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Chinese Gold, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 8 by Anna von Reitz

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Chinese Gold, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 8
by Anna von Reitz

Anyone who has bothered to listen to news outside the box for the past several years has heard rumors of vast hordes of "Chinese gold" in Indonesia, etc., etc.
You've also heard mindless claims that all the gold of Africa got mined and transported over the Silk Road to China, because, supposedly, the Chinese would only take gold in trade.
That is all plain out-and-out nonsense. The Chinese traditionally traded in jade and in food, because then as now, they had a large impoverished population and relatively little arable land.
The gold in Indonesia is Spanish gold that happens to be under the control of Chinese people. Ferdinand Marcos was Chinese, not Filipino.
The gold was shipped to Indonesia by Spaniards and by trustees of Spanish hordes as long ago as the 1400's. Check out the Crown of St. Stephens---- a bank chartered in the 1400's ---to begin to get a clue of just how active Spanish (and Catholic) interests have been and for how long.
The majority of the gold and silver in all these stockpiles is Spanish gold that derived from South America, not Africa, and this can proven by assay. The gold of Africa was gleaned away by the Dutch East India Trading Company and transported to mainland Europe via Italy, Britain, and the US. This, too, can be proven by the assay of the gold itself.
A third clump of the gold came out of the Far North, from Alaska and Russia.
Again, provable by assay.
Most of all this gold and silver was stolen by men pretending to be soldiers, but actually acting as organized armed robbers: commercial mercenaries. They enslaved indigenous people and worked them to death in horrible mines at a "price" estimated at nine lives per ounce of silver.
The Chinese Communist government recently (2011) brought suit to reclaim gold that was left on deposit with the New York Federal Reserve Bank by the Nationalist Chinese Government in 1928. This was a sizeable horde and the New York Fed was supposed to pay interest on it, but they never did.
This is what Neil Keenan initially brought forward and fought for and it had nothing to do, per se, with any Global Collateral Accounts.
The Nationalist Chinese lost the war and the New York Fed refused to recognize the Chinese Communist government as the successor to the Nationalist Chinese government---- and instead self-interestedly claimed that the gold left on deposit was "abandoned assets".
This is what these banks always claim and what they are trying to claim about American gold that was confiscated by FDR back in the 1930's, too---- "abandoned assets, heirs unknown".
We actually know that the Nationalist Chinese gold came from the Chinese people and that by rights it should go back to the Chinese people. And we know that the American gold came from our grandparents and parents, so that is a no-brainer, too.
It needs to be returned to the American people, Ms. Hudes.
We also know that most of the gold and silver in the world was stolen from poor people in Africa, Meso-America, South America, Alaska and Russia.
Certainly, if we are enlightened, if we are fair, if we have any sense of decency----and if we propose to use gold and silver again as standard commodities underpinning a global currency system--- then there must be a conscious recognition of the historical facts and a redistribution of wealth back to the countries it was stolen from.
The Chinese have gold because they have been buying gold for the past dozen years in ever-increasing amounts. They have been enabled to do this by those who stole the gold of others in the first place. These brigands have passed on the stolen goods to the Chinese as Third Party Patsies, and have made a tremendous profit by doing so.
You will notice that China is not on the list of naturally gold or silver rich nations provided above. China is simply investing in gold and silver, betting that when the Oil Economy goes bust---which it inevitably will---the world will go back to the old gold standard for lack of anything better.
Under normal circumstances, that would be a good bet--- but these are not normal circumstances.
Not only have new technologies providing Free Energy arrived, but new technologies allowing us to produce vast amounts of silver and gold from materials like sand and seawater, have arrived along with it.
With abundant Free Energy we can crank out tons of gold or silver at will and for virtually nothing invested.
So the good news is that we are freed from the shackles of Big Oil and also from the shackles of gold and silver. Boom. The end of the world as we have known it has come. The old Babylonian Fakirs just can't seem to find a leg to stand on.
Or anything safe to "invest" in.
Take a good look at that word----invest, and ask yourself what are you doing when you undertake an act of "investiture".
Here's a clue--- it's a religious act. When you invest your time and labor in a piece of yellow metal, or a piece of paper, or a gallon of oil, you have made it your master and your god.
To overcome this enslavement to the material world requires us to develop an entirely different mindset and entirely different assumptions about value and "money" which some of us already have and which others are quickly developing.
For now, think seriously about the actual situation---- Big Oil and electric companies going down the chutes, nobody buying the "reasons" for war anymore, and gold and silver as easy (or easier) to make than cotton candy.
Where does this leave us, and specifically, where does it leave you? What do you believe in? And what master will you serve?
What is the meaning of true wealth and what is its measure?
These are eternal questions that we must answer for ourselves, each one of us and all together. Soon. And the answer has nothing to do with Chinese gold.

Thanks to Anna via fakebook


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