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Published on Dec 14, 2016
So what's my bottom line speculation here? It has not changed since I first posted about Secretary Kerry's visit, and about Aldrin's: something or someone - and my bet is on something - has been found down there, something probably very old, something perhaps very sophisticated, and something perhaps indicating a someone else, whether from here or just perhaps from elsewhere.

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Mysterious Antarctica – The World’s Best Kept Secret?

Posted on December 14, 2016

Wikileaks Photos, John Kerry Visit and UFOs in Antarctica:
Just days after the shocking U.S. presidential election, Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to ever set foot on Antarctica (although there are rumors President Obama made a secret visit there earlier this year).…
Mysterious Antarctica – The World’s Best Kept Secret?
Part 1 – Why Antarctica is Kept Top Secret?
Part 2 – Researcher Discovers a Huge Pyramid in Antarctica Using Satellite Images
Part 3 – Amazing German Antarctic Discoveries In 1938
This short documentary is a complex presentation of recent U.S. and Russian visits to Antarctica, the Nazis, and Hollow Earth, including its importance in Nazi Germany before and during WW2, and Antarctica’s possible escape route off of the Earth for many Nazi’s who mysteriously disappeared after the war without a trace. Few know the truth about Antarctica, as it is an expanse of land that has gone unnoticed for centuries. But not by the Nazis…They knew the truth…
The Nazis believed there might have been a civilization inside the Earth. This was the belief of Helena Blavatsky, who profoundly influenced the Nazi’s philosophy and esotericism. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that a theory now considered dumb to most people, the hollow Earth, had an unusual cult following in Nazi Germany. German pop figures and writers also supported this idea, including one writer named Karl Neupert. The Earth was not a solid rock, but was shaped more like a human eyeball, having two portals of entry at the North and South poles and was hollow in the center. An empire was alleged to exist inside the Earth called Agartha. This is where the master race dwells.
Why was this? The Nazis did not create the hollow Earth concept. The idea preceded them. Even illuminati members Edgar Allen Poe and Jules Verne alluded in their poetry and prose to such a place, deep underneath the crust. Call it conspiracy, but the Nazi’s led three expeditions to Antarctica, and Admiral Richard Byrd, who led Operation Highjump, suggests that “bases” were established in Antarctica by the Nazis. They were doing something down there. Was the continent an escape for them?
Now, Obama visited Antarctica in March, and he was preceded by Patriarch Kirill of Russia. Simultaneous to Obama’s visit to the South Pole, his director of CIA, James Clapper, made a secret trip to Australia, another country with heavy interest in Antarctica. Kirill offered a strange blessing of Antarctica, calling the barren land an “ideal for human kind” because there were no weapons down there or any type of science experiments. Except, we know that is not true at all: there are multiple scientific expeditions that have gone to Antarctica: this was confirmed in an interview with Richard Byrd, who said that the region would become the center of scientific inquiry directly after WW2. What did he mean by this?
Part 2 – Researcher discovers a huge Pyramid in Antarctica using Satellite Images…
Part 3 – Amazing German Antarctic Discoveries In 1938 (Interview Jeff Rense, Harry Cooper, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire)
(Full Documnetary film – Jeff Rense, Harry Cooper, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire):

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This wait was satisfied when the approach of 18 vehicles (ships) whose flight coordinates indicated that they came from the Lunar satellite were visualized in the atmosphere of Antarctica. Ten vehicles had the logos of the SIOO confederation, the remaining eight vehicles had the logos, from the space fleets of the Annkis Corporation.
The logos coincided, with the uniformed ones in their clothes.
This was indeed an event, two rivals such as the SIOO Confederation and the Annkis Corporation, had agreed to meet at that station, it belongs to the City of Seven Spheres, also known as the Seven Soles, The Aghartians.

From the vehicles came important members of the SIOO, the so-called Lords of the White Order and the human Annkis of avian, largartian, serpentine and humanoid aspects, belonging to different secret orders. They entered the station, and immediately opened the intergalactic communication network with the rest of the alien nations, residing in this Solar System. The communication was extensive, the security measures were extreme, you could not intercept the communication from another network that was not authorized by them.

At first it was difficult to decode the transmission waves they were using, so it was decided to wait and keep watching.
The meetings between this station with the different alien nations were increasing, the meetings, the calls of human personalities recognized among them, the planetary leaders, NOM and BRICS politicians, religious, media and lodges representing the Pyramidal Base . Attending the meetings were the alien elites who legendarily contacted humans, including the Dracos, Arturiana and Aviares.

Some of these meetings were invited to a staff of humans representing the SIOO, the Annkis and the Orion constellation corporations. The elite Aghartianos and others of lesser prestige that inhabit the Tierra Hueca, were in charge of organizing these meetings.

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