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Anna von Reitz ~ States of States, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 11

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States of States, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 11

By Anna Von Reitz

There are all sorts of definitions of the word "state", but when we are talking about government we are talking about either (1) a "non-material juridical entity" operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, or, (2) we are talking about a "material juridical territory that is geographically defined" on the land.

I keep harping on this until I am blind, so I really, truly do hope that you are all paying attention.....

Law comes from religion.  Religion--- what we believe in, what we consider to be right and wrong--- defines what "law" we live under.  That's the way it is and the way it has always been.

The international Law of the Sea derives from the religion of Ancient Summer, first codified as the Code of Hammurabi, and much later, as the Roman Civil Law. 

The religion giving rise to the Law of the Sea is Satanic in nature and always has been.  For its adherents, a lie is a prayer. 

When you claim to be a "citizen" or a "civilian" you are offering to live under the Law of the Sea.   A "United States Citizen" is an indentured servant and a "citizen of the United States" is a slave in this system.

And you did this to yourself and continue to do it to yourself every time you open your mouth and ignorantly claim to be a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States". 

Your correct birthright political status is as a state national---- a Minnesotan, a Virginian, a Wisconsinite, a Floridian.....

Now, nobody chooses your political status but you.  The judges who sit on those benches don't have a word to say about it and you can release yourself from any political status by rebutting and disallowing it. 

Just say, "I was mistaken and misinformed."  

Do you want to be a "citizen" and serve the government and live under the Satanic Law of the Sea?   Or do you want to be a "national" and have the government serve you and live under the Law of the Land, which is based on the Law of Moses?

As things stand, you are presumed to be a citizen ---and acting as one--- until you go on the record and claim otherwise. 

Most  Americans are wearing the Satan Team jersey and loudly proclaiming that they are on the Christ Team instead. 

What's a judge supposed to believe?  His ears or his eyes?

Especially when you have apparently eagerly accepted Satan's "benefits"----credit, usury, bankruptcy protection, unearned benefits, unjust enrichment ("federal revenue sharing"), institutionalized gambling ("insurance"), personal bank accounts ("corporate bank accounts") and all the rest of the Baphomet package deal?

Including the enslavement and fraud that goes with it?

Why, most of you even lied bare-faced and said you were "US Citizens" when you applied for "Social Security"---- a program that only federal employees and dependents are eligible for..... and you lied again when you paid federal income taxes and swore under penalty of perjury that you were a "Withholding Agent"---- a warrant officer in the Merchant Marines?!?

Why shouldn't the judge throw the book at you, you miscreant? 

So far as he can see, you chose this political status.  Nobody stood behind you with a gun and forced you to sign any "application".  Nobody made you claim you were a warrant officer in the Merchant Marines under penalty of perjury. 

Neither you nor your parents nor your grandparents were ever told any of this. You all acted under conditions of non-disclosure and constructive fraud and in most cases you were deliberately misinformed----all of which voids any contract. 

You are purposely kept unaware that any such "presumed" contract exists, so that you can't rebut it and can't object.

Hey, Guido, what's the one deal you can't refuse?  Answer: the one you don't know exists. 

It's all bunko.  All crime.  

The word "of" means "without" (in the sense of being "within" or "without"), "outside of", "apart from", or "belonging to". 

So, what does a "state of state" like "State of California" mean?

It means "State "outside of" "apart from" California".    It's not the California State. 

California State is definition (2) above: "material juridical territory that is geographically defined".  It is operated by the California State Jural Assembly composed of Californians who maintain their political status as California state nationals. 

State of California is definition (1) above: "non-material juridical entity".  It is operated by the State of California Jural Society which is composed of Californians who have accepted the political status of "citizens". 

Note the differences:  California State versus State of California.  Jural Assembly versus Jural Society.  State nationals versus citizens.

Nearly every day I get rants and complaints from people complaining about "imposters" and "impersonators occupying public offices"---- referring to all the "State of_______" officials. 

But they have told you who they are and what they are and under what authority they are operating, flatly, openly, from the get-go: "State of California" is a "state" outside of "California".  It is foreign.  It is not your state.  It is not your government.  You have just stupidly assumed that it was your state and your state government. 

These people haven't lied to you---not really.  They just stepped back and let you assume what you were programmed to assume and you've obliged them.  

They aren't running your government.  They are running their government. 

They set up their "state of state" franchises, which you mistook for your lawful government and so, you did nothing to take back your tax money from them and run your own affairs and claim your rightful political status.

