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Who’s Channelling Who, Exactly?

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1 Who’s Channelling Who, Exactly? on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:47 pm


Who’s Channelling Who, Exactly?
Posted on December 28, 2016  by  Soren Dreier
Author: Soren Dreier

Some people are very skeptical of channelings, and they might have a point.
Apart from the very obvious false channeling out of Motherships stuffed with communication-eager space bro’s, hiding behind whatever planet in whatever constellation speaking about Earthlings and how “uninformed we are and not ready for the ascension quite yet”, telling us we´re not one bit worthy: The spiritual naiveté goes on and it seems only to have one purpose: Spiritual Disinformation.
In my experience, some channelers do this unintentionally, others are in it to get a bit of attention and to derail your efforts of becoming yourself. The last group isn’t interesting, maybe just avoid them.
Somewhere in the 80’s I was walking the hallways of a high school trying to find the auditorium since I was hired for a demonstration of ESP on a live audience.  Walking along the hallway, there were some people waiting outside a classroom. The speaker came and said to them as she unlocked the door: “Tonight is going to be interesting – they didn’t allow me any sleep; they have some important messages for you all.”
OH, my God – I thought. You have sold the tickets dear. No need to hype it up already. She placed it all outside herself, as in not her responsibility, not her words and she actually submitted her power and energy to what she conceived to be: Outside Sources. A sitting duck for Ghouls – and so was her audience.
That little incident made a huge impression on me, and when I found the room where I needed to be, that became the theme for that evening. I was shocked. I had and have a very different approach, that if any entity wants to communicate with me: Show yourself, and speak so I can hear you or else: Bugger Off.
The Matrix of Channeling:
I would expect that we can agree on this, that no matter if you have a spiritual approach to life, which you do not need to have in order to be a decent person, when we evolve and pass through our lives we soften up on the Ego. We all find out that we have an inner voice.
There are often parallel inner voices: The voice that will pull you back in your progression and the voice that will pull you forward toward the higher frequencies of the Ego, which I would like to call: The Character. Our Character, as an individual being.
This quality is very close to the outskirts of the Soul and is often mistaken as that. It’s quite alright that it is; we have to learn to walk the pathway. Often we think we´re here only to see: We aren’t. How do we realize that? By the Inner Dialogue that we have with ourselves every day. Do this? No. Do that? Yes.
Some call it doubt and they say: Get rid of all doubt.
That is not the Authentic Inner Dialogue; it is instead the voice trying to pull us back. The fear is the Ego-Voice, since the Ego knows that if our journey is filled with progress it will slowly have to dissolve and the Ego obviously doesn’t want that. The constructive inner voice in the constructive inner dialogue is the one challenging us. It will be questioning if we are in line with our soul, if we are in line with: honor, integrity, honesty.
It is a re-evaluation dynamic. (Psychopaths and sociopaths and Right-Fighters don’t have that voice, that is why they can’t go emphatic). It is the Emphatic Voice, and please remember: There is Soft Love and there is Hard Love. Both are warriors of truth. They just express themselves differently and the hard love is often confused with aggression. It is not aggression. It just holds a higher vibe of strength in order to get its message through.
As we walk the road home, we become more and more skilled in knowing how we actually communicate with ourselves. Yes, we do that a lot: It’s called thinking and feeling and it’s observed either in the body as: Body language or in the mind as: The Inner Dialogue.
At some point, it’s very individual as to when, we all reach a place where the neurological pathway to the soul will manifest more clearly for us.
It has always been there, but the conditioning in early childhood, school and the disturbances and pleasures of the Matrix have manipulated us from it. Also, the social pleasure of our social life maybe doesn’t offer the best circumstances for it to evolve, since when it does, it ships us right out of: Group pressure, social conditioning, tribal consciousness and what have we.
What it has to offer is nothing less than being ourselves; knowing ourselves and personal empowerment often starting out as a feeling of being disempowered, weary, empty – low key emotions. This world has no more to offer me here so I have to move on. Everything in this universe abides to one principle and that is evolution. As said: There is no status quo, there can’t be. It can feel so – but it’s a trick. Maybe you just need some rest.
What happens is that the Soul starts to communicate with the Ego/Character and since the neurologic pathway was laying in slumber and being dormant, it needs to be Telepathic in the beginning. When it’s a Six Lane Highway – we talk about that as: Being in the soul.
Here’s a hidden thing and it’s very important to understand:
