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Just recently an amazing discovery was announced by scientists who unraveled the mystery of the human genome... the entire DNA genetic code that defines everything about our physical make up.

This complex material is not only found in every cell of our body, but in all living things. This kind of information excites me. My doctoral degree is in biochemistry and I can appreciate the implications of such discoveries, especially when something highly unusual occurs.

In simplistic terms, one can think of our DNA as two strands of a pearl necklace twisted around each other, where each pearl represents a gene that is responsible for part of what you are, such as eye color, hair texture, whether one is male or female, etc.

Every part of your body can be traced back to the genes that defined you when one sperm from your father, containing 1/2 of the human "pearl necklace" united with one of your mother's eggs containing the other half. At that sacred moment in time, the combination of the two DNA halves provided all the information necessary to define, create and sustain you.

DNA sequences of humans and other living things have now been compared. Here are some very surprising insights we have at this time from that effort...

A tiny fruit fly has 13,601 genes.

It appears we humans have about 23,000 genes, not the 100,000-140,000 genes scientists had anticipated, since we are far more evolved than other forms of life.

There is hardly any uniqueness to our human genes. For example, our genes are the same as 99% of those found in chimpanzees and are common to 70% of those found in mice.

Many human genes have similar or identical functions as genes found in other living organisms, both complex and simple.

All of the information that is available about DNA today leads scientists to conclude that there was a common source for the DNA that has found its way into every living thing on this planet.

One can say that our DNA is in many ways a general blend of all other DNA that exists, with one big exception.

Here is the part that continues to mystify the best scientists in the world. There are 223 genes in the human DNA code that are not found in any other living organisms studied. In other words, it appears we did not inherit this package of genes from any other form of life on this planet.

This raises a very obvious question. Where did those 223 unaccounted genes come from? Our best scientists don't know the answer to that question.

I for one believe it is quite possible that the 223 mysterious genes found their way into our DNA code as a result of extraterrestrial influence.

I've thought a great deal about this possibility for quite some time. After all, I'm in one of the bodies that contain these mysterious genes and I'd like to know more about my cosmic heritage.

This is the best information I can provide at this time.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, said that humans set foot on this planet some 10 million years ago. Here are selected comments from his in-trance readings and one concerning an ET connection...

"in the land now known as Utah or Nevada, when the first peoples were separated into groups as families... The entity developed much and gave much to the people who were to succeed in that land, and in the ruins as are found in the mounds and caves in the northwestern portion of New Mexico may be seen some of the drawings the entity made, some ten million years ago." (2665-2, July 17, 1925)

The numbers of human souls then in the earth plane being a hundred and thirty three million... The period in the world's existence from the present time being ten and one-half million years ago..." (5748-1; May 28, 1925)

The next time period mentioned by Cayce for human existence on earth was about 100,000 years ago, during the time of Atlantis. That leaves a big gap of time for which he provides no information regarding past human activity and ETs on planet Earth.

Did Edgar Cayce ever mention extraterrestrials? Yes he did. He gave a reading for one of his patients, who evidently lived during the time of the Mayans. In trance, he describes physical changes taking place on Earth and mentions the "visitors." Cayce said:

"It was just before that period when those as from the east had come, and there were the beginnings of the unfoldments of the understanding that there were other portions of the same land, or those that were visiting from other worlds or planets…" (1616 - 1:27)

Nancy Red Star

Here is more information on past human and ET interaction. The following excerpt was taken from the back cover of the book, Star Ancestors by Nancy Red Star, a daughter of the Cherokee...

"The creation stories of Indian people say 'We come from the stars'; evidence of Indian contact with ETs has been carved on rocks and hides, choreographed in sacred dances, and beaded on wampum belts over many thousands of years. In Mayan temple rituals, in the tobacco blessing, in crop circle formations and petroglyph inscriptions, the contact continues."

Further information from the book's back cover says that these Star Beings will play a vital role at the present crossroads of Earth history.

This book is filled with the wisdom of many Native Americans who are far more educated, sophisticated and aware then you may think. They stress their cosmic heritage, especially with the Pleiades. They also state that the ETs helped humanity in the distant path by saving portions of civilizations from total annihilation. And they are here today with us.

Shirley MacLaine

In her recent NY Times best selling book, The Camino, Shirley MacLaine finds herself talking to a spirit called, John the Scot, while in a deep, meditative trance.

