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It’s time to starve the BEAST!

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1 It’s time to starve the BEAST! on Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:42 am



It’s time to starve the BEAST!

Posted on January 1, 2017 by lozzafun


Whoever does not do their part to starve the BEAST has no right to complain about it. 

Patriots of the Republic

Given the shocking lack of respect that the Democrat voters have shown President-elect Trump, as well as the common folk who populate his nationalist patriot movement, it’s clear they need to be taught a hard lesson.

Liberals/Progressives/Lefties really are all the things that they call the Trumpsters.

They are highly prejudiced against the working people and narrow-minded to the extreme.

They exhibit levels of hypocrisy and hubris that can be head-shaking.

Their so-called Democrat peace party has morphed into an American version of the Bolsheviks. America has never seen such in-your-face militancy and rioting with impunity, especially during a U.S. presidential campaign cycle.

So, how do we set them straight?

Some relevant history first

Everyone ought to know that the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal quite purposefully established the Consumer Society.  We the People are the consumers.  Americans, in general, have been some of the best consumers in world history—L I T E R A L L Y!

The banksters, of course, set this little game up so that constant and avaricious consumption would keep them in business—for a long time.  The consumers really have done a great job of encouraging them and their dollar-devouring enterprises … many even working for or cavorting with the worst of them.

Yes, the most zealous consumers are the real engine of the decades-long Consumer Society.   Without the whole lot of US, this tenuous society would collapse in a day and a night.

What needs to be let go of

Much of popular society caters to and promotes highly inferior goods and services.  What is especially low quality and even depraved is what often comes from the highest paid celebrities in America.  You guessed it—the musicians, the actors, the athletes are all bought and paid for to produce a lot of garbage.  Real trash!  Just look at TV programming if you want to quickly assess the state of the television entertainment, network news and synthetic infotainment.

PizzaGate ‘Artist’ Justifies Total Garbage That Isn’t Even Art

Let’s also take a close look at Hollywood movie production.  Again, so much production is degenerate and designed to dumb down.  No family should even go to most movies so offensive have they become, or watch much of what passes for TV programming.  So why do they?

Likewise most of the music that has been produced during this millennium is crass, crude and coarse.  Why do they listen to it; why do they pay for it?

Then there is the arena of professional sports.  These games are not really for the spectators, except as a means of giving them their “bread and circus”.  In this age of the financial engineers, hedge fund managers and vulture capitalists, pro sports are for the hardened gamblers. Event the newly minted M.B.A.s know that.  Sports at that level are mostly for the gamblers as they move championship dynasties from franchise to franchise as a means to keep the fan base fully engaged from year to year.

Not very much fun watching a pro ball game that has so much money on the betting table. Especially when the sums of money are so large that the biggest gamblers at the table are able to, and actually do, fix the outcome.  It simply pays them to … as long as they don’t get caught.

Right there goes a large swath of the professional entertainment industry right down the drain … as it should go.  What also goes away is the horribly destructive celebrity culture that the banksters use to manipulate the consumers into ever more consumption.

Remember, this is all about “starving the BEAST”.  The more we let go of, the less the BEAST has to eat.

Given the way that the vast majority of celebrities behave these days, why would anyone want to pay their way.  Most of them have lifestyles and values that are diametrically opposed to their audiences and fans.  The disconnect, in fact, is so vast that it boggles the mind as to how the celebs ever attained the status of American deity.  However, it was all carefully arranged this way.  Yes, by the banksters so that their multi-decade crime spree would always have enough suckers who would part with their hard-earned money.

Which brings us to the plan

Stop buying all the needless rubbish at their fashion stores.

Stop going to the awful movie theaters.

Stop watching the terrible TV.

Stop going to the pro sport events whose stars are prima donnas and disrespectful.

Stop going to the ridiculously priced concerts and other chaotic music events.

Stop giving the celebrity culture any attention whatsoever.  Especially the attention of your wallet.

These are only some baby steps that all of us can take today.

The bigger steps to take to “starve the BEAST” include the removal of all savings and checking accounts, IRAs and other retirement accounts from the commercial banks. Transfer all funds to the local credit union and stay away from the banks that are TBTF.

Stop patronizing corporate retail whenever possible and start buying from the local mom and pop. This one can be difficult but will be made quite easy if there is a market collapse.   Even stay away from the big corporate health food stores like Whole Foods, as they have all gone over to the other side.  The local food co-ops are the absolute worst now that most of them have converted to the corporate governance model.  Look at all the garbage food that they sell to see how they have betrayed their original charters and mandates.

