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Out Of Mind » SCAMTASTIC RV/GCR NEWS - SHADY CHARACTERS, CHARLETONS & THOSE DETERMINED TO STOP THEM! » Dave Schmidt » Dave Schmidt: Dec. 16th Currency Exchange Special Report Newsletter

Dave Schmidt: Dec. 16th Currency Exchange Special Report Newsletter

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Dave does NOT want the following letter, below, posted anywhere.

The letter, posted below, is only meant for the folks involved in Dave's scam that he is running.

So that there is no confusion, the letter, posted below, is the one he's talking about.

Please help get the word out which letter Dave doesn't posted and include the letter for reference!


From: "Dave Schmidt, The Sedona Connection" <>
Date: December 16, 2016 at 7:47:48 PM CST
Subject: Dec. 16th,  Currency Exchange Special Report

Dave Schmidt
The Sedona Connection, LLC
The Sedona Connection Foundation 

  December 16, 2016

[size=19]DEAR FRIENDS, 

I want to give this update to those of you that are on the private exchange list separate from the general newsletter list. 

THIS LETTER IS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. It is not to be posted in any manner to a blog site, public site, etc. Any blog administrator responsible for their sites content and who post this letter is hereby placed on notice they will be held accountable for potential future legal action and potential legal charges filed against them.

As you know we continue to experience various delays in this process.  It can be frustrating at times and even downright discouraging as we continue to hope for and anticipate the funding to come through.  While the wait for us can appear to be dragging on, that is nothing compared to those who started this original process close to 70 years ago.

This is a world changing event; it's an event that has to be done correctly and to make sure that it will not backfire as the other previous attempts have done so.  For almost three years I've been saying that the cabal has to be neutralized, or the term I've been using, the need to be neutered.  They need to be brought to a position where they no longer have the power to step in and abscond and take control of the release of these funds.

The funders are very patient, they will not rush this process, and nothing will be released until they are convinced it is safe to move the money through the banking channels that are necessary.

This is all about safety; it's not about you and me when we get our money.  We are secondary to this process but yet still a very large part of it.

For all practical purposes it appeared we were right on the verge of having things released this past week.  But as I mentioned on the broadcast program last Wednesday night, this process is like a chess game.  The opposition can make a single move that can change the whole chess board, requiring the funders to reevaluate the next move.

While I cannot say that this is certain, I'm beginning to receive reports that we may have another delay.  The election of Donald Trump was a surprise to all of us as well as to the funders.  They really did not expect him to win.  For us that was a good move on the chessboard as he is been mentioned to be a very strong supporter of this RV/GCR process.  But, it also set other moves in motion with the cabal.  They have been making some moves that were not anticipated by the funders.  This has required the funders to do another assessment around safety procedures. 

Minimally I don't think we're going to expect to see anything happen until the electors vote for Donald Trump next week, if not until after the inauguration on Jan 20th. 

We're seeing attempts by the Bush/Clinton regime to stop that process.  While it is another delay for us, it does bring out another level of the deep corruption within the Bush/Clinton regime.  These attempts are exposing more of their minions who are attempting to stop this process.

We need to remember the cabal will do whatever it takes to stop this RV/GCR.  This is the end of their centuries of power, manipulation and control of keeping us in financial slavery.  They do not go down easily.

So right now, it appears the funders are waiting to see what's going to transpire next week.  We may also see this delay continue on until the inauguration on Jan 20th.  While these reports are still preliminary there is a very high potential we may not see something until after the new administration is in place.

So as I've mentioned, do not quit your day jobs.  We just don't know how long this is going to take, but we do know it will be a world changing event when it transpires.

It is very important for us to stay positive, stay focused, and continue to believe this change is coming our way.

On another note, there been a lot are reports being posted on the blog sites that I am involved as a scammer.  People will believe what they want to believe.  These people who are reporting that I'm a scammer are the same ones who are saying that you're going be able to exchange your currencies in a public manner at very high rates.  I covered this topic extensively in the first half hour of the broadcast program last Wednesday night, the December 14th program. It is posted on my You Tube channel if you want to go back and listen to the replay.