This process will shift the direction once it is well established beyond telepathy. The Ego will start communicating in Stealth, in the vain hope that we won’t notice. That is the voice we refer to as: Trying to drag us down and into old ego behavior.
Which I can refer to as: The Fall Inside
The soul holds the knowledge needed. It remembers stuff. Where we come from. It holds the key to what we perceive as our destiny. It knows our fellow travelers (Soul Mates and there are many of those – not only one, as some would think). Ancient sources say a thousand.
The soul has the oversight and that is why it holds ESP, intuition etc. also on the account of people we meet now. This is where your social circles take a hit, since you want to get rid of the ones you formed in your ego period, but now you need to interact with people who have a higher frequency, since the ones that were okay before, will drag you down.
A lot of people developing interest in the spiritual, will see past social circles as enemies. They are not enemies – how can they be. They are just: Past encounters and should be treated with respect, even though they may want to keep you as the person you have always been. Finding that very hard, now you tell yourself that you have moved on to a higher ground. Well, if you judge them on the account of your development – you are definitely NOT on a higher ground, since you’re still judgmental of people with a ‘lower frequency’ than you. That’s spiritual specialness and it calls for no respect.
Let them be them – do not preach – live and let live and you can walk away. What the heart has truly loved, it will not forget. What you mistook as heart, when it really was sentimentality, is your own problem. Not theirs.
The soul holds the knowledge needed, and when it starts to unfold and communicate beyond the realm of dreams and visions, its voice becomes quite clear and it just: Knows. It is the knowledge of the soul, but a lot feel it as intrusive knowledge although it isn’t ESP in the framework of this post. But it seems like ESP. And it gives answers that often are keys to our own self-awareness and that of others.
That is where the Channeling Matrix steps in.
Some think it is an outside source. It isn’t. It’s internal. To see that very clearly we have to confront another conditioning by society and Main Stream New Age.
That we are not worthy! Of course, we´re worthy of soulful wisdom.
Some folks can’t handle that truth and go into: Wow, cool I´m channeling. Who am I channeling? And the Ego will have caught on to a name or an entity, or outside beings will prey on this crucial moment they have been waiting for to derail your development, and if you channel to people, to derail them as well. Then there is the question of dodging any spiritual responsibility. If it turns out to be a bloody disaster, well: It wasn’t me. I was just channeling
No, you weren’t just channeling: You were deceiving yourself, and your audience, because you did not evaluate what was going on inside you.
Take some spiritual responsibility.
The conditioning, by society and Main Stream New Age. We are not worthy is: The Matrix of Inferior.
It is the Matrix of… we cannot maneuver through life without 55 guardian angels and 88 non-biological spiritual entities, guiding us through.
It is the need for outside control: The Outside Control System that social conditioning and the Control System in general have told you that you cannot live without. Okay, so we see through that, leave it, and another control system manifests in the speed of our light out of nowhere?
A mundane control mechanism gone celestial. 3D in control system agony and now 5D: That’s just silly.
It can only fly if you think of yourself as a child of a lesser God – whatever you perceive that God to be. If it’s the ‘Eye in the Sky God’ this projection makes perfect sense. Even the Illuminati and the System are very horny about that Eye in the sky; they use it as a pinup for their surveillance.
Snap out of it.
A lot of people don’t even dare to do so – for fear of punishment. Now moved from social exclusion, the silent treatment, or the very loud one and knock, knock their rambunctious prison cells to being human, outcast by The Celestial itself. Bugger me. The Celestial wouldn’t manifest anything it wouldn’t have the capacity to love.
So, chill, you’re safe.
This virus so cleverly planted that I prefer to call it a Spiritual Conspiracy, inflates so much that we/some actually think that if they come up with a remotely out of the box insight, by the power of the telepathic communication of their own soul, that it cannot possibly be themselves.
The vortex is: Do you really think we have the potential of transcending the Ego, connecting to soul, connecting to spirit? Infinite Celestial beings? Angelic-like qualities? Of course we are and have! Nothing to the contrary makes sense.
Some channelers are even gossiping on third persons via what they think is Celestial Beings. So apparently that tendency is present in the afterlife?
Gossip brought to you by Divine Intervention…..Me no dink so….. It’s not Celestial Beings in the frequency of the light. They come from a place a bit darker than that.
They come from the dark that hides inside its own shadow. It’s the Channeler’s shadow, need for the limelight, and the need to be interesting at the expense of others.
Light it up.
©2016 Soren Dreier – Feel free to share this post with link back.

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