nature of the “States” and the authority of the “State judges and magistrates” by Rod Class, who brought four separate actions against the State of North Carolina and officers of the State Court System in 2012.

The Attorney General of North Carolina asserted Foreign State immunity as a franchise of the foreign federal government. This makes sense when you realize that there are no “States” and haven’t been since circa 1966. They are all franchises of the foreign federal government, thus they are “Foreign States” and can plea “sovereign immunity”. Please note that the second they admit to being foreign states with respect to you, you also, by definition, have “Foreign State” status and immunity from prosecution by them.

A nice Mexican stand-off ensues. They can’t extract a tax payment from you, and you can’t prosecute them for being criminals.

Upon being pressed, the federal franchisees in North Carolina revealed that the State Court System was merely a corporate contractor and was owed no sovereign state immunity. Moreover, the judges, magistrates, and clerks working for the State Court System were revealed to be simply employees of the corporate contractor. They have no foreign state immunity. They have no government backing them at all. They are occupying vacated public offices and are impersonating judges, magistrates, clerks, district attorneys, policemen, and so on.

These are felonies and they are being committed brazenly. Millions of

Americans have paid heavy fines and spent time in jail for no good reason. They have been sentenced and judged by men and women who have no valid public office and no valid jurisdiction whatsoever.

Imagine that J.C. Penny has an in-house corporate tribunal to settle matters between employees and enforce company rules. Imagine that you are not an employee of J.C. Penny, but you are misidentified and hauled up in front of the in-house corporate tribunal, and sentenced to pay a fine. That’s the sort of thing that has been happening all over America for eight decades.

The only “state statutes” are federal administrative codes masquerading as “state” laws to make you feel better about living in a military dictatorship. Look up any “state statute” published in any “state” in the past thirty years and look for an enactment clause, a little statement telling you when this “law” was enacted.

None of these “statutes” have an enactment clause. None of these things have been passed into law of any kind. There are no state laws. There are only federal regulations.

The remaining “court system” that does exist was created under entirely different directions than it now operates under. It was meant simply and purely to be an Administrative Court--- that is, a court where the People could bring their complaints against agencies of government and get relief. That is, the stated mission of the Administrative Court System is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it is actually doing.

Quoting now from The Universal Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010:

“The UNITED STATES' courts are administrative courts who gain their authority under Title 5, the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 and/or the Judiciary Act of 1789. These Administrative courts were established for the purpose of being the watch dog over public offices so that if and when the American people had their private rights violated they could file a complaint without cost.

These administrative courts were designed to give the administrative court the power of legislation; the power of the executive branch of government; to give them judicial power and authority. These administrative courts were authorized to disregard laws, case cites, supreme court decisions, statutes, codes, rules, regulations and to change policy.

The establishment of these administrative courts effectively created a fourth branch of government at the request of the BAR Association.

BUT, this system was designed for use BY the American people, NOT AGAINST the American people.

These administrative courts have jurisdiction ONLY over administrative agencies and NOT over the American people and were established as a vehicle for use by the American people to lodge and adjudicate a grievance against any administrative agency and gave this administrative court the power and authority to make the corrections without the lengthy process of introducing and passing legislation.

Charges can only be levied AGAINST an administrative agency BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and cannot be used against the American people. The people are ALWAYS the Plaintiff in these Administrative courts except when these courts are used to perpetrate a fraud against the American People.[Emphasis added.]

Congress, under 49 Statute 3097 Treaty Series 8881 Conventions and Duties and Rights of the States, placed all states under international law, making all courts, International courts. The International Organization Immunity's Act 1945 placed all courts under the jurisdiction of the United Nations under Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations with Oaths of Office under section 92.12 and 92.31. Under Title 8 USC 1481 you voluntarily forfeit your citizenship when you take the Oath of Office in these administrative courts, and establishes you as a foreign agent required to register as a foreign agent doing business in the state.

These administrative courts, who gain their authority under Title 5 were designed to make the corrections within public offices, to make them more efficient and to hold agencies, and officers thereof, accountable for their actions. In these administrative courts only the American people can bring the charges for the corrections and the American people are ALWAYS the Plaintiff/ harmed Party. These courts have NO JURISDICTION over the people. No agency has the authority to bring charges against the American people or their private rights and property in an administrative court under the Administrative Procedures Act.”


You see now? “They” can’t address you as a living man or woman. You are all American sovereigns. They have to address all their charges and complaints

against made-up legal fiction entities, because they have no jurisdiction related to you whatsoever!

