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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » #PizzaGate - Op-Ed By David Seaman (Hufffington Post Fame)

#PizzaGate - Op-Ed By David Seaman (Hufffington Post Fame)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#PizzaGate - Op-Ed By David Seaman (Hufffington Post Fame)

By:  David Seaman
Follow David on Twitter - @d_seaman
Nov 23, 3:51 PM

As I approach 31 years of age, it's not only confidence I possess, but a simple mathematical understanding that nearly all of my major controversial stories have - in hindsight - proven to be spectacularly correct.

This is part of what convinced me #PizzaGate is real, and perhaps only a glimpse of something larger, but very much in need of non-partisan public analysis and investigation and prosecution. I can't think of an issue more pressing.

It is important to note that I didn't come across PizzaGate initially; the code words and creepiness and connections to DC pizza shops all came from others.

All I did, in effect, was doublecheck that this data (Instagram postings, etc.) really was coming from the social media accounts of people closely connected to the Clintons/Podesta - and then double check and analyze the veracity of the Wikileaks email batches. And then consult with people familiar with some of the terminology.

Similarly, my groundbreaking NSA and drone program coverage was not based on my own personal findings, instead it was an amplification of facts I had chosen to independently confirm, and then amplify using my platforms.

Some in the media have even referred to me as an 'amplification journalist,' which is fitting. That's what I do, by design: I don't have the resources of an investigative news bureau. Instead, when something is bubbling to the surface, I provide the kind of useful service that things like Politifact and Snopes are presumed to provide, but don't.

I independently verify or discredit.

I go where the evidence leads me. And especially with #PizzaGate, I entered this with an open mind: in fact, I was hoping another explanation would emerge, as I found "they're all pedophiles!!! The Clintons are Satanic pedophiles in a secret cult!!!" so outside of what I was expecting that I realized to put my name behind this, as others had done, would be to face immediate scorn.

But, as a person who verifies and discredits, it's not my job to tell you what I wish were the case ("wish-casting"). It's my job to tell you what actually is.

And, with complete certainty, #PizzaGate is real.

By that, do I mean I understand the intricacies of their network or how certain pizza shops are intertwined? Do I understand the intricacies and all the rituals of their secret cult? Do I know all of the members of this group? No, of course not, and I do not claim to possess such information.

All I've done, again, is to independently verify and then amplify.

I don't have all the answers.

I don't know what this means for society, or who will lose their careers or titles or go to prison as a result.

That's not my job. But I will tell you, as a man who was not previously particularly religious, after concluding my verification of this story I now pray daily to God. I pray for our country to be forgiven for its sins, and for those who chose to look the other way in law enforcement and in media to be forgiven - not by any of us, we shouldn't and mustn't forgive. I pray they are forgiven by God. Because this is so bad, it can undo a competent adult: it can make you cry and sob for a very long time.

But if there's any silver lining, it is that we now know. And to know a thing is better than to not know a thing, because now it can be investigated further, and stopped.

Strength in numbers. Intelligence in numbers. And yes, meme magic is real.

Now that's what I know for fact. Since some of you seem to also desperately want my opinions/speculation, here is that:

a) Elite human sacrifice cults have actually existed throughout history. The Aztecs were not nice people to those they sacrificed. I'd argue, based on some limited data, these cults have mutated and gone underground because the West has found human sacrifice to be increasingly unacceptable over the centuries. Secretive is now the only way, for them.

b) Child sex/abuse by those in positions of great political power have actually existed throughout history. I'm sure some ancient Roman senators and generals would be thoroughly at ease with an evening at the Podestas or Clintons.

c) Part of your outrage is stemming from the fact that you believe you are a 'modern' living in 'modernity.' As did I, to an extent. How is this possible, right under our noses? In the modern age? With social media and well-funded law enforcement agencies and ubiquitous surveillance and smartphones... how is it POSSIBLE?

These aren't new cults. And although it is beyond my comfort level to investigate this aspect, I think you know very well why this was done right under our noses: select members in the media and law enforcement have apparently been compromised, either through past membership in the cult, or through blackmail/coercion.

d) A final silver lining for you: Trump wasn't supposed to win. Clinton staffers were celebrating with champagne the morning of the election, I've heard, so confident were they in a victory. The stuff people are posting about him being "part of the gang" too are simply nonsense: Trump isn't into kids. Isn't into Satanism. Not even a little bit. It's typical Clinton disinformation, which is unfortunately becoming so commonplace any of us can spot it right away: they accuse their enemies of that which they do. Clever, until everyone finds out, as America has.

In no uncertain terms, Trump's election and the Wikileaks batch of John Podesta's emails are America's second chance - a chance to turn it all around, or at least save some of these kids. This is a second chance for the world, too. Unfortunately I do believe U.S. foreign policy, for at least the last 8 years, has been partially guided by Satanic prophecy/vision, which is probably not a good thing.

What Trump needs from us is noise. We can't be silent about #PizzaGate because the second Trump so much as mentions it, the mainstream media - what's left of it - will truly work to destroy him. You think their past hoaxes & character attacks were bad? You've seen nothing. They'll push for impeachment and civil disobedience; I suspect the media has become a control mechanism for protecting some of the cult's interests.

They've lost all credibility this past election cycle, but their programs still reach into many homes and lives via the television and "news" paper.

I can't stress this enough: TRUMP WASN'T SUPPOSED TO WIN. He's not one of them. He ain't perfect, but he's not one of them, and that's important.

Learning of this when we did is a gift, an incredibly precious gift. Use it well.

Posted by enerchi at 11/23/2016 06:05:00 PM

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