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The True Reality (semi-rant)

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1 The True Reality (semi-rant) on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:23 am


The True Reality (semi-rant)
December 12, 2016 omnipulse

Let’s consider the possibility that none of this is real. The only real, directly relative aspect of this world, to you, is your presence of self. That’s it. The environment is composed of props. The events of history are instantly generated every few moments or so and the whole perception of time continuing is literally akin to a video game being programmed via a powerful computer system as well as the consciousness of the player as the game is being played.
What then, do we do?
What can we do?
We know that if we perceive reality a certain way, that not every person will be sure to experience that same way. Everyone is different and this is the beauty of existence here. If everyone was largely similar, then we would perceive everyone as being almost exact replicas of one another. Instead, there is a variety of difference, and so of course there is difficulty, but this is just when the differences are focused on to the extreme thus producing a reality which reflects that.
In the same light one can focus on the similarities. Which one is truer? The differences that set people apart, or the similarities that they overlook in favor of those differences? Well, if we managed self-responsibility and compassion, would the world be ruled by differences and separation, or would this be a world of unity and togetherness? So which world is the true reality?
One conclusion people come to about the possibility of this system being a holographic projection within an advanced technology that is designed to look like a planet is that the real reality looks nothing like this.
This seems to be a given. If all we know is reality within this “simulated realm”, which may be the entire 3-D, physical universe, then whatever the true reality is it would not closely resemble this world. Maybe to a degree where there are major changes and yet are still two “worlds”, but at the highest theory of this, the true world would be completely and entirely unfathomable to beings in the “simulation” of physical space and time (biological consciousness).
Then there is another theory which is related. The “true world” consists of the same concept of life that people experience here, yet the extremes are not only more readily managed, the very parameters of physical existence enable a control over the life experience beyond anything imagined here.
For instance, there are still physical bodies, in the ‘lower’ physical realms, however one can choose to live freely and then leave this plane at will. There is even the possibility that one could return to the “Heavenly” planes at will while still incarnating a body here, and then return. Maybe through advanced technology, healing technologies, mind-containment or preservation technologies and so on.
That would be a world unlike this one. People could experience whatever life they desire both for pleasure or spiritual growth (both) and then maintain a direct connection with the higher realms so as to continue to correspond and communicate with the rest of the universe.
Maybe this is the idea behind the physical universe being a simulation, however there are more in depth theories as well as some of my personal experiences which can develop an outline. Regardless, maybe the physical being that is separated from the higher realms through an incarnative process which was shaped over time to reduce the likelihood of connecting with the higher spiritual awareness IS the simulation scenario.
People would travel to Earth, and then get confused and distracted away from the original purpose. Then, when it would be time to return, they would feel the necessity to remain and continue toiling away here when that was not part of the original plan at all!
Thus, this is yet another possible explanation for the “soul trap” theory, however this is not a theory for everyone.

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