Notice that they are forever talking about “Colorado Statutes” or “New York

Statutes” and “statutory law” ---- hello? Felix, they are what they say they are ----“statutory”----meaning that they deal with “persons” created by statutes---corporations, trusts, transmitting utilities, foundations, cooperatives, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Everyone who has ever been convicted of any “crime” or suffered a fine or judgment in a “civil” action adjudicated by one of these administrative courts has been the victim of identity theft and purposeful misrepresentation and misidentification by members of the BAR Association who have created, guided, and profited handsomely from the fraudulent abuse of the People and the court. They are the criminals. They are the problem. A great many of them need to spend time in a government sponsored retirement home under the care of wardens while they are re-educated.

Gird your loins, Felix. Lift up your head. Others have trod this path before you. Generations of Americans have fought this Beast, this Great Lie, which has resulted in the proliferation of legal fiction “persons” and legal fiction money, legal fiction education, and legal fiction religion---- legal fiction everything you can imagine---and it is all bogus. It is all nothing but a huge con job and racketeering and money laundering operation straight out of the 1930’s “Sting” Era.

Take time now to watch “The Sting” with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. They were trying to draw your attention to something important. So was the “Wizard of Oz” and “The Matrix” and “Braveheart” and so many, many other efforts that Hollywood has made over the years to try to wise you up. They even tried to tell you about the World Trade Center bombings.

There’s something not registering with you yet, something that should be obvious about September 11, 2001, something that has been at the edge of your consciousness from the start of the whole debacle: where is all this gorgeous film footage coming from?

They shot the “attack” from every angle imaginable in full–color high density digital of a kind and quality only Hollywood could muster. And guess what? There’s a reason for that.

If the IRS importunes you to file, look the agents in the eye and say, “I know for a FACT that I am NOT a “withholding agent” and knowing that, I cannot sign any of the tax reports, because that would require committing perjury…..and as for your request that I file, you have no right to importune me to commit perjury.”

End of story. They are acting as “foreign agents” operating on YOUR soil. Show them the door and please, yes, do inform your local Sheriffs. Give them a copy of this little book.

Next time the “federal agents” come around with a “Notice of Tax Lien”, the Sheriff needs to notice that a “Notice” of a Tax Lien is not the same as an actual tax lien and that it is owed no enforcement whatsoever. Same thing with a “Notice of Eviction”-----it’s merely a “Notice” that is owed no enforcement whatsoever. Also point out that if the living man or woman should happen to wake up and realize that fact, it is the Sheriff’s butt in the ringer for carrying out an illegal enforcement action.

The Mortgage Fraud Supreme

Stop paying your mortgage. Just stop. It’s as bogus as all the rest of this crappola. By law, code, Federal Reserve rules, and Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) the “banks” have no money to lend. Zero.

They can’t lend other depositor’s money or credit because of the matching principle under GAAP. They are prevented by Federal Reserve regulations from

loaning their own assets. Get the fact fixed in your mind: the banks have NO MONEY TO LEND.

That is, they have no money to lend until you walk through the door and give them the money to loan back to you.

Yes, that is exactly what happens. Just like the rest of this upside down and backwards mirror image world created by FDR and Company-----the bank “loans” you your own money.

Unbeknown to you, your Promissory Note has Actual Cash Value for the bank. It is legal tender. They deposit it just like they deposit any other legal tender.

They deposit it in a special escrow account belonging to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, and then they write a check that you mistake as a “loan” from the bank and innocently deposit in a checking account that you believe is yours, but which actually also belongs to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER. The land and house deed and title and mortgage is all made out to FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, too.

In fact, other than signing away your natural equity interest in your home and land under the FALSE presumption that you have been given a LOAN, and other than contributing the ONLY real asset in the whole transaction, you the living person have no role to play in this fraud game at all.

Understand that a “check” is not money. A check is just an instrument used to transfer money between accounts. In this case, it transfers money between FELIX’s special escrow account (funded by your promissory note) and FELIX’s checking account. Acting under the false presumptions created by the bank’s misrepresentation of the whole process as a “loan” and itself as the source of the loan, you agree to sign a “Security Agreement” favoring the bank.
If you knew that the bank was only providing a simple brokerage service and that you were the actual source of the money for this “loan” you would never give the bank an equity interest in your house, but because you have been defrauded by the bank into believing that you have received a loan from them, you think it is reasonable that they would want a “Security Agreement” and you sign---giving them an equity interest equal to the entire amount of the “loan” to them FOR FREE. They didn’t pay a penny for the equity interest they claim to have in your home----but, hey, you don’t own the home in any event. FELIX does.

