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Organic Tree of Life and Artificial Tree of Life: What Are the Differences?

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Organic Tree of Life and Artificial Tree of Life: What Are the Differences?


Flickr Commons: Image provided by Torley
The Tree of Life is often believed to be a symbol of knowledge, power, enlightenment, immortality and life. It has been talked about in religion, science, philosophy and mythology for millennia. Throughout history many people tried to find the Tree of Life but their search usually came up empty handed. The reason why they couldn’t find it was because they were searching for it in the wrong places.
The Tree of Life can represent many things but its original meaning has to do with the holographic templates of light, sound and scalar waves. These holographic templates serve as the blueprints upon which matter manifests itself into forms. The Tree of Life holds the mathematical and geometrical system of units of consciousness that allows energy to form morphogenetic fields and other reality fields. Think of the Tree of Life as the frame of a house and you should have a general idea of its purpose.
The differences between the organic Tree of Life and the artificial Tree of Life
Most spiritual teachings that teach about the Tree of Life are using knowledge based on the artificial version. The main difference between the organic and the artificial version is that the organic version doesn’t restrict the natural flow of the living energy of the Cosmos. The Tree of Life or Eternal Life Grid is responsible for allowing energy to flow freely between the internal and external Creation. The process works similar to the breathing process and thus it allows energy to recycle itself, so to speak.
Systems of the Cosmos that are connected to the Eternal Life Grid, also known as the organic Tree of Life, are eternal organic systems because they don’t experience the death process. The reason why they don’t experience death is because the organic Tree of Life allows living energy to travel from Creation to the receiver with little restriction. As a result, the receiver is always being replenished with energy.
On the other hand, systems that are linked to the artificial Tree of Life experience death since the flow of energy between them and Creation is heavily restricted. This is due to the distortions in the energy structures of the artificial Tree of Life. One of the systems that is connected to this Tree of Life is the Milky Way galaxy. This is why we experience death which isn’t normal from the perspective of organic systems.
Eternal Life Grid (Organic Tree of Life)

Image credit:
The hidden meaning of the Poison Apple
The poison apple that some religions talk about is also connected to the artificial Tree of Life. The following paragraph is extracted from one of my earlier article titled Life Science: The Organic Spiritual Science of Enlightenment and Immortality.
Spiritual science teachings that heavily support the torus energy field (magnetic field), also known as the poison apple, are to a degree based on Death Science. The poison apple that they talk about in religion is a metaphor for the torus energy field that surrounds a star, planet, body, cell, and atom in the Milky Way galaxy. Before the tragic event that caused damages to our energy fields, our energy fields did not look like a torus. Instead, they looked more like a butterfly-shaped field.
Poison Apple (Torus Energy Field)

Image provided by, Stuart Webster (, and Daniel Oines (
The Tree of Life is found in every system of the Universe, including the system of atoms, planets and even our body. The best way to find it is to search inside you because that is where it exists. If you learn how to fix the distortions in your Tree of Life, your body and identities will become eternal again.

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