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Stretching Happy

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Stretching Happy
Posted on December 23, 2016  by  Soren Dreier
Author: Soren Dreier
Stretching Happy Happy2
Let’s face it – not too many people in the “I’m happy” department of self development actually are.
That is why they are there. To find it.
The holiday season shows up, and some complain about transportation, about the company of family, about the food, about the whole scenario.
Well – stay put Dolores. Do not move an inch. Create that Happy on your own terms and according to your needs.
It is still the Ego interfering, but it’s also something deeper, and something cultural.
I’ve never advocated the total take down of all Ego issues, since in times where you fight for your physical or spiritual survival there still are some very good things in the high frequency department of the Ego, which I refer to as: Character/Personality.
The cultural part that makes some stay put in self-pity and an overcomplicated idea of themselves is the programming via the media.
Number one: good news rarely stands alone if it’s even there. In movies and TV series, the actors find a high frequency moment of love, good things, a promotion, and are basically allowed by the screenwriter (the Screenwriter is the Old Testament God of the People that he brought to life) to stay in that for less than 5 minutes and then calamity sets in and the characters are suddenly caught in some kind of disaster.
If your reality is such that when good stuff happens to you, you would expect some bad stuff to happen, you plugged into that programming and an idea could be to dissolve it.
Then there’s the spiritual collective.
Most of us are brought up in a Christian society and still carry the programming around that life is basically tormenting and based on suffering and by going through the pain of that, we get to sit by Jesus’ right side in Heaven. Underlying programming: “You won’t be that happy in this life, and if you are, you should really feel bad about it since Jesus died on the Cross for you.”
It’s the thick guilt of the Christian church, where the Catholic business model made a cash register for redemption and now an app for confessing your sins. If anyone really wants to take that hoax seriously they are more than welcome. It’s impossible to find sense in that so that would be the big ticket to: I’m a sinner so I do not deserve to be happy.
We have to shake it off, and many do. In their search for finding Happy they go to the East Church, where Buddha isn’t suffering (openly) but sitting with a smile.
Then we have the Therapeutic Industry, for whom it’s a poor business model to heal people too fast. They can keep you entrapped for years. I know people who have seen the same therapist for 12 years.
Seems like it isn’t working as goes for healing, but it’s working perfectly if you want confirmation that your life, in your own perception – not mine, is a success. Many are in it for the attention, since every Popular Problem these days seems to require an audience. What suffering worth if there isn’t an audience?
Most really do not know ´Happy’. They would still need to define it as a feeling that comes only in the absence of troubles. That is equivalent to defining good health as a physical state determined by the absence of illness. (That is Big Pharma programming)
Say adios to all this and take responsibly for your positive feeling or you won’t move one meter toward the thing you’re seeking: A life defined as a happy life, which doesn’t embed you turning a blind eye to all the bad stuff in this world.
The first step: Be in this world but not of it. Do not get sucked in emotionally. This shows the difference in being sentimental or heart based. The heart holds brain cells and can think and feel on its own. (Cutting edge science now confirms what saints and rishis have known for millennia.)
Let the world pass by, it has it dramas. If you step out of them you can see them more clearly, and you can mend the stuff in it that you feel a need to mend. If you can’t do that, you can offer spiritual support to the Matrix Demolition Crews who roll up their sleeves every day and really go to work on this. You might not agree with them, see them as ‘unspiritual’, but that’s your own projection of specialness. We are many and we all express our life force differently.
The second step is to learn how to stretch positive emotions, which as I wrote, is a bit of a struggle due to the programming mentioned, but the tools that most have in their toolbox don’t account for this.
People are so good at stretching emotions that are low frequency emotions. Like, “I´m sad.” This can go on for months – because we all know what sad is, and due to the programming, even the most aware actually endorse it, either for financial reasons or because they do not want you to be unconcerned, well embedded in your own personal ‘Zen’ and feeling the awe of Bliss.