Hasn’t it ever occurred to you in all the years you have been paying off this “mortgage” that you have never seen the positive side of the account? You have never been given an accounting of all the money and interest you’ve paid in, and you won’t ever see that side of it, because if you did, you’d see that FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER is the Creditor on the account.

Tell your mortgage company you’ll pay them, if they provide “validation” of the whole account from inception, showing all the positive and negative transactions entered in the account ledger and disclosing who the actual Creditor on the escrow account is. Hint: it’s not Farmers Federal Home Loan and Mortgage Association.

So, you’ve provided the Actual Cash Asset funding this whole mess, the bank has received a 100% equity interest for free, and FELIX receives the title and deed to the property. The bank also “securitize's” their purported equity interest and bundles your “mortgage” up with other “mortgages” and sells these “mortgage security investments” to investors, making profit again. Finally, FELIX’s escrow account receives your faithfully paid “mortgage payments plus interest”-----after a while stipulated by statute, the bank notices that the money is just sitting there in the escrow account, and they claim it as “funds abandoned by unknown beneficiaries”-----you, in other words.

The real beneficiaries in this vicious reverse trust scam are the federal franchise and the bank. You, dear Felix, are out in the cold, totally, as usual.

Your entire role has been to act as an unknowing donor and unpaid administrator of your own estate.

Please note, that if you really were the administrator and really were acting in behalf of FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, the bank would still have a fiduciary obligation to show you the escrow account and the positive side of the ledger entries that credited your Promissory Note. The fact that you are only “presumed” to be acting as an “agent of the trust” when you sign the promissory note ---and not otherwise----handily exposes the grotesque lie and fraud for what it is.
So, let’s see--- the bank gets to use the value of the Promissory Note credited to FELIX, plus the “donation” of a 100% secured equity interest in the property, plus they get to sell this equity interest for profit as a “mortgage security investment”, plus they get to collect all the monthly payments and interest as “abandoned funds”, and FELIX obtains the actual title and interest in the property, recorded as a Deed of Trust or Warranty Deed, etc., in “his” NAME……and you get?

Screwed, glued, tattooed, and, if your Sheriff is the typical ignorant, corrupt, meathead that the perpetrators rely on for enforcement, you get evicted from your own property and have it sold out from under you for failure to pay the “rent” due as “property taxes”.

How nice. How fine.

Why are you falling for this? It’s because you have been purposefully misled and self-interestedly misinformed by crooks. The banks have deceitfully and with malice aforethought advertised services they don’t have to offer, and acting upon the presumption created by their false statements and advertising, you have been defrauded of a very, very large chunk of your property interests, including your time on earth, the value of your labor, your home, and your land.

And fraud, dearest Felix, vitiates everything it touches.

“Vitiates” is a nice word in this otherwise deplorable circumstance.

It means no contract based on fraud, misrepresentation, non-disclosure and lack of equitable consideration can be enforced against you.

Fraud erases all claims, even signed contracts.

This might be a good time to note that only corporate officers have “signatures”. Living people have “autographs”.

When you “signed” that Security Agreement, were you offering a

“signature” as a representative of the federal franchise trust and transmitting utility dba FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, or were you offering an “autograph” in behalf of Felix Leroy Schnickelgruber?

The strange fact is that the mortgage company never offers any proof or evidence that you were knowingly, purposefully acting as a business agent for FELIX----and in point of fact, they cannot offer such proof. Only you know for sure in what capacity you were acting on that fateful day, and since a “signature” usually looks exactly like an “autograph”, there is no way for the perpetrators to prove what you were doing either way.

Moreover, their own strange lack of fiduciary compliance gives support to the fact that they themselves did not interpret your act as being done in a public capacity as an “agent” for FELIX----- if you were acting as an agent for FELIX and the bank really believed that you were acting as an agent for FELIX, why haven’t they been delivering a statement of “his” escrow account to you every month? You know---the account that shows the deposit of the value of your Promissory Note and tracking the monthly “mortgage payments” you’ve made, plus interest?

If the banks and other “lending institutions” were operating in good faith, which they self-evidently are not, they would give MR. SCHNICKELGRUBER’S presumed “Business Agent” a deposit ticket in exchange for his Promissory Note, and they would dutifully track all other deposits and withdrawals made from the trust’s account, and they would submit these records monthly to the attention of the trust’s presumed Business Agent, but --- Felix?

