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Kp Message 12-14-16… “New Energies… New Structures… (of Light, that is!)”

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Kp Message 12-14-16… “New Energies… New Structures… (of Light, that is!)”

Posted on 2016/12/14 by Kauilapele
Kp Message 12-14-16… “New Energies… New Structures… (of Light, that is!)” 161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_10I’d felt like writing something last night, but it seems to have waited until today to come out. Not exactly sure what it’s going to be.
I’ve been watching quite the number of YouTubes on a variety of things, most of which will never get here… on the blog, that is. Yes, some are about “the election”, some are about “disclosure”, some are about “this one did this, that one did that, and the CIA did all those things as well and George Soros funded everybody“. Information, perhaps.
Anyway, I’ve had to remind myself, “I am not here to figure out ‘the politics stuff'”. I did my thing, made my choices, and if I do not want to talk about any of those things, that is also my choice. And I have the freedom to “depart myself” from such. And although some of the future Kp blog posts may mention those ‘the politics stuff’ things, it is not my place to judge any of it, or “evaluate” any of it. They will all “sort themselves out”, I am sure.
There are many 3D-4D earth type stuff that are of no interest to me. And any time I try to engage my mind-body-heart-spirit in such things, I tend to “fall flat” on my face. They are not my business. Clearly (to me, at least), that is other BEings’ (and beings’… small b) business.
My part is primarily in recognizing and (sometimes) connecting with and assisting The Energies. I know I’ve said that before, but it is still the primary reason I am here. That, and drinking mochas.
As I drove to Hapuna two days ago, I saw lines of Light rising from the ocean. It was clear to me that this was a new energy coming from within both the Earth itself, and the people. Then as I drove back just after sunset, I saw cloud spires rising up which looked something like city buildings… high rise type. These were new buildings, new structures, surrounded by Light… golden Light.
Something Higher Energy (aka, “good”) is going on, folks. No doubt about it!!
Aloha, Kp

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