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Answer to Milt Farrow, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Seven by Anna von Reitz

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Answer to Milt Farrow, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Seven
by Anna von Reitz

Some Americans--at least the ones I consort with--- know that the Petro Dollar was engineered by Kissinger because we are consistently the top EXPORTER of refined oil products in the world and always have been.
(Get a clue: we are also the main supplier of guns and weapons and "defense supplies and materials". We never re-tooled our industries for peace time after World War II. We kept right on chugging out the same old crap and developing new versions of it and promoting wars for profit all over the world.)
Other Americans think that we are in constant dire need of oil and can never get enough oil----- and don't make the distinction between crude oil ---- the raw material that we can't get enough of, and refined oil products--- which we can't offload fast enough.
Beyond paying for part of the nasty government operations none of us approve of, none of this has anything to do with Arabs buying Treasury Bonds. Arabs do that because they figure that Treasury Bonds are a good safe place to store the value of their money, and as long as the world has an oil-based economy, they are right.
When Big Oil goes down as a result of new technology being released all those who have depended on the value of oil to back-stop their currencies and foreign trade markets, most especially the US and Russia and the Middle Eastern countries, will suffer greatly.
The big monetary struggle between gold and fiat currencies isn't quite what it seems. It is actually a struggle between gold and oil-based currencies, and it is in fact two asset based systems on a collision course, one that stands to be greatly impacted by the death of Big Oil and one that does not.
The governments have been trying for some time to figure out a way to tax Big Oil and make it more profitable for more countries around the world, thereby reducing the motivation to either release Free Energy technology or base competing economies on a gold standard.
They came up with the scheme to impose a "Carbon Tax" to even things out and extract more money for other countries out of the oil based currencies. This is all hokum and excuses to buy political accords that will allow the continuation of Big Oil and economies based on Big Oil.
And no matter how oppressive the supporting regimes are or how wishful the thinking of the Pope and other western supporters of this scheme, it can't ultimately work. At best, it can delay the death of Big Oil.
Why do I say that? Because progress is based on science and science is based on truth and sooner or later, the truth always comes out. It doesn't matter how many scientists you kill or buy off or how many university chairs you fund. Physics is physics. Free energy will emerge. It will emerge here or it will emerge in China or it will emerge in Iceland or it will emerge in Russia.....but it will emerge. And when it does, Big Oil will dwindle rather quickly into a economic footnote.
If the governments simply put their creative abilities to work on meeting new needs and new challenges, we wouldn't have to go through this ridiculous turkey trot. The world survived the end of the whale oil industry and it can survive the end of Big Oil, too.
The Oil Barons need to find a new need to meet and given the proclivity of mankind to be needy, that should be no big deal, but so far, they have been astonishingly stupid and panicky. For example, they have tried to corner the market on fresh water and destroy natural aquifers, thinking that they can lay hold of a resource that people need even more than they need oil.
That isn't going to work, for the same reason that suppression of Free Energy won't work.
Also, when people get thirsty and dirty, they get just as angry as when they are hungry or cold---- and the Oil Barons and Gold Barons and all the other "Barons" and their henchmen--- have the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolutions to think upon. Seriously.
At a certain point, the rest of us have had enough and decide to overturn the control mechanisms and money machines, and when we do, the selfish power brokers and monopoly hogs and dishonest politicians are the first to go.
So while the Oil Barons and politicians are desperately casting about trying to find a replacement commodity for oil, and most Americans are continuing to make ignorant assumptions about nearly everything and everyone based on Mainstream Media propaganda, it's time to broaden the discussion among those who have a brain left.
If America isn't selling the world refined oil products and armaments for wars nobody will support anymore, what can we sell as a value-added product that will replace oil and guns?
That is the actual, factual, get-down-to-it problem that we are facing, and because we are facing this dilemma, we are making the rest of the world face it, too.
How do we beat our guns into plowshares and make a profit?

Thanks to Anna via fakebook


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