Did you receive a Deposit Receipt for your Promissory Note? No.

Did the “lender” give you a monthly statement of the escrow account, showing the monthly payments plus interest being applied to the account? No.

Will the “lender” provide a Proof of Claim against FELIX LEROY SCHNICKELGRUBER, amounting to a “validation of account” showing every plus and minus since the beginning of the account?

No, you’d better believe they won’t.

If they did, they’d be doing 30 years in a place like the Rock for grand larceny, felony fraud, money laundering, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against rights, enforcing a peonage contract, false advertising, usury and that’s just for starters.

Most of your local bank personnel are completely ignorant, as you have been up to this point, and just crank along using the forms and instructions they have always used with no more thought given to what is actually happening than a dog gives to the stainless steel forming his food bowl. Yes, they are criminals, no doubt, but they are criminals in ignorance the same way you have been a victim in ignorance.

Make it a point to educate them. Give them a copy of this little book. Direct their attention to the “Notes --- America’s Hope” added as an addendum, which is an abstract of the information contained in the book, America’s Hope by Thomas Schauf. Mr. Schauf used publications of the Federal Reserve Banks to prove beyond any doubt that the whole mortgage industry operates on fraud.

Also direct them to the definition of "Promissory Note" as a negotiable instrument at UCC 3-104 and "Promissory Note" defined as a "Security" under 18 USC and as a “monetary instrument” at 31 CFR 110.11.

For that matter, folks, go whole hog and “throw the book at them”--------UCC 10-104, 108, 114, et alia, 48 Statute 1, Public Law 89-719, HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, American Bar Association Unbound Volume 1938, 31 USC 53 section 5312(3)(C), 31USC5312(2)(r), PL 97-258, 96 Stat. 995, PL 99-570, PL 100-690, PL 103-325, PL 107-56, PL 108-458, 1USC 1362, 6 USC 6185(a), 4USC 405-409, 3USC 321(a), (b), 359)(a), 365(c), 4USC 6202 (g), 6203(b), 100 Stat. 3207-33, 102 Stat. 4354, 4357, 108 Stat. 2247, 2252, 115 Stat.315, 328, 335, 118 Stat. 3746, PL 97-258, PL 97-452, 16USC 831(h), PL 98-369, PL 101-508, PL 102-589, PL 104-134, PL 105-46, 5USC 5129(b), 98 Stat. 1153, 6USC 2653(a)(1), 104 Stat. 1388-287, 106 Stat. 1488, 3USC 31001(u)(1), 110 Stat. 1321-375, 15 USC Chapter 41, 96 Stat. 995, 1 USC 1362, etc.

This circumstance and the truth about mortgages is not “undocumented” hearsay. It is fully, even exhaustively documented in the Public Law and record.

We can and we must educate ourselves. We can and we must stop believing the lies and the propaganda spewing from corporate media cabals that have been


purchased using the spoils gleaned from defrauding us. We must realize that the only money the “federal government” has is money they have stolen from us, and the only power they wield is also stolen from us.

If anyone pretending to be the American Commander-in-Chief tells you to open fire on American civilians, it’s time to turn 180’ and ask yourself--- on what authority? Do you think the American People ever granted any President authority to gun them down in their own streets? Hello?

Defending America means defending what America is supposed to be about---individual freedom and dignity, equal protection, private property rights, religious freedom, the right to say what we think and do what we wish with our time on earth. The only legitimate role the government has ever had to play is to protect the rights and the interests of the People---a role that this government has blatantly betrayed enough already.

The Constitution – A Failed Covenant

Many Americans have been brain-washed into thinking that the Constitution is something that it is not. They have been tricked into placing undue importance upon the Constitution, have taken oaths to the Constitution, and so on.

The Constitution failed.

The Constitution lasted only about seventy years before it was overthrown.

It has been a relic for 150 years.

And still that “news” has not come home to the rank and file in America.

The Constitution never gave you anything, never “preserved” your rights, and never adequately defended you in any respect.

The Constitution set up a foreign government on your soil that you have been struggling with and against ever since.

Our Forefathers contracted with the Vatican, its affiliates, and the British Monarch, to provide services they could have and should have provided for themselves. After fighting King George for eight years, they gave him the red carpet, the keys to the house, and the credit cards.

All this talk about the Constitution is largely spurious and driven by people who want you to ignorantly cling to your chains.