This spirit described the process of creation for her, how ultimate Spirit and ultimate mass interacted to form universes within universes, dimensions within dimensions, countless galaxies, planets, as well as countless souls so that God could experience and feel the entire creation through us.

John the Scot also describes our past interaction with ETs.

His description of creation , ET interaction and how we came to planet earth and lost our way is the best I've seen yet. Its theme is also quite consistent with others that feel right to me. Part of that description is cited below...

"Over billions of years," John explained, "These souls evolved, charged by the Deity (God) with being cocreators of physical life - trillions of pairs (twin souls) of soul beings tumbling and whirling and circling through space until some came to the planet earth itself, while others spun off to other planets in the galaxy to discharge their duties on other worlds.

... and each soul was androgynous. And each pair of androgynous soul mates (twin souls) had its own unique electromagnetic frequency in which they were both bound up.

Their purpose was to bear witness to the Deity and serve the Divine will, which would in turn be serving their higher selves. And to do this, the Deity gave the children of light the greatest gift of all - free will: the ability to set oneself free, to choose one's own master.

With the first wave of souls that came into the earth plane, a metamorphosis occurred. As their light shifted to the earth plane, their crystal images began to take on the magnetic frequencies of the earth. As they tumbled and glided to the earth plane into ancient swamps and jungles, they became fully mature angelic beings... They were to be cocreators of the life forms on earth, thereby expressing their own individuality in the process.

And so the souls of light began to create life... Through the movement of time and space (tens of thousands of years)... the souls assigned to earth began to become fascinated with the physical earth... they materialized life-forms and the life-forms were of fascinating interest to them... and being of free will, they became enamored of their own creations.

"They created beings of only yin energy frequency; they created only yang energy frequencies; they created mixtures of yin and yang and positive and negative."

Then they became seduced by the beautiful creations of their own making, believing in many ways that they had created greater beauty than the Great Spirit. Thus, they became rebellious in nature, moving closer and closer to their physical works and further away from the Divine Deity, until eventually they became completely attracted to their physical creations and fell from grace into the physical plane.

Felled by the very forces of creativity that they had set in motion, they became one with their creations, rather than remaining in the state of oneness with the Divine Deity.

Some of the creatures the soul children created were beautiful and harmonious, reflecting their specific creators, and some were so ugly and bizarre (reflecting those who were moving too fast) that they had to be devolved.

Some of the souls became drunk with their ability to materialize and would not slow down, and their creations reflected their disharmony and went out of control.

The archangels... watched in disappointment as the virtual ballet of distorted evolution unfolded. They watched their soul brethren, out of control, begin to incarnate into the beings they so needed to control. This was the original fall from grace.

Their fall from grace was so complete that they became that which they created, forgetting their divinity, and for the first time experienced pain and fear at the physical level.

They lost their consciousness of being children of light and fell totally into the material plane, experiencing not only pain but sensuality as well.

It was a collective mistake made by the original souls.

The conflict for survival of the fittest began, setting off for the first time upon earth the law of cause and effect, or the law of karma, because all energy always returns to itself.

In each case, every individual soul's task was to remember its own Divine nature and return to it.

The Great Deity and the archangels understood that a purge of the chaos the souls created would be necessary. The denser life forms, who by now panicked with fear and distortion, had to be swept away. The life force was then cut off from these beings... hence the extinction of the huge animals known as the dinosaurs (over 200 million years ago)."

At this point in time the archangels decided to create a new environment for the souls (us) who had lost their way. The archangels also knew that a vehicle had to be created that could serve as a physical body to house each lost soul (fragment) so that a state of divine connection could eventually be remembered. Without the divine connection, the lost souls were in a state of what we have come to know as "hell," a spiritual amnesia that results when we are separated from God.

"But the form and the souls needed to evolve together... And so the lower primates became the original vehicle for man's evolution and return to the Deity, the first step for redemption.

Evolving simultaneously in other parts of the universe in neighboring galaxies were other beings. Some had developed higher spirituality, some higher technologies, some both.

Seeking to carry out the work of the Great Creator Deity, they observed the situation on planet earth and endeavored to speed along the process of evolution... Thus, the extraterrestrials began the contributive gift of speeding up the evolutionary pattern by using crystal technology, genetic engineering and interbreeding with the primates, both physically and psychically. This process was actually the missing link in the evolutionary line on earth.

