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Ascension Symptoms

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Ascension Symptoms

Posted on December 21, 2016 by truthearth

(Note: I like to use the pyramid shape for various blog cover images as we use it in healthcare as shorthand for ‘change’ so I am definitely not a New World Order/Illuminati Agent as some have accused me of.)
So I wanted to do a short but important post about various symptoms I’ve been experiencing as these energies continue to pummel us and this planet with the strength of Thor’s Hammer, and no that is not an exaggeration.
Now I have to note that I can’t really tell the difference between scalar/psychic/psychotronic attack and ascension symptoms as they are similar. If you research both of these topics you will find the experiences are almost the same. Although one thing that Cobra mentioned in one of his interviews is that someone under attack will experience very unpleasant symptoms:
C : Sometimes there are symptoms of transformation because the body needs to adjust to new frequency, and sometimes yes there are scalar attacks also, so both is happening.
P : Hmm so is there a way to identify which one I’m getting ?
C : Usually the scalar attacks are very unpleasant, the ascension symptoms or shall we say frequency adjustment symptoms are different, they are not so negative, they are not pressuring you down they are just adjustment. But scalar are usually very unpleasant.
P : So, very unpleasant, can you give some examples of such unpleasantness ?
C : They can influence your body functions, heart rate, they can trigger strange sensations in the body, they can trigger very intense negative emotions, they can trigger headaches, this is just a few of the symptoms that can happen as a result of scalar attacks.
I’d also like to add that as a healthcare worker there are a variety of everyday ailments that cause some of these symptoms so not everything is an ascension symptom or attack. The obligatory ‘use your best judgement and discernment’ precaution applies here.
The most awakened people will end up experiencing these ascension symptoms and attacks as they are the key to the shift of the ages and our consciousness has ‘authorized’ these things to occur to us personally.

  • Eye Sensitivity/Blurry Vision

Recently I’ve been experiencing very intense eye soreness and sensitivity. At work I have to lower the brightness of the computer screen and I do the same here at home. It comes and goes but it is the current symptom I have been experiencing as of the time of this writing.
One day I did experience some temporary blindness. It scared the dickens out of me as I just left my apartment to go running. I was running down the sidewalk and one of my eyes had started to cloud up and everything became blurry and shimmery, almost like a kaleidoscope. I removed the contact I had in that eye thinking that was the problem but it wasn’t so I hurried home and my vision returned. I only experienced this one time and it hasn’t happened since.

  • Nausea

This one comes randomly and leaves on its own. It can be light to intense. I experienced this today actually and it wasn’t too bad.

  • Dizziness/Vertigo

I went through a period of about a week or so where I couldn’t even bend over without my whole world spinning around like I was drunk. I remember being in bed and making an effort to not turn as I would get the ‘spins’ for a few moments before it settled. I was so happy when the whole thing passed. It gave me a new respect for people who live with this everyday.

  • Ringing Ears

This has been occurring frequently, in both ears, both high/medium/low tones and has been going on since the beginning of my awakening. It usually lasts a few seconds to a few minutes.

  • Brain Fog

This one really irks me. I am only 26 but I already experience pretty bad neurological problems, ones I don’t tell anyone about, except for now in this post. My existing problems are amplified from time to time and I will barely be able to think about anything for more than a few seconds before slipping into La La Land.
It feels like being moderately medicated. This has been the worst symptom so far. My existing problem is similar to Dementia, I will go to try and think and nothing will happen. It is like being in a prisoner in my own body. I’ve taken care of Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients and my experiences are very similar, sadly.

  • Dietary Changes/Digestion Issues

This one has been quite the interesting set of experiences! Some days I ‘go’ several times and other times I will go a day or two without any ‘action’. I don’t want to be too vulgar, although some of you I know don’t mind discussing bodily functions, I’d like to keep it Disney for the time being.
Some days my digestion is perfect and there are no problems and other days it feels like I need to send in a repair person.
I have always experimented with fasting and various cleanses over the last few years and I noticed that I will not want to eat at certain times I would normally be eating and fast at other times. I just take it day by day.
My cravings for food have been varying also. Since I have restricted my diet to what some would call extreme, gluten-free/vegan/organic, I am not able to eat anything like others have during this time of changing pallets, tastes and bodily wants. I generally avoid fried foods but would get down on some soy curls once in a while if I really felt like having it. I am also eating as many raw fruits and veggies as possible to raise my vibration as many people in our community have recommended.

  • Twitching/Muscle Spams

These have been occurring for a while now and, like the ringing in the ears, is a consistent and sometimes over-the-top experience to have. There are moments when my entire body jumps like I’ve been de-fibrillated. Usually it’s just a random body part that jumps or twitches but it happens many times throughout the day.
I remember one time trying to take a nap on my couch, I was lying down flat and the next thing I know my torso jumps into a sitting position and I go back down to the couch and I am not being overly dramatic. This happened only once so far. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen at work or else i’ll be dragged down to the E.R. by my co-workers! Ha.