They want you to preserve a “constitutional form of government” at any cost, because that ensures them a spot at your table, a foothold on your continent.

They parade around sanctimoniously preaching about the sacred

Constitution, and like so many other things, it is all bushwah.

Ask yourself ---- do we need a national government? If so, for what?

The answers will be pretty obvious, and it may occur to you that by piling a bit of money together and appointing someone to act as our agent, we could contract the job out, which is what our Forefathers did---- they obligated themselves to “the Constitution” and an agreement with a specific provider, known as “the United States of America”.

It has been over 200 years and we have had nothing but trouble with this service provider.

They haven’t kept their word, their bounds, or their obligations.

They have acted in breach of trust, have defrauded and abused the American People, have left us undefended from their own predication, have grossly misrepresented us, have been war-mongers in our names, have oppressed us, have conspired against our God-given and contractually guaranteed rights, have declared us “enemies” under the Trading With The Enemy Act, have issued Letters of Marque to members of the Bar Association directing them to come against us and pillage us when we were at peace with them, have surreptitiously sought to overthrow the rightful governments of the individual States and the People, have disrespected and “redefined” our only agreement and equity contract with them, and now, they propose to continue to lord it over us on the basis of this same “Constitution”.

Oh, gee, well, you noticed we weren’t abiding by our agreement----finally, after trashing it and usurping it for 150 years, 80 years in blatant disregard….

But, hey, let’s let bygones be bygones and cling to the whole idea of us being brought together under the good old Constitution……that didn’t work the first time and which we abused and disrespected and undermined.

We’ll do better “next” time.

The only way to get rid of the evil that has infected this nation almost upon it being born, is to sever any relationship with the British Monarch, repossess the “District of Columbia”, give the rest of the “Insular States” the option of being in or out, and do away with such dinosaur control mechanisms as the Electoral College.

We cannot expect to “contract” with the British Monarch to run our national government and at the same time expect to live at peace. The truth of that is written in stone by the last 200-plus years.

Many of the conventions started by the Constitution are now outdated. For example, can you think of a single reason why we cannot all vote on how our public money is spent?

Today, Americans could directly determine what percentage of money they want spent on which functions of government. How much for administration? How much for health? How much for defense? How much for education?

Each of us could vote directly on how much, total, to spend on a federal budget and a state budget.

Those two public votes---how much to spend on government, and what percentage to spend on each function of government--- would set the parameters and the priorities for both the state and the national governments. This “Budget Plebiscite” could take place annually along with other elections

We don’t need to rely on anyone to “represent” us in these matters. By making such decisions we would answer (1) where our values lie, (2) what our fundamental concerns are, and (3) how much are we willing to spend on government.

Our whole concept of “representative government” needs to be overhauled, because it hasn’t worked. In ten millennia of recorded human history, we still have not found a means of government that does not become corrupt, overblown, and out of touch. That includes the American Experiment.

Representatives get bought off. Representatives entertain their own personal desires and prejudices, often to the detriment of the public good. Representatives get caught up in the system they inherit and have to administer. Representatives


seek their own benefit and the benefit of their own supporters. Representatives are corrupted by the power they obtain from exercising your “granted” authority.

There is no sure means that mankind has ever discovered of truly representing the Public Will or the Public Good, but we have had many opportunities to observe what doesn’t work. Any honest evaluation of what has gone on in America over the past 250 years and of our present situation, involves admitting that “the greatest country on earth” and the “best government ever created” has not lived up to its promise, indeed, hasn’t even fulfilled its commercial contracts.

Britain is not now and has never been our friend. The so-called “Mother Country” is a raving, ravenous, amoral snake, more than willing to sacrifice and eat her young. That thing operating in Washington, DC, is not our legitimate government; it’s a British cancer imported to our shores under a dishonored agreement known as “the Constitution”.

In fact, though it would come as a great shock to many Americans, the most appropriate action the American military could make, would be to target London and blow it off the face of the earth.

It is the same Satanic upside down and backward logic that these people mastered long ago, and which they continue to employ against the dimwitted and the unwary people of the world.

The Brits don’t bother to enslave you. They twist your thoughts and beliefs so that you enslave yourself.

So imagine this situation--- for over 200 years, the Americans have willingly been enslaved to the British Monarch, all the while imagining themselves to be free and independent.

