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Water Powered Cars, Plasma Weapons and You

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1 Water Powered Cars, Plasma Weapons and You on Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:31 pm


Water Powered Cars, Plasma Weapons and You

I’m given a quick tour of some of the mind-bending alternative energy technologies developed by an inventor who’s worked at virtually all of the top aerospace firms over the past several decades (Lockheed-Martin, etc.). Representing the development company is Jordan Turner.
First, we see a hydrogen splitter, which is an energy generator fueled by water. As those who’ve been reading about this topic may know, the creation of similar technologies has been a deadly enterprise for inventors in the past. Stan Meyer’s “Water Car” is an example. Meyer died in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in 1998, after meeting with UN representatives about his invention. He said, “They poisoned me!” before he expired. All official reports, make him out to be a crank.
To avoid character assassination and actual-, the compromise has been to create it as an adjunct to existing engines. The first one we see here is to be used with very large ship- and other Diesel engines. This humble-looking array is actually quite revolutionary, yielding an improvement in fuel economy of well over 100%, with 0 performance loss. It will soon be made available on
Next, we see a Harmonic Plasma Field Generator, where a field is produced by 3 nodes producing plasma at different frequencies. The harmonic resonance produced can be tuned to create controlled plasma fields of varying size and function. These different fields have a number of  applications, ranging from reduction of engine emissions, employment as a medical device and even as a weapon.
Finally, Jordan shows me a patented Hydrogen Recirculation Valve that can be installed on any engine to improve horsepower, decrease fuel consumption, while also cleaning the engine and thus improving longevity. This makes it ideal for classic cars.
The previous iteration of this device was bought and purposefully shelved but policy shifts regarding “oil independence” have since relaxed control of this technology. So far, the use of this device has been relegated to governmental and commercial fleets. It’s only recently has been made available to the public at
I love this stuff. Watch the video!

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce


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