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10 Things We Know about #FindingAssange #Wikileaks

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10 Things We Know about #FindingAssange #Wikileaks  Sddefault

Published on Dec 14, 2016
A website, called #findingassange .com states that they will be releasing 15,000 emails in less than 25 hours, as part of Julian Assange Inuscance file. They state that Wikileaks has been compromised, and that it is time, to release everything they have. #Wikielaks #FindingAssange


From the Find Assange site:

10 Things We Know about #FindingAssange #Wikileaks  Logo

With the release of this website as well as the information that is soon to be published many people are going to start asking questions. I am going to take a minute to address a few questions but will not follow up with anything more after this.

The entire mission of this website started as a website to avoid the censorship of the mainstream platforms, to allow people to gather & share information regarding Julian Assange's disappearance and everything that came with that, such as PizzaGate. The site was plagued with many problems that prevented its launch to what it was originally intended to be.

As many are aware Julian Assange has been missing since at least October 17th, Wikileaks has been compromised and the government propaganda news organizations such as CNN have created an entirely false narrative that Russia hacked or interfered with the US election process and now the CIA is backing up these ridiculous claims while under the head of no one other than John O. Brennan who owes his entire career to the democratic party, Obama and the Clintons.
Has Iraq tought us nothing about what the CIA says?

This is of course untrue and false information that grossly threatens the democracy of the United States, its national security and the security of the world.

A facebook group was created called "Where is Julian Assange?" from said group a number of people involved started investigating very heavily into all of the details surrounding Assange's disappearance as well as the information that was being tampered with on Wikileaks file system. During their investigation, they were able to extract 15,000 John Podesta emails that were never published as well as discovered the passwords to two of the WikiLeaks Insurance files when one member successfully broke into the email system used by the original members of Wikileaks.

The lead person running the investigation decided what they had found was too risky to release, if Assange was still alive and these were the only things keeping him alive, he would surely be killed as well as had concerns for his own safety.

They immediately stopped investigating any further after only having a chance to review less than 1/5th of the contents and decided it was best to let the professional activists do what they do best to avoid becoming targets themselves by these very dangerous people. As time progressed we reached the point we are at today, The US Government is continuing to engage in pushing this very false information and the truth must be exposed.

The lead member of the investigation from the Facebook group has decided to move forward with releasing all of the information uncovered as if Assange was around he would want nothing more than to protect the safety of the people of the United States but also the entire world from these dangerous politically motivated actions these people are about to make on false information and the free spread of information under freedom of the press.

This brings us to today the very early morning of December the 13th, when this site is now live. Everything has been put in place to ensure the distribution of this information is successful and the world will soon know the truth about all the dirty actions of Obama's Administration, the Clintons and the rest of their group of "elites". The information uncovered will be published here at for download as well as emailed to 125 unbiased journalists personal email addresses and another 50 media outlets as well as copies of everything have been provided to 15 activists to ensure its release.
We as the people must stand up, speak out and not let these inhumane, illegal actions continue.

With that I leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson

"A Little Rebellion Now and Then is a Good Thing"

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