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Geometric and Numerical representations of the Organizational Structure of Consciousness as Interrelation Between Individual and Collective Units

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Geometric and Numerical representations of the Organizational Structure of Consciousness as Interrelation Between Individual and Collective Units
November 24, 2016 omnipulse
I’m going to retouch on the post regarding the geometric and numerical representations of the organizational structure of consciousness as an interrelation between the parts and the whole.
Please read this post first if you have not yet. It is quick and at the end is always the additional post which I am adding here today. Click the link to read the initial post as well as see the images that are added in today’s post.

A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

In-phase sine waves:

Out-of-phase sine waves:

In the same sense the dots in the original .gif are in motion at different phases which represent different starting points, these waves are at different starting points and the color of the frequency (or the frequency of the color) that they imply is superimposed over the geometric and numerological representation. The individual oscillation of each dot can be represented as a different alignment of the hands in reference to the numbers.
[url= to make Flip-Books/Clock small.jpg][/url]
A reflexive property of the universe is that even using a different frame of reference from which to measure the starting points will still yield different results as if the projection of the universe is determined by the organizational nature of the subjective process of forming perceptions.

The difference between the two frequencies are the phase offset and the frequencies correspond to a color, sensation, sound, or some other translation of the vibratory information into a physical sensation of awareness.

When the two frequencies are compared, one can derive how much they vary and from this variation one can produce a third frequency which is the result color or frequency of the level of deviation or contrast between the two frequencies of different phase offsets. These can be the same energy, but within each energy there is an entire universal spectrum of octaves and frequencies that can be reached and are organized according to a universal hierarchy that renders geometric and numerical correspondence between planes.
These differences in frequency, as related to the differences in phase offset and the actual perception of the subjective sensation relates to the original .gif as the representation of the production of a non-material coalescence of information that exists above or apart from the single layer of the material organization that is individually maintained. This collective production of the organization of the movements of each individual unit as indicated by the relative contrast in frequency or phase offset between each individual frequency ‘agent’, is what is called consciousness today.
Saying the individual units are moving to create consciousness is the same as saying the collective consciousness is present to create the individual motion.
This is the experience of the individual self on the physical level perceived as an independent and individual awareness when it is actually simultaneously apart of the larger self which experiences access to the wealth of information that the individual seemingly does not. This is the conscious mind and the unconscious mind as the conscious mind must be relative of itself as the individual in relation to one another. While the unconscious mind is relative of itself as the interrelationship between that individual and every other. The unconscious mind is literally the connection between all living minds accessing existence through that frequency of experience and in our case, this frequency is the frequency of human awareness and what is now moving into the larger scope of cosmic awareness.

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