  • Mild to Extreme Fatigue

Oh man, this one is a real bummer. There is no warning of this fatigue coming on. There are days when I do the bare minimum at work. I don’t help out, I just sit in my chair and hope there are no emergencies that would make be expend what little energy I had woken up with that day. I recall days where I considered calling into work because I had no idea how I was going to function for 12 hours. But somehow I did it.
Sometimes I have so much energy I don’t even know what to do with myself. It is strange to experience the extremes of these symptoms. Some of them happening back to back; Extreme fatigue and then lots of energy and motivation!

  • Headaches/Head Pain

These have been occurring randomly but consistently throughout this whole process. Sometimes I will experience a sharp shooting pain in one part of my head and it feels like it’s coming from my brain, even though the brain can’t feel pain, i’m guessing it’s the non-physical astral/mental/etheric brain/mind. There are times when I feel this very intense magnetic warping sensation in my head/brain area. It makes it difficult to think sometimes but it is tolerable, well it has to be tolerable right? Don’t have much of a choice!

  • Heart Pain/Palpitations

I must add the other obligatory disclaimer here and say that if you are not sure about your symptoms and experiences to get yourself check out by a doctor, especially if they are heart-related. People with chest pain almost always go to the front of the line. Now with that out of the way I can share my heart attack-like experience.
I was waking up one day and found myself experiencing a very intense pain in my heart. It only lasted for a few seconds but holy s***. If this is what a heart attack feels like I really feel bad for those folks who have had one. At first I thought it was the Cabal trying to rub me out for good as I was making tons and tons of Orgonite at the time, something they really don’t like. But then I thought okay what if it’s an ascension symptom? This is where I became confused about the difference between ascension symptoms and scalar attack.
I did hook myself up to an EKG monitor when I got to work that night and everything was peachy-keen so I just went about my business and Orgonite making after that. I came here to complete my mission and that’s what I intend to do.
I also experience regular heart palpitations and they come and go randomly. I am not worried about them as they are only temporary and my EKG always turns out fine.

  • Mood/Emotions

This part of the whole process has been the most taxing. My mood will jump around wildly from happy to sad to irritated beyond reason, sometimes all in one hour! I feel bad for my co-workers as I will randomly become annoyed and upset over nothing. Other days are amazing and it’s like I’m on the set of Spongebob Squarepants, laughing and giggling away while people look at me like I’ve gone totally mad.
There was one time when I was just sitting down quietly and thinking to myself, I am going to go crazy, I am seriously about to lose my mind right now. I felt this intense silent but imminent loss of sanity. It lasted for several minutes and I was beyond relieved when it was over. This has happened a couple of times so far.
I’ve felt a very intense, long and drawn-out anxiety which occurs even now an some occasions. Sometimes it is very overwhelming as I will be at work when it happens and other times I just don’t know what to do with myself. I am certain that if I lived with someone they would have committed me to a mental hospital by now. Lol.
I experience days of total bliss and unimaginable calm, peace and happiness. These are the days I love the most as there is nothing that can shake this particular state of mind.

  • Ascension Symptoms in Others

This has been very interesting to observe. I have seen very strange behavior from the hospital staff and my immediate co-workers. Some of them getting into very nonsensical arguments which lead no where and others having arguments in a loop with there being no resolution. I am not judging of course but am reporting what I feel is behavior based on energetic changes impacting all levels of our being and transmuting that which needs to be revealed, exposed and healed.
Television shows have been telling about these changes for a long time now. Let’s take Star Trek for instance. In the episode below we have a character who is forcibly removed by his tyrannical government to be destroyed when the Enterprise rescues him.
He begins to display remarkable healing, psychic and mental abilities which the ship’s doctor cannot explain. This being ultimately transforms into a being of light, as we are doing now. Before he experiences this Ascension event he exhibits various physical and mental symptoms, much like we are experiencing now:

This was also depicted in the hit show StarGate SG-1 when one of the main characters, Daniel, dies in a hospital bed but ascends into a higher dimensional being and continues the story in the show from there. I highly, highly recommend watching this show as they make Ascension a very important and critical part of the story and information release:

In StarGate Atlantis the team finds Atlantian ruins in, you’re gonna love this, Antarctica and reoccupy them as a base. They discover amazing technology and even, Ascension chambers. This is a technology that was used to help a being speed up the Ascension process time:
Ascension Symptoms Latest?cb=20130731073755
An Atlantian Ascension Machine Discovered in the Ancient Atlantian Ruins in Antarctica. One of the Main Characters ‘Rodney’ is Experiencing an Ascension with this Technology
I’m sure there are other shows that depict this type of information but these two are the ones I chose as many people have seen them and the photos and videos are a good representation of what we think would happen if we saw this.
This is all I wanted to share for now everyone. I’d like to hear your experiences so far with these energies, i’m sure they are interesting. Thanks for reading and much love as always <333

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