They stretch sad, weary, and what have we until it becomes a State of Mind, and that is where emotions morph into a long-term emotion, which we know can become a state of mind, in this case: Depression. Statistically, a depression takes 2.5 years to live out and through, either with Matrix Big Industry Drugs or without.
Most people’s relationship with happy will come out like this:
It’s very, very socially acceptable to be in some public transportation putting on the mask of ‘sad and weary’ because everyone in the bus or train knows that. So, everybody’s comfy with it. You are no threat. But if you should start giggling, smiling a bit too wide and maybe burst into laughter, there is a really good chance that you will be thrown out of the transportation, since you’re probably emotionally unstable, drunk or on drugs.
I will let that picture stand for a bit – since it says it all, doesn’t it?
A vortex point that every spiritually sound practice agrees on is: Stop caring about what other people think of you. When you can do that you have taken a very crucial step towards your own salvation.
This should give you the freedom to stretch every good emotion that hits you, either provided by circumstances in your life that turn out positive for you or just by random influxes of pure bliss. Those random influxes rarely come from an external source, which sadly most people think. They are telepathic impulses from your soul, which at some point down the road you have taken for yourself, starting to communicate with your ego/character.
Most people simply think, by default, that such impulses come from: The God Force, Uni or whatever we label that force. That means you’re still not seeing ‘happy’ as your natural state. Via Matrix programming or New Age programming you have bought into ‘happy’ as being far out of reach.
There are these beautiful soul moving influxes from the Great Beyond that will hit you by the Grace of the God Force, Jesus, Buddha, cool vibes or whatever you label them as, but it is your own doing first – the telepathic bridge between Ego and Soul. Spanning that, the might of the Uni will manifest.
And still – some people are just hit by the celestial and have a moment of influx that will impact them for a lifetime. But actually, it’s all three. Many spirituality engaged people see it only as a divine intervention. That point of view actually supports the: I’m not worthy and I do not have these powers inside myself. That’s a trap, folks.
Stretching happy is a question of energy and how to keep it steady in order to stretch it.
Here is an example that holds the dynamics of it:
I have known four people who won the lottery, big time, with ‘Big Time’ understood as the amount was life altering. When they found out they won they got very happy. Over the roof, body shaking happy. After 24 hours, they were all sad.
What happened was that they couldn’t contain the energy of: Happy.
They rushed to the phone and told everybody. They went on social media and let the whole world know. Maybe it’s a natural reaction? Yes, in the Matrix it would be, along with: disaster strikes, got to tell – I need an audience.
Spiritually it’s a no-go. Because you would want to stretch ‘Happy’, and when you let it out there’s no more inside, only weary and the very problematic issue of: What to do with all that money? Suddenly the source or the reason for Happy is watered out.
Same as meeting The Big Love, got to tell everybody. Maybe not.
Contain it and use it as inner fuel to penetrate the “I am not worthy of this” programming, and “If I win Big Time, I´ll ship a million to Greenpeace.” What? Greenpeace is a Matrix construct, controlled opposition, like so many of these entities are, but that’s not the issue here. The real issue is that you’re caught up still in the programming of you are not worthy of having this good luck, so you better get rid of some of it. You can do that after you get accustomed to your good luck and are comfortable with it and do not feel somehow guilty or unworthy anymore.
Generous people, who are generous for the right reasons, can be like angels on this planet. Either they are generous through their energy, or they are more practically generous and know how to help people who are in financial stress, or they ship a large donation to the rangers in the Congo, who are protecting the last of the Elephants to roam this earth.
First of all, be generous towards yourself and use the good that you feel is happening to you to stretch the ‘feeling good’ room inside, well aware that there still is stuff to deal with, spiritually, psychologically.
So, if good stuff hits you – look in and say: Thank you Bro. Then look up and say: Thank You.
The good stuff is the fabric of which Happy are woven, until we can go happy for no ‘apperent’ reason. It becomes a state of mind.
You know what? It has already found you. Step out of complicated and it will manifest right before your eyes. It was there all of this time, maybe you didn’t notice?
©2016 Soren Dreier – Feel free to share this post with link back.

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