They happily took full advantage.

They glutted on your labor and hypothecated debt against your property assets under the "assumption" that you were indeed a citizen and that you voluntarily adopted that status and that you wanted to live in a democracy instead of a republic, and that you wanted to live under the Law of the Sea instead of the Law of the Land and all the rest of it.

And the fact is that until you wake up and correct your political status and form your jural assemblies and operate your states on the land, that's the way it's going to be ----and it is nobody's fault but your own if you fail to recognize what has been done to you and "for" you by your employees. 

In fact, your continued inaction in the face of their usurpations and false claims against you merely lends credibility and support to their argument that you are "incompetent" and rendered a "ward of the state" because you are too ignorant and mentally deficient and uneducated to function in your own behalf.

Get on your hind legs, America.  Start chewing on every politician and bureaucrat and banker and lawyer in sight.  Politely, determinedly---- with gusto, demand to know what is going on here?  Just who do you think you are?  And who do you think I am? 

Go to your local clubs--- the Lion's and Rotary and Do-Gooder organizations, the Church Fellowships, the Chamber of Commerce, and the schools.  Spread the news.  Ask them why they incorporated all their organizations to escape taxes they never owed in the first place?  Was it just for fun?  

Start button-holing the police chiefs and the "county of_______" sheriffs and the "state of________" judges and the swarms of lawyers who darken all our days. 

Tell your sons and daughters and fathers and mothers in the military. Ask them---- what is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (INC.) doing seizing upon our estates and making guarantees in our names?  Why are they creating fake "persons" in our names?  Who gave them any authority to do anything like this?  

Don't they know that personage is a crime?

Show us where there was any declaration of war starting the so-called "American Civil War" and where is there any peace treaty ending it?   Where is there any actual political authority whatsoever underpinning any of it? 

It was all illegal and unlawful then and it still is---a squabble between rival international commercial companies employing mercenaries on our soil and dragging our people into their fights under false pretenses and open fraud.  There is no "Lieber Code" that applies to us, and there is certainly no standing to call what happened here a "war".

It's nothing but commercial crime and fraud being carried out at the highest levels and left unchecked because nobody is minding the hen house.  Checks and balances have been overthrown because the actual states have been "vacated" by stupid and corrupt politicians who have attempted to sell us all down the river.

And the only logical answer is to expose these vermin for what they are and what they have done and reorganize the actual states owned and operated of, for, and by the people of these fifty nation states.

Declare your rightful political status. Rescind any and all voter registrations. Call your public jural assemblies.    Organize your lawful county.  Organize your lawful state. 

Pay no attention whatsoever to anyone carrying a Bar Card.  Let them yammer and threaten and stamp their little feet all they want. Ignore them.  There are only two kinds of people carrying Bar Cards these days--- the incorrigibly naïve and the incorrigibly corrupt.  Pay them no mind either way.  Tend your own knitting and get the job done.

Bar members are all foreigners, all "federal citizens", and they have no right to say one word to us without a validated and undisputed maritime contract in their hand.  So just turn and look at them and say, "I have a copy of what is supposed to be my Birth Certificate.  Let's read it together."

And then observe--- "Oh, this was signed by the Registrar, a member of the probate my name and estate was probated when I was just a baby in my I was born on this day.... and a decedent estate was created on this other "file date"---- all under my name so you can't tell the difference between my name and the estate name....  According to the IRS Form 56, this decedent estate is a taxable entity separate from the decedent created at the time of death.....but, as you can see,  I am alive and I never declaimed anything at three weeks of age.....and nobody ever told me I was the heir of a vast estate....So, just what are you trying to pull here, Fritz?"

"States of States"? ---- my Big Fat Rump. 

It's like a bad joke once you get the punch line.
See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website

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Like the current system or so called authorities are just going to accept (assuming they're even aware of what your talking about) your claim of status and leave you alone....  me thinks, Not so much.    :headscratching

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Anna is hard to figure out...Her information is spot on, yet the consequences for attempting to follow through could be life threatening. These things need to be done en masse. Yet, this is really not possible because of the fear instilled....So we wait for someone else to lead...Interesting to say the least.....Fear, wow, just wow....What an amazing job the PTB have done..Its almost as if they have been here before......


Hey Top... Hope your Holliday(s) were Tops... sorry couldn't resist. :)
  I do believe your on to something, I'm just blown away every time I see the 'programming' staring me in the face, which of course is every day...

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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