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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » ANNA VON REITZ » About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3 by Anna von Reitz

About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3 by Anna von Reitz

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About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3
by Anna von Reitz

Our military, like all major militaries of the world, has a long and despicable history of using our soldiers and the "domestic population"---- anyone unlucky enough to be considered either a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States" as guinea pigs for weapons tests and for drugs and all sorts of other heinous invasive procedures.
The reason this is allowed to go on is that when you sign up and enter the US military you become a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN---- a slave, literally, subject to the whims of Congress and the DOD. So you have unknowingly given monsters control of your body unto death, and they are free to cause your death in any way they please---- send you into battle, let your freeze to death in quarters, abandon you at Benghazi, inject you with horrible drug concoctions, expose you to "spent uranium" artillery shells, Agent Orange----- whatever.
If more people know that, they would never sign up and join the United States Armed Forces at all.
Also, most people who receive their DD214 and who are officially "Discharged" from such service assume that they are out of the woods and no longer classified as MUNICIPAL CITIZENS once they leave the Army, Air Force, Navy, etc.
Wrong. That's the way it used to be.
Nowadays you have to write a letter to the heads of these service branches and to the Secretary of Defense and the State Secretary of State where you live, plainly stating that you have been honorably discharged and have "retired" from any political status or association with the United States and are now returned to your birthright status as an American state national. And you have to keep a copy of this and proof of mailing, so that if anyone claims you are still under contract and agreement to act as a "United States Citizen" and be subject to the whims of Congress and have given up your constitutional protections---- you can tell them, "Go blow and do it sideways.".
The same claims have been advanced against the "domestic population" of "citizens of the United States", so that anyone on welfare, anyone who is claiming political asylum, anyone of African American descent, anyone who is a dependent of a military or civilian employee of the "federal corporation(s)", anyone who is cluelessly claiming and tolerating the presumption of "MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP" and accepting the labels associated with it---- can similarly be imposed upon and killed and experimented upon like animals in a test laboratory.
If you want a good example and proof that what I am saying is true---- and also proof that weather modification exists, all in one swoop, go look up the United Nations ENMOD Treaty from 1974. That Treaty not only addresses the use and misuse of geo-engineering, it stipulates that any country conducting research into such weaponry and systems can only use their own domestic population and country to experiment on.
Let's see....1974, 1984, 1994, 2004, 2014.....I count that as 42 years that it has been fully and officially admitted that weather modification exists and that "weather warfare" was seen as a problem requiring international treaties, so please, someone tell me why there is any controversy about this being "real"?
But even more interesting from my standpoint--- is the provision that "domestic populations" could be used as guinea pigs.
So what is a "domestic" population? In this case, it means "domestic" or "internal" population with respect to the "United States". All the rest of us, American state nationals, exist "without" the United States and its territorial and municipal jurisdictions. We don't "reside" here. We live here.
And the big problem for these con men and liars is that as soon as the people wake up and stop putting up with this mis-representation, the bastards among us don't have a leg left to stand on or a word left to say.
All those chem trails in the sky? You are being poisoned as a "domestic population".
The poison, Fluoride, being added to your water? You are being controlled as a "domestic population".
The mercury in your vaccines?
The hundreds of untested drugs flooding the market and resulting in millions of law suits? That's all okay, because, guess what?
You are all being considered "domestic" with respect to the "United States"----and subject to every whim of the Congress and the three Commissioners running the District of Columbia.
Oh, and all their good buddies---- Monsanto, Proctor, Pfizer, etc., etc., etc.,
Recently, I've been receiving all sorts of piteous, terrible stories about people being "targeted" by electromagnetic radiation devices. These stories come primarily from immigrants to this country, who have unknowingly agreed to serve as "citizens of the United States"----- slaves, guinea pigs---- so it is not unlikely that yes, they are being used as targets and experimented upon by the DOD or its subcontractors.
Why not? They are foreigners, yet they are also considered "domestic".
The guys twisting the dials are probably being fed Shinola, too, being told that these people are dangerous "domestic" terrorists----- note the word "domestic" again?
That sounds like a better excuse to torture innocent people than being told that Dr. Mengele's nephew is curious about the effect of long term exposure to concentrated ULF radiation.
What to do about it? Move to a different country until we get things sorted out, would be my best advice.
America is no longer the sanctuary of sanity that it once was, because we have criminals and madmen in control of the "governmental services corporations" and their subcontractors, the "agencies" are even worse.
Look at LaVoy Finicum? --Purposefully ambushed and murdered in cold blood by "agency personnel"---- private subcontractors operating under the old "FBI" brand name, working for the same holding company calling itself the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" that also employs the "BLM"---- the "agency" subcontractors that have been trying to seize and sell land and other moveable assets that actually belong to us, the American state nationals.
I haven't looked, but most likely, LaVoy was an honorably discharged former American serviceman---- so the rats just "presumed" that he was still in the political status of a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN, and fair game to murder without responsibility or result.
Yeah, "make an example of him" and scare all the rest of the sheep. Keep them from reclaiming their land and other assets, so we can steal at will, with no danger to our bosses or our precious little selves.
Don't believe me? Have the men responsible for the purposeful black-hearted cowardly murder of LaVoy Finicum been arrested and charged?
Have the Bundys been released, despite being found "not guilty"? No, yet another totally bogus, foreign "State of State" corporate franchise operation is holding them under the false presumption that they are "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States", that is, good little subjects of the Queen and the British Crown, merely "residing" here for the purpose of providing government services, and as "domestics" subject to any outrage against their persons or property.
Ever heard servants called "domestics" in British Regency dramas on BBC?
Wake up!
Please, America. Please, wake up. You all need to put your political status flat on the record and reclaim your status as American state nationals. You need to rebut the piles of paper that these monsters have created as a means to make false claims about you-----and to "redefine" you as a territorial or municipal "citizen" subject to them and their control.
Self-declare your political status as an American state national and make it stick.

Thanks to Anna via fakebook


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