I've used the metaphor term that this process is the 21st century gold rush.  Gold rushes are filled with fever, gold rushes are filled with illusions, and gold rushes are filled with people believing in visions that are absolutely crazy. 

People become so deeply invested in their beliefs and illusions that they cannot conceive of them never happening regardless of the facts presented to them.  The deep beliefs blind them to a practical reality in a real world. So therefore regardless of what you present to them as being practical and down to earth, such as their beliefs would require over a quadrillion dollars to pay for their scenario, they refuse to look at those facts as a different possible scenario.

It is the classic example of cognitive dissonance.  They're so deeply entrenched in the belief of their illusion that they cannot conceive of anything else even being possible.  When the facts are presented to them, the thought of giving up that belief is so painful; they refuse to even consider there is another possibility.

Psychology 101 teaches these are projections of the internal pain created by their own deeply held belief systems.  The possibility of their beliefs not transpiring is so painful internally that they have to project the pain onto somebody or something else. The internal pain is projected as attack onto someone or something else.

Almost all forms of attack onto others are projected internal pains we do not want to hold within.

Because I am the public face that is in opposition to their beliefs, they're only left with projecting me as a scammer to protect their beliefs.

People will believe what they want to believe, at the end of the day it is always our freedom of choice to choose what we want to believe.

No one forces you to be a part of this process. You choose to be here and you are free to not participate at any time. You are always free to leave this list at any time if you feel this is not for you.

So as of now, there is nothing more that you need to do.  By receiving this letter, you are on the list for when it is time to proceed.  And as I've mentioned, nothing else needs to be done until round one is funded.  There is nothing more that I need from you or that you need to do other than stay positive, continue to stay focused, and continue to pray for the unfolding of this process to be completed.

Thank you for listening!




Dear Dave:

You say:

"These people who are reporting that I'm a scammer are the same ones who are saying that you're going be able to exchange your currencies in a public manner at very high rates". 

Please note:
I am saying you are a scammer but I am not saying people will be able to exchange at a high rate.
You see there are some of us that think all of you scammers are full of shit as this does not apply to only you.

You say:
"Almost all forms of attack onto others are projected internal pains we do not want to hold within".

Actually this is yet more of your bullshit. People all over the dinar community are merely waking up to the scamola that you have been pulling off for years is all. So get used to it!



Dave Schmid wrote:Almost all forms of attack onto others are projected internal pains we do not want to hold within.

Dave seems to be doing a lot of attacking onto others. LOL

He has quite a bit of damage control to do as his scam is getting more exposure.


Sam I Am wrote:Okay, so it's cognitive dissonance to believe in an RV that requires a quadrillion dollars to conduct public exchanges at high rates, but it's perfectly reasonable to believe that a disgraced former state senator who espouses New Age beliefs and chases UFOs was selectively chosen as the coordinator of the private exchanges for prosperity packages that have been in the works for nearly 70 years awaiting the demise of the cabal, and will be funded by tens of thousands of tons of gold secretly held by the Asian Dragon family???

Got it!


Does Dave visit this site purps?

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


He said he did in several of his you tubes. Said if I published another of his super secret emails like the one above his lawyers would be involved. This was in the same rant on how I stopped the RV last June when one of his secret emails found it's way here for all to see.
Yep that is correct!!! He actually blamed the stopping of the RV on me because I posted one of his stupid emails that Daystar had posted on Dinar Daily.
If that and that alone does not prove to people what a scamming liar this dork is I don't know what will!



Hello Dave

Have you a scrap of evidence to prove anything you have said about RV or related issues at any time in the last few years?

As one who used to take in interest in what you said I am curious that as of today you have yet to prove any of what you said is correct. I would very much like to see you produce something of substance to substantiate what you have said previously.

Please give my regards to "VERITAS" he/she/it must be having a break

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"




ahahaha sums it all up! lol




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