As a result of physical and psychic influences, man suddenly appeared with no seeming intermediate connection to the primates that preceded him. As a result of the extraterrestrial contribution, the souls were shocked back to consciousness.

The more aware they became, the more complete they became, and thus the more the divinity of the soul shaped the physical body into a form that reflected the newly awakened divine soul itself, the physical body that expressed the perfect balance of male and female, yin and yang, the positive and negative spark that was the essence of the Deity."

The creation of this new ADAMIC race occurred over millions of years. Eventually, with the help of the extraterrestrials, it established itself as a civilization in an area called Lemuria, the original Garden of Eden.

At the same time, a second wave of extraterrestrials joined with the evolving lost souls to accelerate their development and help them become the Lemurian human. And always, the goal was to reestablish the divine connection for the lost souls.

Interestingly, the Lemurian human was neither male nor female... it was both, an androgynous human composed of male and female energy or twin soul essence.

During the next hundreds of thousands of years, the second wave of extraterrestrials not only brought laws, culture and spirituality to Lemuria, they also wanted to be revered as gods as well. That did not bode well with the archangels and the extraterrestrials were told to stop interfering with the destiny of the Lemurian humans.

From that point forward, the angels also wanted humanity to work through its spiritual identity on its own. All of this occurred towards at the height of the Lemurian civilization, probably some 500,000 years ago.

At the same period of time there was an advanced colony of Lemurians living on Atlantis. These Lemurians were very impressed with a race of technologically advanced extraterrestrials, who had established a base on that continent. The extraterrestrials warned the Lemurians that they should not lose the spiritual connection with their homeland.

The Lemurians chose to ignore this warning, which led to great turmoil and division. Out of this imbalanced state, individual Lemurians developed the ego, selfishness, self-centeredness was born and a ruling class was established. This rift worsened over time and the original, collective consciousness of the Lemurian civilization was destroyed.

Since the original Lemurian collective consciousness was very tied in to balance and harmony with nature, its destruction brought about great cataclysmic upheavals in the homeland. As a result, the continent of Lemuria was destroyed by earthquakes and the like and eventually sank into the sea.

Evidently the remnants of the Atlantean Lemurians, who were well into the practice of separation, continued to lose their spiritual way of life. At some point, perhaps 300,000 years ago, they decided to end the androgynous state by creating separate physical, male and female, bodies to house the separated masculine and feminine aspects of the soul. This division of twin souls into separate bodies was a very tragic event emotionally and that memory remains with us today as we continually seek our other half.

Over thousands of years the wayward Lemurians living on Atlantis abused the environment, misused technology and drifted further and further from God-centeredness, similar to what is happening today. This led to more destruction of their collective consciousness resulting in the eventual, final destruction of Atlantis about 13,000 years ago.

The remnants of the survivors of Atlantis, who had retained their spiritual ways, set off in two general directions. One group migrated to Egypt and the other to the Yucatan. These surviving remnants became the start of the current human race.

There is a lot to think about on this page. Within all of this information, I sense there is a general theme of truth. It leads me to the following general conclusions...

I believe we came to this planet a long time ago and have been here a very long time.

At some point we over identified with the material world and its pleasures and lost our divine connection.

Since that time we have been trying to remember who we really are.

We remember who we really are whenever we awaken to our true spiritual nature.

I believe that over the ages there has been extraterrestrial influence in our destiny as humans, as well as in our genetic makeup.

I believe Lemuria and Atlantis existed and that we have soul memories of these places, because of our past lives there.

I believe that these continents were destroyed by a breakdown of the collective consciousness of their inhabitants.

I also believe that we as a civilization have been given the opportunity once again to balance the material and the spiritual so that we don't have to repeat the kinds of physical cataclysms that destroyed Lemuria and Atlantis.

Today there is a massive spiritual awakening taking place on planet Earth as people begin to remember their cosmic heritage.

This spiritual awakening can help to transform this planet, its inhabitants and the overall collective consciousness. In the process, it will bring about an environment of peace, harmony, sharing and unconditional love.

Sooner rather than later the real history of the human race will finally be known that will include the interaction of extraterrestrials with our ancestors.

We currently find ourselves in body because many of us are part of the group of souls who lost our way ages and ages ago. We will break this cycle when we no longer let ego and fear dictate the path of our life. At that point we will finally end the amnesia we've been in for a long, long time. Then we will regain our God-centeredness as we remember who we really are... Beings of Light who came from the stars.

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