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The greatness of your freedom By Jon Rappoport

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1 The greatness of your freedom By Jon Rappoport on Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:05 am


The greatness of your freedom

Dec22  by Jon Rappoport  

The greatness of your freedom
By Jon Rappoport
These are notes I made prior to putting together my second collection, Exit From The Matrix, which contains a large series of exercises designed to increase creative power:
“You need to start from the recognition of your freedom. That’s the open door. Everything flows from there. If you believe you aren’t free, or can’t be, then things shut down. Then you’re working on a grossly limited scale.”
“Freedom is something you perceive, something you take, something you assume. It’s Possibility here and there and everywhere. Societies and civilizations aren’t built, beyond a certain point, to encourage possibility. They’re built to be systems.”
“What is freedom for? Colleges, if they were so inclined (and they aren’t), could build four-year curricula around that single question. Freedom is certainly a quality that pertains to the individual. You. Freedom implies invention, imagination. It’s the field in which imagination operates. It’s the field all sorts of people, for various reasons, want to shut down. Those people are misaligned, mistaken, and misguided. They propose ideas that are immediately limiting. The trick is to contemplate ideas that aren’t limiting at all.”
“Freedom is a greatness. It isn’t small. It isn’t a grant given out by an authority. If a person sees the greatness of freedom, he can then imagine a future that is also great. Expansive. Multiplying.”
“People bump up against great and open ideas in their minds on a regular basis. They can choose to stop and consider those ideas and appreciate them and utilize them, or they can move along to much smaller and narrower ideas and take hold of them and build their lives around them.”
“For many people freedom has the whiff of danger. That’s an illusion. The real danger is abandoning freedom and leaving it on the side of the road.”
“If the future closes up and what’s left over is mundane and unexciting, imagination takes a holiday. It leaves a note on the kitchen table that says, ‘I’m leaving town. Let me know when you’re ready to launch the adventure of your life. Then I’ll be back in a flash.”
“You could say that freedom is a state of mind. But it isn’t a naturally occurring state of mind. You can’t depend on it showing up. You need to assume it, like the premise of an argument. Except you aren’t arguing. You’re launching.”
“It doesn’t matter how the fact of your freedom affects anyone else. In the long run, you’re leaving a trace of what you have with others. They can react against it or for it in their own minds, but they’ll remember it. They’ll know, at some level, that they can assume freedom for themselves.”
“Freedom and imagination are brothers. One brother strengthens the other. Inspires the other. This is a magnificent thing. This climbs mountains to the highest peaks. This transforms existence.”
“Together, freedom and imagination are more real than reality. They make new reality. They provoke, on a physical level, the cells of the body to energize and percolate with the fervent desire to participate in a grand future…”

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