They have additionally been sold the fairy tale that this freedom and independence has been guaranteed by a magical document known as “the Constitution” that everyone must swear to defend and protect----and which is actually the means by which we are enslaved and kept associated with the British Monarchy.

So along with spreading the word and the understanding of what has been done to you, Yanks, and how it has been done, and by whom it has been done, let the word spread that the Constitution is the problem, not the solution.

The Constitution needs to be thrown out, not just reworked, not just enforced, because at the bottom of it, is an inappropriate and untenable relationship with the British Monarch.

For America to be free, for us to self-govern, there can be no strings left attached for England to pull, no beach front property for the British Monarch to use as a foothold on our continent, no agreement allowing British meddling in our trade, our foreign policy, or our operations on the High Seas.

The Constitution must, ultimately, be scrapped.

Americans intent on securing their legal and political standing are demanding the enforcement of the Constitution and its provisions. That’s all well and good, so long as it comes with learning the lessons and realizing the truth: if we had no “Constitution” we would not have to depend on the goodwill of the British Monarch or the enforcement of our contract by the Vatican.

Without the Constitution, we’d be free to manage our own affairs and have our own national government, which was, ahem, the idea put forth 200 years ago.

Let’s enforce it, and then let’s man up and kill it, once and for all But, but, but, but……what would we do without the Constitution?

You mean, besides being free?

For starters, we could contract for services with agencies created by and owing allegiance to an American government instead of a British Commonwealth government.

We could clearly outline the basic natural and unalienable rights of all Americans by publishing an explicit and comprehensive Bill of Rights that every living man and woman could understand, claim, and defend in court.

We could educate ourselves and our progeny so as to no longer be ignorant rubes, helplessly at the mercy of those who have reason to use and abuse us.

We could establish our own monetary system.

We could direct our own foreign policy.

We could establish trade agreements that are beneficial to us.

We could refuse trade agreements that are not beneficial to us.

We could develop our own resources for our own use without regard for the ownership interests of the British government and British-based corporations.

We could establish our own natural resource and environmental policy.

We could use our “Defense Department” for our national defense and nothing else.

We could pick and choose what social programs we support.

We could establish a truly American Bar Association.

In short, without “the Constitution” obligating us to depend upon and consort with the British Monarch, we could run our own country and enjoy our own lives without being used as the pawns and playthings of madmen.


We could finally say “good-bye” and put an end to the longest running divorce case cum con job in history.

What would replace the Constitution?

Essentially we have to answer--- how do we contract for public services, which services do we need at the national level, how do we pay for these services, and how do we establish oversight?

All nineteen of the original services our ancestors contracted for have long ago been parceled out to agencies, some private, some public, some competent and honest, some not.

For example, our monetary system has been contracted out to the privately owned Federal Reserve cartel, which obvious and terrible results.

Our national defense system has been contracted out to the Pentagon, with mixed results.

In addition to those services that our ancestors asked for, the Trustee acting in breach of trust has volunteered us to pay for numerous additional services that we never agreed upon.

National education services have been farmed out to the international teachers unions.

National health services are in the process of being farmed out to insurance industry consortiums.

Americans are not really obligated to pay for all the “extras” and frouh-frouh-rahs the British Monarch has imposed outside the original equity contract as padding----things like Social Security, OHSHA, FEMA, DHS, FFA, EPA, and the endless soup of alphabet agencies.

It remains for us to pick and choose and evaluate. Certainly, the Federal Reserve has been nothing but a means to fleece us and needs to be terminated. Certainly, the Department of Defense has been abused and misused and needs to be overseen and employed in a far different cause and manner. Some of the services offered are now vital, like the FAA. Others may be worth redirecting, like the EPA. Others simply need to go away.

First, in enforcing the existing Constitution, and second, in growing beyond it, Americans need to be thinking, acting, and communicating with each other, as individuals and as States. A vast national evaluation needs to take place, and an equally vast plebiscite.

We need to answer for ourselves and our own time such basic questions as: what is the role of government? How do we establish control over government functions? What services should a national government provide? What is the role of state government? How much government do we need? Which services are we willing to pay for?

We cannot advocate continuing on with just a “correction” enforcing the Constitution. We very much need to face the need for a new national government, one that is uniquely and entirely American.

There is, however, one question that we don’t need to wrestle with, and that is---how are we going to pay for whatever governmental services we need? That question has been answered by nearly 80 years of profit-making cashiered away by all levels of the American government. The public sector now has more than enough investment income to carry on operations indefinitely with no need for taxation of any kind. See Walter Burien at

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