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O.N.E. Spirit Music - The Banned Song.mp4

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1 O.N.E. Spirit Music - The Banned Song.mp4 on Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:29 am



Uploaded on Jul 19, 2011
The Banned Song is based upon Native American / Kahuna Prophecy about the end of the world...which has been temporarily postponed. This is an older O.NE. Music Video with the live show portions recorded at the Roxy Theater with about #500 fans, and the "trip" recorded in Joshua Tree National Park with the Ancestors...We produced this video with Retinalogic the Video Production Company that also did "Timothy Leary's Brain" DVD that was to be launched into outer space in a time capsule...that's right...enjoy...this was mucho fun!!! The old O.N.E. band lineup has given way over time...the O.N.E. new band lineup still featuring Kevin Vincent Ryan on Lead Vocals and Guitars is cranking out some rocking live shows throughout Southern California too!!!


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