It should be quite obvious by now

If the strategy isn’t obvious already, it will be soon.

The way we starve the BEAST is to unplug from it in every way possible.

Don’t part with a single penny to Corporate America, unless absolutely necessary.

Yes, TPTB own the gas and the electricity, but solar panels can make a dent in that revenue stream.

They also own the companies that produce the big consumer items like cars and SUVs, major appliances and IT equipment.  While these purchases cannot be avoided, minimizing large purchases to only when they are necessary is a good start.  Who ever really has to swap out their vehicle every year?  Over-consumption is exactly how the banksters transformed the USA in the quintessential throwaway society with unjustified waste at every turn.

By completely disconnecting with the useless pop culture and debased aspects of society, the silent majority will be successful at “starving the BEAST”.   After all, the only reason that the BEAST was able to grow so large and aggressive is through the endless and hedonistic consumption—of everything under the sun.

When the Consumer Society has been sufficiently collapsed, those who benefit from it at the top will have no more power or influence.  Their banks will have no more money to lend while they pay you no interest.  Their retail establishments will close up, just as they have been doing since 2008.  Their perpetual war economy will halt in deference to peacemaking industry.

Income taxes

Not only is the Income Tax not a lawful levy against the citizenry, the Internal Revenue Service does not have the legal authority to abscond with the earnings of wage-earners. The quicker that this ongoing institutional thievery is challenged, the sooner the citizens can be liberated from the Federal Reserve plantation.

The critical point with respect to taxes is that personal tax revenue is used to conduct much unsavory and unlawful business the world over.  Were the people to know exactly how taxpayer’s funds were used, they would stop paying them in a heartbeat.  The many unprovoked wars of aggression alone waged by the U.S. Federal Government chews up massive revenues.  The trillions spent abroad on military invasions and nation building (with faux democracy) could have been allocated to urgent domestic projects and other USA-rebuilding initiatives.

Hence, when the right time comes because there is a critical mass of rebels, a nationwide tax revolt will prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the BEAST.  The Federal Reserve (FED) needs to be dissolved post haste just as U.S. Federal Government needs to be shrunk to a size suitable to carry out only its constitutional duties.  In this way, the American people will be freed from the yoke of tyranny that has been insidiously fastened by the FED and the GOVT.

Election boycotts

Another effective way of taking down the BEAST is through the withdrawal of consent. By withholding one’s vote, not only is one’s consent withheld, less power is conferred on those who often work directly for and/or with the BEAST.  When there is a mass abstention from the voting process, the election process can be terminated altogether.

In fact, election boycotts can be extremely effective at shutting down a government that no longer serves the people.   This is entirely appropriate when qualified candidates have not presented themselves for elective office.  In the case of the U.S. Federal Government the citizenry has a moral obligation to bring to an end the stranglehold by the international crime syndicate which controls the levers of power in Washington, D.C., particularly within the Congress.

Without the consent of the governed, a tyrannical government no longer governs with legitimacy.  It’s only a matter of time that it will be replaced by a new system of governance that more closely reflects the will of the people.  However, there are other ways to get there than through an election boycott.

Nonviolent revolution

The Trump movement of 2016 most definitely resembles a quiet but very determined revolution.  Were it not for Donald Trump winning the election, there would have been a full-blown revolution. Perhaps this is why TPTB permitted the actual electoral vote results to prevail.  They must know that We the People are extremely restless and do not require much more oppression by a dictator like King Obama to snap.

Never in American history has the electorate been so fighting mad and visibly distraught with the federal government.  The Obamanation that was foisted on the people by presidential fiats via unconstitutional executive orders was too much for many to bear. Only through the timely intervention of President-elect Trump was the Second American Revolution averted.  Truly, he saved the day…but only for the time being.


Now it remains to be seen if a President Trump can continue to save the day.  He and his transition team are up against a gargantuan and ferocious BEAST that has never been in such a position of weakness.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

Hopefully Team Trump knows that this may be the time to strike, and strike hard, so as to mortally wound the monster.  After all, once it is sufficiently starved, the BEAST will be so weakened that killing it for the good of all will be an exercise in mercy.

Patriots of the Republic
December 23, 2016

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It’s Time We the People Starve the Beast

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